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Olympic Gymnast Who Started At Age 16

Who was the youngest olympic gymnast?

The youngest Olympic gymnast to win a medal was Dimitrios Loundras A greek gymnast who competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens he was only 10 years 218 days old when he won the bronze medal. This was many decades before they started putting in minimum age requirements.

Is starting gymnastics at the age of 13 too late to become an olympic athlete in the future?

No I dont think its ever to late. if you practice enough!
yes it would help to have started earlier. but im sure you will be fine
Good Luck!

Why is there an age limit on Olympic gymnasts? ?

There are two major reasons for the 16 year age limit that I've heard:

1) The psychological pressures of Olympic level competition are intense, and can create mental trauma. In contrast, younger athletes, may also be subject to less emotional pressure, i.e. less aware of the magnitude of the occasion, and it may/may not be a competition edge.

2) The tricks that Olympic level gymnasts perform are incredibly dangerous to learn and master, and broken bones -- especially breaking bones at or near the joints, or damaging ligaments -- can be especially devastating to still developing bodies, as it can damage the growth plates at the ends of the bones and therefore permanently disfigure the gymnasts. It is done to protect the gymnasts, one gold is not worth a lifetime of pain.

Can I start gymnastics at 15?

Of course you can :-). If you want to improve your condition and learn fun new skills you can start gymnastics at any age.Top-level artistic gymnastics will in most cases not be possible. These gymnasts usually start at ages 5 or 6, but there usually are other levels where starting at an older age is definitely possible. And of course artistic gymnastics isn’t the only kind of gymnastics out there. Other branches like Acrobatic Gymnastics and Trampolining offer opportunities for older starters who are talented and driven. I’ve had a 15 year old girl join my team. She competed until she was 23 and is now a coach herself. The trampolining-coach at my club only started when he was 17.So go for it! :-)

I’m 15. Is it too late to start gymnastics?

Last year I phoned up a local gymnastics club, the conversation went like this:"Hi, my wife and I are looking to learn some gymnastics and was wondering if you do adult classes?....Experience? No...I've never done any gymnastics except playing Batman as a kid.....My age? I'm forty eight!"Now to cut a long story short, we went along and learned some new stuff and had a great time. I got to play Batman again on a whole new set of equipment. Will I be ready for the Olympics any time soon? No.So, are you too old? Do you think you will have fun? Do you think you will learn some new and interesting stuff? Forget what your Mum says, she loves you and wants the best for you but I'm guessing she's not a gymnastics coach. My Mum would have probably told me that I was too old too. Are you too old to make it to a Olympic level? I don't know. More importantly, do you care? One thing I know for sure, you will achieve NOTHING by not going. Why are you still sitting there? If you haven't made the phone call yet, go give this advice to someone else :)

Is 16 too late to start gymnastics?

hi i just have a quick question about gymnastics. after watching the olympics i have realized that i really like gymnastics. the only thing though is that i am 16 and i heard that to be really good at gymnastics you have to start when your young. Is that true? I am small and flexible and i wish that i had started it earlier but is it way too late now? Thanks for the help!!

Is 16 too late to start gymnastics?

"I am decently flexible."


"Also, I am willing to put in the effort to become stronger."


"I do realize that there would be less than 1% chance of making it to the Olympics"

Yeah, it's closer to a 0% chance in actuality.

"But, if I worked hard enough would be able to at least do local, state or even maybe national competitions"

Unlikely, The thing is that right now you are at your physical peak in terms of gymnastics. Most gymnasts are peak around ages 15-20. And if you started gymnastics at around age 5 or so, you would have learned alot of skills along the way so that when you got to your physical peak, you would be able to perform them to the best of your ability. Your problem is that you're already about to physically peak and you don't have any experience to speak of. Compounding this problem is that you don't become proficient at gymnastics overnight, it takes years, often more than a decade to become competent enough for national and international competition. You don't have that kind of time. By the time you become skilled enough for that, your body will be well past it's peak, and you physically won't be able to do everything you mentally know how to do. That's what really sucks about starting gymnastics late.

"For how many years would I probably be able to do gymnastics?"

If you're starting formal training at age 16. At level 1. Realistically you'd be 19 years old or so before you would be level 4 (assuming you progress a little quicker than average) You start competing at level 4. Much beyond that and you're age starts to become a liability, it will also be very demotivating to see 10-14 year olds that are on a higher level than you. This is why people who start gymnastics late with grandiose goals, don't really stick with it very long, the cold reality of the situation sets in, and they realize that being an adult and the responsibilities that come with are more important than being a 19 year old level 5 gymnast. They also finally realize that the lofty goals they set for themselves aren't going to happen, and they just let it all go.

I'm sorry if it's not what you want to hear, but I won't BS you with the rainbows and unicorns "you can do it if you really, really try" answers. If you ask any gymnastics coach that's been in the business for a decade or so, they'll back up everything I have mentioned.

Is 14/15 years old too late to start gymnastics?

A girl who was on my team when I was 6 was 16 turning 17 and she had just started gymnastics. I don't think it's to late for gymnastics until your 30. There was a girl in the Olympics in 2004 who was 25 and there is a male gymnast who started at age 40 and is still competing now at age 66!!! So, as long as you think you can do it you should go for it. Plus, I think that dancing is a good help. My team mate was a dancer and now at level 7 her routine looks amazing and she can really score big!!!

Good Luck!
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