One Day I Feel Like A Cancer The Next Day Aquarius

Am I the only Aquarius who acts like this?

I feel like I'm the only Aquarius which acts like this..
I'm intelligent, I have a very high IQ & straight A's
I'm carefree, I don't worry or stress out
I'm very sensitive, I have a soft side
I'm very nice, I don't bully, hurt, or make fun of anyone.
I'm very optimistic, I look into bright and positive things
I understand  people easily,on their choices & why they made that choice,  & who they are.
I'm very caring, to friends & family, more so on family.
I'm very happy go lucky. I'm always happy! If something angers or upset me (I mentioned I'm sensitive) I get over it immediately! The negative things that happen to me I let that go with a smile on my face. :)
Other things about me-
I'd rather hang out with a small group of friends, than a big one.
I'm friends with everyone though, I don't really know how that happened. :D
I trust myself.
I don't think before I talk.
I have low common sense (which is odd for my high IQ)
I love my family more than anything.
The only time I would ever break down crying is losing someone I care.
I do things for fun.
I smile a lot
I like being alone 
I can be irresponsible
I can be reckless

What does it feel like to have Cancer?

I had some drama so as this is the reason for it. I generally do never experience down in easy terms for no reason. i'm getting over it nonetheless and feeling lots extra advantageous in the present day and thinking extra beneficial. song and prayer are my scientific care to get me by using. It additionally enables in case you have some solid acquaintances to speak to, and get out of the living house. I be conscious once I stay in extra I become extra moody. eating meals you like, and giggling additionally launch rigidity. or in basic terms cope with your self to a warm bathtub bathe thats very relaxing additionally writing.. i will bypass on and on. yet whilst it is coronary heart wreck the only therapy i've got found is time. I had under no circumstances felt for everybody like I did with my ex. anybody else I the two in basic terms stopped worrying 2 days later or at maximum a week later.

What would a person with Gemini sun/Aquarius moon/ and Cancer rising be like?

Sorry to say I am not a professional astrologer, just a person who has taken an interest in astroanalysis for over 30 years. A sun sign is how a person is, while a moon sign oddly enough is how one sees them self. Yes it can all be different helping to make up the complexity of the human personality. An Aquarian is a thinker, a rebel a natural scientist wanting to know why. They are also socially conscious and romantic. The Cancerian in them may make them extremely romantic and very family oriented.

I feel like I have cancer!?

put you medical books in the trash, you will run your self in to the ground. its not that easy to understand medical books you have to know the before , during , and after story before you can say what you have or not. thats why we pay good money to go to the doctors because of there years and years of schooling that I dont think you are in there class of medical schooling if you know what iam trying to say. just go to the dr. your 17 enjoy dont worry about crap you think you might have.

I like this Cancer guy and I have a feeling he likes me back? I need help or advice!?

First of all you have a secretive way of
interpreting the simple actions that of boys actions. Opening a door for a woman could be no more than an act of respect. It is, however, also true that your interpretation of your talks with the boy that you mentioned may be valid. Your question is how can you respond to this boy to show that you are interested in him without having face to face contact. You can smile at him for one. If you are at some long distance from him, you can stare at him a brief moment, or you can move toward him just a little bit and see if he will come to you, or you could drop things from your purse to see if he would come to pick up your things. All of these romantic gestures may fail if someone else rushes ahead of this boy and picks up the items that you dropped. The best thing to do instead being shy is to go directly to the boy, and say "Hello or hi! It is up to you. Good luck.

I was a college professor of education

Do you ever feel like you have the characteristics of a different zodiac sign?

Yes. I'm a Leo but sometimes I feel like I fit the Pisces description because I'm so empathetic with other people's circumstances and can become really emotional hearing about people struggling. Also because I'm very intuitive and often right about what my intuition is telling me. I also step into other people's shoes when I'm considering a situation. These traits just might be because my older sister, one of my role models, and the best friend I've ever had are both Pisces. I think some of the relationships you have with people cause you to change and open your eyes to new horizons.

Does anyone feel like they act more like their moon or rising sign more than their sun sign?

Well my sun sign is a Sagittarius and my moon sign is a Leo, but then it states my midheaven is an a midheaven the rising sin which you all talk about..anyways i am confused. But i actually see a strong range of elements from each of stars stated to me within my traits as an individual.

The sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward-shining creative energy.
In terms of a sagittarius (sun sign) i am as followed:
- idealistic
- enthusiastic
- warm-hearted
- independent
- funny and jokes about
- have a taste for travel and freedom.
- too adventurous
- flirty (tuttin away -lol)
- leaves things to chance: takes risks
- rebellious and has a playful spirit (too much indeed -lol)

The moon represents a reaction, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image.
In terms of Leo (moon sign) traits I am as followed:
- brave and knows how to take risks,
-have courage of my convictions
- honest
- selectivity in friends, but is not influenced by them
- taste for splendor.
- emotional instability - very emotional and is driven to do things by her emotions (i also think by Gemini (XII being Placidus Orb: 7.11) does not help in terms of ma fear and anxiety, as mentioned Anxiety, preoccupation concerning a dear one -its true which is scary because it is very much the way i am but introvertly.)
- have a good judgement (balanced though)
- a good memory (i would say fairly good)
- intelligent and imaginative

In terms of Aries if it is rising..but is stated that my midheaven is an Aries so I am just guessing that rising sign =midheaven (i dunno, so people if i am wrong take it easy..just see the the bonus i did in showng my midheaven sign - lol), my following traits are as followed:
- energetic
- initiative
- my own leader

In 1993 I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer with metastases in the bowel, uterus, cervix and both lungs. And there was type 2 diabetes as well.The doctors told me that there was nothing they could do and that I had 6 months to live, a year if I was really lucky. So it was considered terminal.I did have some symptoms but they were vague and I generally felt healthy.The main symptom that I had and which I had gone to the doctor about repeatedly was vaginal thrush. He kept giving me various typse of creams and suppositories for months. Then one day he was away and there was a locum, who was more thorough and he discovered the cervical and uterine cancer.I couldn’t believe it because I felt really healthy, had lots of energy and didn’t feel sick. So I went to Sydney for a second opinion.I had a small amount of cough, particularly if someone made me laugh while I was smoking. I also had a reddish brown phlegm from time to time, which I thought was basically nicotine due to the smoking. And I had a chemical smell coming from my vagina, especially around my periods. And sometimes with my periods there was large, what I thought were clots of blood, but more likely tissue being expelled from my uterus. Again I didn’t recognise any of these symptoms as anything much.On my way to Sydney, which was around 2600kms, about 2/3rds of the way down the cough, the reddish brown phlegm, the chemical smell and the blood clots/ tissue all vanished. And I was still smoking like a chimney at that time, about 20 cigarettes a day.So my terminal cancer was already going into remission before I had the second diagnosis. The doctors though found it very hard to believe that the cancer was going into remission because of how extensive it was. But it did go into remission. By mid 1994 when I had more tests there was no evidence of disease (NED). They couldn’t explain it.