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Omg Am I A Narcissist

What does narcissistic mean?

loving oneself to a GREAT extent that u r vain

If I think I am pretty am I a narcissist?

Absolutely not. Why would you even think that?We all have our day in the sun. When you are young and beautiful, you should embrace it, … enjoy being where you are in life, appreciate that your genealogy gave you good looks.When I was growing up, my mother would constantly tear everything about me down. According to her, I was stupid, skinny, ugly, worthless, nobody would ever want me, etc.For the longest time, when I would come across old pictures of myself, … I wouldn't recognize myself! Why? Because I became so convinced that she was right that the beautifull girl in the pictures, … couldn't be me. What a waste to not have been able to enjoy it.Feel good about yourself, embrace all of your good features. Of course you know that good looks are the same as good luck, and whats on the inside is what takes work. Be sure to recognize and embrace your internal strengths as well.

What sign(s) do you think are the most narcissistic?

They can all be narcissistic, but in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes Tauruses are narcissistic, and only think about their own self-gratification, especially if it deals with something material. Aries sometimes want to be the first and the best, and are willing to walk over anyone, friend or foe, to get to the top. Virgos sometimes view the world in terms of perfection, casting others in the imperfect light, and themselves in the perfect. Scorpios can sometimes be narcissistic when they try to cover up their own feelings and vulnerabilities. Capricorns can be narcissistic when they look down on others, especially people who are not as sucessful or serious as them. Geminis can be narcissistic, when they think they are the most intellectually gifted person out there. Pisces can sometimes be narcissistic when they're completely out of touch with reality, that they believe their own delusions of grandeur. Any sign can be narcissistic. But in general, if I had to pick the ones that are consistently narcissistic I would say, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

Is my boyfriend narcissistic?

Why does it matter if he's narcissistic? He's a bulimic, smoking, gambling, megalomaniacal, unhygienic, morbidly obese verbal abuser. You could not have chosen better if you had set out to find the worst boyfriend in the world on purpose.

What are the narcissistic zodiac signs?

Since the naturally self-centered Aries is used to going first in these zodiac round-ups, let’s switch up the order and put this sign last.

Narcissistic #Pisces/Neptune/12th house: “You’re the cruelest person ever for not reinforcing [insert my fantasy here]! But I’ll forgive you if you grovel.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Aquarius/Uranus/Saturn/11th house: “If only I didn’t have to keep reminding people to be as authentic as me, I could finish my awesome invention.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Capricorn/Saturn/10th house: “I’m so sorry that I stepped on your toes, shoulders, head & dreams to reach my goal. I said ‘excuse me’.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th house: “What? I hurt your feelings with my philosophy on the world according to me? It’s against the law to tell the truth now? Why can’t you just get over it like me? You just want to get in the way of my fun.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Scorpio/Pluto/Mars/8th house: “I don’t give a **** what Leo said. Scorpios are the best zodiac sign. Why? Because we’re SCORPIOS, muthafucker. Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Libra/Venus/7th house: “I’m the most likable person that you’ll ever meet. None of my 50 bajillion exes deserved me – even though we’re still friends. And they still want me.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Virgo/Mercury/6th house: “If I don’t do it, then it won’t be done correctly. Yes, even my errors are correct. OMG, I make the worst mistakes!” Ref.

Narcissistic #Leo/Sun/5th house: “You know I’m a Leo, right? Did you also know that the Universe created itself so that I could be the center of it? When I want your opinion (of me), then I’ll give it to you.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Cancer/Moon/4th house: “I should get a Giver’s Lifetime Achievement Award. People would drop dead if it weren’t for me. Seriously.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Gemini/Mercury/3rd house: “You should’ve let me write these tweets for you. But you need the practice to be as witty as me, so never mind.” Ref.

Narcissistic #Taurus/Venus/2nd house: “I enjoyed this dinner. But not as much as you enjoyed my company.” *nudges the bill to your side of the table & then visits the restroom* Ref.

Narcissistic #Aries/Mars/1st house: “Mmm hmm. Your cat died? Really? That reminds me of my cat. Want to see pictures? I was the first man who was sexy enough at my school to play Maggie in “A Cat On a Hot Tin Roof…” Ref.