Ohio State University Vs University Of Findlay

Was Urban Meyer leaving Ohio State related to the controversy earlier in the season-2018, prearranged?

Of course not. Anyone watching him on the sidelines could see he was in pain from the cyst in his brain - and health problems caused him to step down from his previous coaching position as well.The earlier controversy almost certainly increased the stress he was under which might have exacerbated his symptoms. But it certainly didn’t rise to the level that would call for Meyer’s resignation/dismissal/early retirement.

What are the best colleges/universities for Political Science?

Columbia has an excellent Political Science department. I am a Soc major, but I have taken a few poli sci classes and the professors I have had have been amazing!

What universities does Marathon Petroleum recruit new grads from? What majors are they looking for?

Having done two internships at Marathon I think can answer this well.I went to University of Findlay, they do recruit there and other small northwest Ohio schools like Blufton and Tiffin, but to a lesser extent.Of the people I interned with the schools represented were Bowling Green, Indiana, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Louisville, Georgia and Ohio State.Id say in general they are looking for strong analytical ability and good communication skills. Their interviews are very situational based like, “"Tell me a time you had to deal with a difficult customer”. These questions you should approach with the STAR methos. Situation, Task, Action and Result.Overall I had a good experience and even though I did not end up working there, having them in your resume is good!

I have just finished my GRE and got a combined score of 289 (verbal: 142 quans: 147). I know the marks are very poor, but is it any good for applying to an MS (CSE) in the US?

No.I will suggest you to retake GRE. Score min 300+