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Okay So I Was Giving My Bestfriend A Direct Message On Instagram. It Was So Long That It Failed To

How many messages can we send on Instagram per day?

Hi All, gonna take a crack at this based on personal evidence - there doesn’t seem to be any published word from Instagram, but there seems to be a variation based on hourly, daily, and my hunch is also weekly messaging limits. I also have a suspicion that message limitation may vary the more times you receive warnings. All that aside, what I’ve discovered is 50 NEW DMs is the daily limit (this excludes replies and in-conversation messages). My hunch is that the hourly limit is something like over 20 an hour and you also get hit with a restriction. Weekly? Hard to tell. There might be a weekly cap of 200 or 250.I should also point out that instagram’s spam system does NOT seem to care if the message is the same or not - I’ve gotten away with sending the same message about 200 times in a week with no restriction whatsoever. Their system ONLY cares about quantity. However, I am not sure what its spam filtration system is for messages that contain links - that part could be different

Why can’t I send messages on Instagram?

How many messages have you sent? Instagram doesn’t allow users to send too many in such a short time to too many people because it is considered spamming.You need to slow down with your rate of sending messages.Seriously, unless you are a marketer trying to spam people, Instagram is far from an ideal Messaging app, in fact Instagram is NOT a messaging app, period! The direct message feature was there to help users sending private message to each other, once in a while! It’s not a replacement of your SMS/iMessage/Messenger/Whatsapp etc.

How can I handle giving my address to an internet friend?

Oh......It was probably a mistake....but a predator could have found out where you live anyway. We learn from our mistakes by getting wiser and sometimes not making that mistake again.....and yet sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over until we get the clue it is a mistake. Well how you handle it is to be prepared in advance for what could happen next. It is possible that she just sends you a post card and you don't have to worry about an identity is possible that she is fake and that you have to worry about getting kidnapped or raped or something stupid. put the phone number to the police department on your cell phone.......we should all do that anyway. Let your parents know where you are going so someone knows where you are supposed to be and when you are supposed to get back. I saw a thing on a talk show where they showed things you should do if someone tries to kidnap you and one thing they said was to sit on the ground....since it is hard for people to pick up someone who is on the ground since it is dead weight. I also saw where a woman said she wrapped her arms and legs around a light pole so a kidnapper couldn't get her into his van.....she saw her daughter do this to a candy machine in a store and it took 4 staff members to get her off the candy machine. If you are driving a car and a rapist gets are supposed to crash the car into something and then try and get out of the car....crash the side of the car the kidnapper is on though. If they put you in the trunk of the car, kick out the tail lights and wave your hand so people in traffic can see you. Modern cars have a latch in the trunk that you can pull to open it on the inside. I used to carry cash in my shoe when I was dating in case it was a bad date.....I had cab money to get home.

What should you do if a girl is not replying to your messages?

God. Humour! That is the simple key. Remember, attraction is not a choice. If she is single, you have equal chance as much as any other guy. Don’t ask the internet. It will tell you she is not interested, she is not interested. As of now, she may not be. But attraction can be created.I have turned around situations many many times. Just by being funny. Where 2–3 messages were blanked, I made a fantastic humour out of it, she got laughing and we were at it again. 3 messages over a period of time like 20 days huh, not in a row. Never bombard her with messages. I have used humour to get the most uninterested women talking as well. And once there is some flow, I create sexual tension.And also, never ask her why she blanked, why is she ignoring you, plead her to talk, etc. etc. Always always keep it light and funny. And definitely don’t call her out on her behaviour. No emotions from day 1. If you don’t hear back from 2–3 days on your message, never mind. A week or two later send her a funny creatively crafted message.I am assuming that the lady in question is single. And that you really really like her. If your own attraction for her is below 50%, no need to work hard on getting her to talk. But if she knocks your socks off, go for it.Don’t overwhelm her with texting. Move on to meeting up with her. Some guys go on texting forever. Call her once a week only.When you do this, she will know you are different. Not needy, busy with your own life, occasionally putting in creative ‘effort’ to get her talking, humourous and funny, doesn’t get butt hurt when she ignores you, takes lead and makes plans, etc. etc.Compare this to other guys who may be also messaging her and showing completely opposite insecure behavior. You will stand out. When you first meet her, touch her forearm, upper arm or lower back just for 1–2 seconds, casually, and only once or at max twice. But carefully, shouldn’t look intentional. This will tell her unconsciously that you are not interested in being friends but something more. Lower back works like a charm. And I mean back, not butt.I was recently talking to a lady best friend of mine, who was crying about how guys would throw away their self-respect and message her everyday even though she was not responding. I asked her, do you think they could turn it around with some Humour? She said “Yes I think they could. At least it’s unique. Since nobody does it.”Try it. You will be amazed at the results.

If I send a DM on instagram and unsend it after the person has seen it, would they still see it?

If they already saw the message you sent, you obviously cannot undo the fact that they saw it.If you felt weird about having sent that message, it is probably better to unsend it so that it will no longer be there when they go see their inbox. They will wonder where the message went if the message was recent and still at the top of their messages list. In that case, unsending the message is useful for making a point.I had a situation where someone I saw on a dating site did not reply back on Instagram, even though she pressed like on my profile on that site. So I just unsent the message to make a point. I will never check her out again though. Its best to dump and forget as if theyre not even a human being, since they did also treated you like a nobody by ignoring you. Lol.

What is the weirdest text message you have ever received?

Well, received a text from almost a stranger.Okay So let's call this person XYZ.XYZ is one of my Instagram follower. And also a family friend of one of my close friend.Today, I randomly got a text from XYZ:XYZ: hey, can you help me?Me(thinking it must be something related to my close friend): sayXYZ: Can you give me some cash, it's urgent.Me ( completely surprised as such we barely know each other and thinking it's a mistake or something) : sorry?(Expecting him to reply why he needs money and why can't he ask anyone else?)Here is the screenshot.XYZ : why, what happened?Now completely baffled by this I contacted my close friend and asked her about this. To which she replied don't give anything. Even I have lent XYZ some money.Me:what does XYZ do with this money?My friend: *fukta hai* ( Smokes)( And was surprised to know that how desperate XYZ is to smoke that he/she is asking to almost strangers for money)Me : XYZ, for what?XYZ: what?( I expected an answer, not a question to my question)Me( trying not to let my anger take over me)ask your parents?XYZ: okay,bbye.This was pretty weird for me. And also kind of sad that how our generation is so much addicted to these things that sometimes they don't know what they are doing.Signing off!Have a good day!

Do you think it is a bad idea to dm a girl on instagram if you have only just seen her around school?

The Key to a successful DM with the highest shooting percentage or likelihood of getting a response back is to like about 2–3 pictures and wait for her to like a couple back and/or follow you as well. If you just send a DM without any kind of flirting beforehand you’re shooting percentage is a lot lower lol. This approach isn't full proof by no means because there's so many reasons why a girl may reject you that have nothing to do with you. However, if she's in a state of mind to accept your romantic advances and actually likes you then you're pretty much guaranteed that when you DM her you'll be able to get her off Instagram and meet up with her in person. This video goes into a lot more detail on what to say when you actually get to the point of sending the DM though

Should I accept my ex bf's requests to follow me on instagram?

About your ex:

I think you should consider how you feel as well as what message you want to convey. If you're totally over him and don't really care, then I think you're in a good enough state of mind to friend him. Friending him shows you're over what happened between you and are willing to tolerate him. If you're still really sensitive, I don't think it's a good idea. It might be too tempting to post a bunch of pictures of you with guys or something to make him jealous. I dunno. I just don't see that turning out good. Plus, to get over someone, you need to cleanse your life of them and allow yourself time to adapt to life without him. Can't really do that when he keeps popping up on your Instagram.

And as for his friends:

You're doing fine. Friend the ones you know, not the ones you don't. You were right to think that you might come off as spiteful in friending all of his friends. Because, I mean, why else would you accept the request? And from what you said in your disclaimer, he doesn't even trust his "friends" very much himself. Better to ignore them. You don't need a bunch of creepers having access to your pictures.

Good luck!