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Ok So Is This A Good Eating Plan For Me Everyday

Literally eating broccoli for every meal to lose weight?

I guess I'm anorexic but still I need to lose weight (around 5-6kgs), so i've come up with a plan to eat steamed broccoli every day for one month to lose the extra kilos. i don't plan to eat any additional meals other than my one square meal of broccoli daily; each meal is going to consist of a small bowl of broccoli seasoned with chopped black pepper and salt and a slice of chopped ham -- today was day one.

Eating broccoli seems like a healthy foolproof plan; coupling it with a slice of ham makes it a balanced diet because it includes protein and this is obviously a better alternative to starving myself. broccoli has fibre so i won't get constipated. plus to compensate for lack of other nutrients i can take multivitamins, no?

After all if you read news they all say broccoli is a superfood and can help ppl with diabetes and cancer and all -- So would it work? Personally I quite like eating broccoli and I'm the kind of person (mundane as it is) who doesn't mind eating the same thing everyday.. Plus points are that broccoli is easily available and cheap, so i save money too!!

Any helpful suggestions to lose weight? Any pros and cons?

p/s: please don't lecture me on how sacrificing health for looks is stupid. i'm a runway model, but i'm also a psychology major. so i know all about eating disorders; it's just that i can't help it.

Dessert everyday okay?

Ok, so I eat pretty healthy
Breakfast-two whole wheat waffles with peanut butter
snack-honey nut bar
lunch- turkey and cheese,100 calorie chips-and 100 calorie dessert
snack-yoplait yogurt with a honey nut bar, or some crackers with peanut butter or a banana with peanut butter.
dinner-what ever my mom makes.

But I have a VERY big sweet tooth...... Is It ok to have a small piece of cake, or small brownie,or a little bit of ice cream every night after dinner. I work out 3 nights a week and drink nothing but water! Is that ok?
Im 14:)

Is it ok for my wife to ask me what I want for dinner everyday?

I will ALWAYS ask my hubby what he wants, and when I don't I come up with a meal and ask him if thats ok. And it is aggravating to hear "whatever you wanna cook" or something like that, since Im not cooking it just for me, but for him too. So try and tell her what you want but ask her if she can compromise and if she can just come up with a meal plan and then tell her she can ask you if what she decides is ok. When I first got married, I just always asked what he wanted, now I suggest a meal and ask if its ok.

Healthy eating?

Unless you are some type of serious athlete, you don't need a meal plan for every day of your life telling you exactly what to eat.

Just live by a few simple rules and you should be fine.

1. Try to always eat breakfast. Anything is good for breakfast, but if you want to be extra health conscious you can eat oatmeal or sugar free cerials.

2. Avoid fried foods

3 Avoid American style bread instead start eating European style bread made from whole grains.

4. Avoid too much of any meat, especially too much pork.

5. Avoid too many sweets or cut them out all together.

6. Eat all the fruits and vegetables you want any time.

7. Try to only drink water. If you really have to drink something other than that, drink diet coke or something. Don't drink these juices, they are pumped full of sugars. Orange juice is ok sometimes.

That's all I can think of right now. Just stay away from anything greasy and heavy.

Remember, fruits, vegetables, a little meat, a little fish, and some nuts are good.

What is the best healthy diet plan for glowing skin?

You glow differently when you are happy :).Having said that what I swear by is drinking 15 cups of water a day.Cut out Junk food but if you are a foodie like me what you can do is follow the weekend rule ,Indulge on the weekdays.Eat a bowl of fresh fruits everyday,that makes a big big difference.Cut out white sugar completely and try to use palm sugar or organic honey instead.Have 1 tsp of Virgin Coconut Oil everyday.Drinking lemonade daily can help to clear up your skin.1 cup of green tea between the meals.Coddle in handful of nuts for evening snacks. My favourites are Almonds and Walnuts.Try to add more greens to your diet.Consume 1 or 2 Seven seas capsule daily.Nowadays diet is just not enough with the rising pollution and our lifestyle.Never go to sleep with makeup on.Get 7–8 hours of sleep.Exercise 5 days in a week for 30 mins.Dab cotton in rose water and cleanse your face in the morning.You can press a cold spoon to eyes to remove puffiness.Understand your skin type and read the label of the product before you put it on your face.If you have acne prone skin like me, your magical relief is tree oil.Make a face pack out of fullers earth + rose water + turmeric + milk and apply it on generously.Follow twice in a week.Exfoliate once in a week . My favourite is apricot scrub.Apply vitamin e capsule and leave them on overnight.Note : Laughing can remove a lot of stress , If you are stress free you just glow.

What is the best Indian diet plan to reduce belly fat?

Here is a diet regime that can work best for belly fat.Early Morning Options1 glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice added to it. This drink will have zero calories in it.You can add one teaspoon of honey to the above mix and have it in the morning. This combination is believed to burn the fat inside the body.1 cup of green tea or black tea or black coffee without added sugar.Zeera/Methi Dana/Fennel WaterBreakfast OptionsWheat Dalia with Curd and Green Tea1-2 Whole Wheat Chapati (can be stuffed with dal or paneer) with curd and Green tea2-3 Idlis with half a bowl of sambhar and ½ cup of low fat milkOats with Milk and Fruits and 1 Boiled EggMid Morning SnackFruit SaladFistful of Peanuts/6-7 Almonds/2 walnutsSproutsBoiled EggLunch1 cup brown rice (not to exceed 200 grams cooked rice) and ½ bowl mixed vegetable gravy along with one bowl mixed vegetable salad and 1 small bowl low fat curd. Ensure that the vegetables are cooked using minimal oil.2 whole wheat chapatiswith 1 bowl green vegetable, any dal or paneer or chicken and one small cup curd and green salad.Vegetable dalia with curd and green saladIf you feel that your stomach is not full, try having some green salad as a filler.EveningGreen teaSproutsRoasted ChanaFruit SaladFistful of Peanuts/6-7 Almonds/2 walnutsDinner OptionsStart your dinner with clear vegetable soup.1-2 Whole Wheat Chapatis or 2 slices of brown bread or one bowl of wheat porridge at night along with ½ bowl vegetable and 1 bowl of salad.1 Bowl Oats with Milk1 Bowl Sprout Salad and Green SaladAfter Dinner:1 cup Jasmine Tea (this will boost the metabolism)Its important that you also workout. So as to increase muscles, you can take MyFitFuel Whey Protein after workout as this will repair and grown your broken muscle tissues.Disclaimer – I work as nutritionist in MyFitFuel. But because the company is very focus on improving more than 50,000 users fitness who are their customers, that’s the reason I work there.

Is it healthy to eat only two meals a day?

From a medical standpoint you are not doing well.1. Your body needs calories to live. If, for some hypothetical reason, your body lost the ability to produce energy, for just a few seconds, you would die.2. Exercise burns more calories.3. Calories are not enough to prevent you from getting sick or malnourished.If you are going to subsist on such a limited diet, then you need to stop exercising. The eggs are good, they have a good amino acid profile and good fats and protein. The bread - you did not mention if it was white or brown - is also OK for some carbs.  It is definitely not enough nutrients.We do not know how big you are so it would be very difficult to estimate how many calories you need to consume, but for the sake of argument, let's say that you need to consume 2,000 kcal per day.4 eggs gives you around 286 kcal. If you eat an entire pack of Wonder Bread, (I'm assuming 20 portions per pack) that would give you around 1600 kcal. That gets you close to 2000, but not quite. However, you are getting 0%:- Vitamin C- Vitamin D- FiberYou are also getting much less than the daily amounts of recommended:- Potassium. Deficiency in potassium could cause heart palpitations and heart failure.-  Omega 3 and Omega 6 - Overall poor health.- Folate. Fatigue. Diarrhea. - Magnesium. Palpitations and muscle spasms.- Thiamine. Beriberi disease.- Vitamin A. Sight Loss- Vitamin B12. Anemia and neurological symptoms.- Vitamin E. Nerve problems- Vitamin K. Uncontrolled bleeding.Quite a list of things to look out for? Why is it that you cannot afford any other food? You can keep the eggs, but at least try to eat something that will give you some vitamins as well. Even having one orange, one banana, and one apple per day would do you a world of good.