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Older Married Men - Be Honest .

Why do so many married older women flirt with younger men?!?

LOL! Look about 2-3 questions down. I just rephrased another question to be a woman instead of a man. The "man" post beneath mine is busy getting called every name in the book and more ... but mine is just "la dee da, lady". You women are so fvcking lame. What a bunch of sexist aholes there are here.

Sex with an older married man.?

I'm 23 and recently got out of controlling relationship with a 37 year old man, all I want now is to be free and single, I want to see the world a bit and work on my career. I am a highly sexual person not a slut before everyone jumps in but I enjoy sex and thought I had found someone I could have NSA sex with but he became too clingy and emotional so I put a stop on that, I have other offers off guys around my age but I recently met a 46 year old man and went for a drink with him, I found that he was married, with children, which at the time I thought was outrageous but something appeals to me about him, I think I prefer older men as they're more intellectually stimulating and I also get a buzz off how attractive I am to them even though men my own age think I'm beautiful, he has been very open and honest with me, at first I was curious as to why he would want to cheat on his wife but I kind of understand it and I also think, it's not me who is cheating I have no obligation to his wife, it's his problem not mine. What are peoples thoughts and opinions on this situation? I know I'm going to probably get a bit of **** off some of you for this but I'm thick skinned and like to know peoples unedited opinions.

I am in a relationship with a married guy. He is very honest with me. I don't want him to get a divorce with his wife. But now his wife is pregnant. What should I do?

How can people write responses making statement's that he doesn't love his mistress.So, he loves his wife more because she is pregnant?He doesn't love his wife either or respect her since he sleeps with the two of them society always makes the male out to be the victim and except his non monogamous desires and claims to be a monogamous person bye making some vows he never could have kept in the first place, this cheater is no better than penguins whom only are monogamous for mating purposes.Meaning to multiply the planet other than that he's does not behave like a monogamous, person and lack communication and loves to cheat to have unprotected sex with more that one women.He wants his cake and eat it two he can stay speaking with you I would not stop my life because of him because he wants to have a seperate life from you.I would get out and enjoy life, just like he is to cheat on your wife speaks volumes on him and He's doesn't respect or love him wife at all!

Why should married men go after young girls?

The only reason I can think of for a married man to "go after" a young girl would be if it were his daughter, and he was picking her up from somewhere like school or soccer practice!!

How often to married men get crushes on other women?

An unhappy married, or unstable man will on occasion seek comfort or satisfaction in another woman. A healthy happy married man will look at the television and see a pretty girl and may fantasize about what it would be like with her, but never act upon it or form a crush with a co-worker/friend or be involved in one night stands or "accidents". While married or in any relationship a crush is never innocent, it should be taken seriously. Consider the marriage/relationship, is it possible there are problems that need to be adressed, is the man unhappy or unstable(has been straying for a while). Good luck!

I fell in love with a married man who is 17 years older, and I still think and dream about him every day, how do I get over this past fling?

Many years ago the same thing happened to me - I fell in love with a married man and he was 17 years older. He was honest enough to confess that he didn’t love me and needed me as a sex partner only. I didn’t mind as I loved him very much.Then, after 9 years (nine years !! ) he fell in love with me.Now he is still married. But he is my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him. We have been together for 19 years.

Do all married men wish for sex with other women?

Some context: I've been married to my husband for five years, together for ten total. We have a four year old daughter and, recently discovered, one on the way.

My husband and I decided to put our sexuality on the table and talk about some of our most private desires. I made a point of being positive and not reacting negatively to anything he said. I'm always willing to meet halfway, even if it's not for me.

I was shocked to learn hows strongly his desire is to have sex with other women. He has a desire to "swing" with other couples and watch me engage with another man. I've asked him some questions to find out where his limits are and he answered yes to many different scenarios involving sex with another woman, so long as he knew he could "get away with it".

I didn't reveal my feelings about it to him, because I didn't want to discourage the conversation, but while I enjoy getting kinky, when I got married it was so that I could have the same lover for the rest of my years. I would fall apart to see my husband having sex with another woman, and yet this turns him on, along with the idea of me with another man. His hope is for it to move past the "fantasy" stage into reality, and I feel rather taken aback how quickly he'd have his cake and eat it too, so to speak. He cited that men aren't biologically inclined towards monogamy.

Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but if it's sex with many women that men truly want, why in the world do they get married? It's left me feeling rathter inadequate as his wife, as though there's no way I could satisfy him fully if his urge to have sex with other women is so strong.

Can a happily married man fall in love with someone else and if yes, what do honest men do then?

I just finished reading a book series by David Simpson called, collectively, the "Post-Human Series."  If you like sci-fi, dystopian future stories, limits of human intelligence, etc., you'll really like that series.One of the overarching themes in that series was the following:"Feelings are never wrong.  Acting on those feelings may be, but feelings themselves are never wrong."So with that in mind, let's answer your questions:Can a happily married man fall in love with someone else? I would have to say, within the bounds of this question, no.  Why?  If he's a truly happily married man, he won't get involved with another woman to such an extent that he has an opportunity to fall in love.  Love is more than skin-deep, so "love at first sight" is a misnomer.  You can't love someone you don't know.  You can find a strong physical attraction when you visualize someone (and men are highly visual creatures), and thus the phrase is more accurately said as "lust at first sight," but in my opinion you have to truly know someone to love them.  If you truly love someone for everything they are, you would have to really know them to love them.In this context then, if a "happily" married man falls in love with another woman, he needs to do some serious soul-searching about what it is in his marriage that makes him "happy" and why he finds it so easy to fall in love with someone else.  My guess is that he will find that he's not quite as "happy" in his marriage as he thinks.Once that analysis is completed, he'll have a better understanding about what to do.  Is he truly unhappy in his marriage?  If he is, he needs to give his wife a chance.  He needs to talk to her and explain what he is feeling and what he has discovered is missing from his marriage.  Remember, the key to a happy marriage is communication.  When communication breaks down, everything else falls like dominos.But the discovery that a "happily" married man can fall in love with someone else is a signal that the man is not actually "happy" in his marriage at all.

Why do some married men cheat on their wives. Do they really fall in love with their mistress?

Simple answer : One can easily ask why do some married women cheat on their husbands. Do they really fall in love with their mister.Dear asker , in this world in 2016 men and women cheat alike. We get labeled. People cheat period the reasons vary. In general spouses ( men & women ) cheat because there's something absent in the relationship - whether it's lack of passion, lack of appreciation, neglect or unawareness of his/her love language, arguments over finances , being disrespected, feeling alone , etcThe cheating is in hope of meeting someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current spouse, and so on. It's always a need or want that's being met. More often than none it's a need that isn't communicated well enough hence why HONEST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is vital to a marriage. And often those needs are met so well by the mister/mistress, they end up falling in love.