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Lazy, irresponsible Husband! Please help before I make a huge mistake!?

As a 45 year old remarried mother of two grown girls, I know what I'm talking about, but you won't like my answer. You are married to a boy, not a man. He wanted to sleep with you and accidentally got you pregnant. I am betting if that hadn't happened, he would never have proposed on his own. At 19, he is acting very typically for his age group, and yes, he gave in and actually married you, but since he felt pressured, he will always blame you for the loss of his youth. Always. His parents, your parents and you made him feel like he should "do the right thing.", but clearly his attitude is "OKAY! Fine, I married her! But I don't have to like it and I sure as hell won't put any effort into it." Even for 19, that's selfish, immature thinking. He's being a huge baby, in my opinion.

Some guys could have manned up and decided to make a real marriage work, but he sounds like a loser who refuses to grow up. Having a second baby so soon with him was obviously a bad idea, but I guess you know that. Honestly? You seem to have a brain, so use it and get out. Now, before you get pregnant again. He will never be the husband/father you want, and it will only get worse, and possibly escalate into abuse. It's already neglect and mental cruelty. Cut your losses now, and one day you'll find out what "love" really means. This is NOT it. You are obviously committed to him, but blind commitment in someone who doesn't return it or deserve it is not love and not worth it.

I know it seems like he's "the one", but you're awfully young, and trust me, there are MUCH better men out there. Like you pointed out, you didn't get pregnant on your own. He made a decision to get married, and now he is trying to weasel out and using passive aggression to do it. It isn't just his age, but his actions in this situation that tell me he isn't EVER going to be a keeper. Is this lazy, selfish, hedonistic jerk really the kind of man you want as a role model for your son? If you absolutely insist on staying, then stop threatening to leave and calmly start to stand up for yourself and stop taking his crap. I'm so sorry, and I wish you the best of luck!

My husband keeps making excuses NOT to help me with the baby.....?

Wow, did we marry the same man?

My husband was pretty good when my son was born. He would help out with the diapers and feed him and stuff like that. It was a novelty. Then we got pregnant when my son was 10 months old, and my biggest wish came true, and my husbands worst fear... we were having a girl. I knew from the day we walked out of the sonogram that it was going to be a struggle with him to help me. I also breastfed so that was always a huge thing (she's so clingy to you, she only wants you... etc.etc.) so then i tried to get her on a bottle. No luck. I ended up breastfeeding till she was old enough to hold a sippy.

Now onto diapers. My daughter is 16 months old, and if my huasband has changed her diaper 10 times its alot. Even if i give him the option "dishes or change her diaper" he still tells me no. He's never given our two children a bath. And if either of my children poops, he will sit right there and say "[childs name] needs to get their diaper changed". he'll respond with "go see mommy" "have mommy change your butt" "tell mommy you need a new diaper". I can sometimes force him to change our son, but he NEVER changes out daughter.
and recently I've been attempting potty traingina as my son will be three next month, and.... my husband WONT clean poopy underwear. thats for me to deal with. He'll leave it for me to deal with even if i'm gone for a couple hours. (He'll take them off my son, and clean my son, but wont clean the underwear).

I too am a SAHM, and my husband provides the money for our family. What i hate the most is that... he gets to punch out come home and relax, while.... i'm up most of the night with the kids, I'm up during the day with the kids and exhausted by 3. Then he comes home and i get to cook and clean around him and make him dinner and then still take care of the kids. It's unfair. He made them too.

I know exactly how you feel but ... i haven't found a way to change my situation, i can only offer you some the piece of mind to know that you are not alone! not at all!

Help me with my lazy Dad please :(?

Wow, and I thought my dad was lazy. Personally, I think you should talk to your mom and explain that it's not fair to you or her. Empower her to speak up for herself. Perhaps, she should consider a divorce unless he changes. If she doesn't listen to you, then you should stand up to your dad. Responsible parents have a right to be authorities in your life, but I don't think he fits into that category. I think you should tell him like it is...some people just need a good kick in the **** to get going sometimes. You should also let him know that if he doesn't change, it will seriously damage your relationship with him in the future. And if that doesn't do anything, well then, screw it and see if you can go shopping with some of your friends? Just remember that if he gets physically abusive, you have a right and obligation to report him. Good luck.

OMG! my sister pisses me off to no end! help?

Ok well I had the same situation with my own sister. I know it hurts you so bad to see the children go through this. It puts alot of emotional stress on them. It also puts alot of emotional stress on you.

I know i was furious to see that my sister left her boys alone to "run" to the store. When I went over to her house I always needed to feed them and change their dipers. Even bathe them! It was horrible. I used to babysit them, and take them to my house for the night or weekend to get them away from that. Their father also abused them and they are only 7months and almost 2 years old! He almost killed my sister in fron of them and I.

When that happened even though I thought I could NEVER do something like this, I took the children with me to my house and had to call CPS.

CPS ended up giving her an ultimatum when they finished their investigation that she takes parenting classes and the father takes anger management classes and parenting classes. If they dont do them they go back to court, and are given one more chance to straghten up and if they dont the children are placed in foster homes.

Now being in the foster system myself when I was a child I know that the children are cared for greatly and are taken very good care of.

But if you are going to call CPS you can tell them you are her sister and you see this everyday and it is STRICTLY confidential!!!!!!!

Be strong and please do something soon because god forbide that something happens to the poor babies and they arent here anymore.

Stop thinking about how telling CPS is going to affect your relationship with your sister and think about whats best for the kids. And soon. My nephew doesnt talk at all because of all the trama he went through, he is mute.

It breaks my heart to hear stories like this but everything will work out.

Good luck and i hope you figure out what to do!
If you dont mind please keep me updated! And if you need someone to talk to that went through the same thing email me!

PS- The courts can order her to go on birth control or have her tubes tied.

Heres a riddel do u like?

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lol! my friend told me this one! i thought it was cool! thnkxs bye!

Need some experienced moms of boys advice.?

I have a new son 10 days old now and thinking about getting him circumcised before it to late to get it done, but I've heard some horror stories about it and hesitant to commit. My friends all had ther boys done and says its no big deal and is better to have it done and that I'll be sorry if I don't.
She says that they numb it nowdays and they don't feel a thing.

I need some experienced moms advice on this. Is it done different nowdays?
My mom told me yes, its better to have it done, that my brothers were done but that was a long time ago.