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On A Scale From 1 To 10 How Excited Are You About Kendrick Lamar

Which rappers have the most complex or sophisticated rhythmic construction and delivery techniques?

I'd like to add one of the newer rap artists to this (already great) list, namely Logic.I've noticed his technical talent in many of his songs. He easily employs 3 or 4 different rhyme schemes in various sections of his songs, he can change up his flow at the tip of a hat, and he is on par with many other excellent rappers in terms of using literary devices, entendres, imagery, etc.  Here are some of his dopest songs: Logic – Lord Willin' --Logic – Walk On By --Logic – 5AM --Some of you might still be thinking, "eh, he's pretty good but nothing spectacular. . ."Name one other rapper that can freestyle while solving a Rubik's cube with his eyes closed.~

If I dislike 'hip-hop' (I find it silly and demeaning to black folks) does that mean I'm racist?

No, it just means you aren’t aware of the foundation and history of how it all came about.It also goes without saying that white people where partners in hip hop from the beginning, as the punk rockers were the first people outside of the black community that truly embraced it. Although I’m sure people will call this yet another example of “white privilege,” I’ll disagree with this one.Regarding the “demeaning” lyrics, they are talking trash about certain kind of people in their world, or taking on a caricature of that group, but not the entire black community as a whole. It’s no different than white people talking trash about some of our unsavory people.Punk talks about life and issues in the white community as well, and many songs paint dismal pictures of the world they grew up. They pick on people they feel give the community a bad name, and rap is doing much of the same thing.In short, a lot of it is tongue-in-cheek, but it attempts to straddle the line of talking about reality.What you are grappling with, in my opinion, is a bit of classicism. You simply did not grow up in those communities and you do not interact with those people in your day to day life. It’s only natural that you can’t relate to the life they are talking about.So, when you listen to rap, take the time to consider the underlying meaning of the lyrics. So much of it interesting poetry with unique cadences. Take the time to realize that most of these rappers are good, responsible citizens talking about their observations of a brutal life. Of course, none of them went around shooting up entire neighborhoods. They’d be sitting in prison.