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Online A Lan Network On A Specific Time

I get " Network Error (tcp_error) " on specific websites :/?

Hi :)
Ok so the previous day my internet was sort of down(exclamation point next to the network thing on the task-bar) I couldn't access any sites but my xbox live was working 0_o Well my dad said he must have not paid our provider, so he went and payed. The internet started working but it was f-ed up like sometimes i had no internet access etc. Any wayz it sorted it self out but here's the thing: Most websites work but some specific ones dont and the following thing comes up:

Network Error (tcp_error)

"A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time"

This is coming on many of the randomest of sites, on my other computer and iPhone too. Other sites are working just fine!

I live in UAE and they have this fiber-optics thing and i have a router (lol dunno much abt these stuff)

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you will be able to help me :) If you would like further info plz ask and follow up:D

Can I connect to a LAN and Wireless Network at the same time?

If you're talking about two wireless networks, then no, you can't do this unless you add a second wireless card so you'll have two physical radios that can operate simultaneously.  (There are two-radio chips/cards designed for use in access points, but I've never heard of one being built into a general-use computer.)  Even then, or with one wired connection, it can be difficult to (a) persuade the OS to enable both simultaneously and (b) get the routing right so that connections happen the way you want.  What's often easier is to connect to the unsecured network, then connect to your corporate VPN (assuming you have one) through that.  The inefficiency of going through an extra hop or two should be minimal, and in the process most VPN software will do a pretty decent job of setting up the routes properly for you.  You can do something similar with ssh tunnels as well (it's how I connect to my office from anywhere else) but that's a bit more complicated.

How can I play dead island online on ps3?

It just seems so complicated... I know that first I'll quit the game, go to options and then change the lan to playstation network. Then I set how many players I want (2 friends) and then what?

I just bought the game so it takes a little time to learn the basics. But I have not been able to get them to help me yet so that's why I'm here.

But I'd like a step-by-step-guide, just so that I'll understand better (English is not my primary language and I think that instructions are easier to get when they are done like that)

And can you at the same time give me instructions about how to join a game if there's no friends. Just random strangers.

How to change LAN Network IP address when computer asks to restart every time but doesn't affect the change?

I have a Toshiba Laptop with Vista Basic loaded. I am using it since Feb'08. About a week back, my laptop is not changing the LAN IP. I use different IP in office and home. When we click network properties and try changing TCP/IPv4 settings for obtain IP and DNS automatically --> OK --> OK the system shows a message "You must shut down and restart your computer before new settings will take effect.

Do you want to restart your computer now?

If we press YES the system reboots but change doesn't take affect. Now please understand this message was not coming until last week. It seems some virus. But please provide a solution.

Trying to run Diablo 2 on LAN - can't connect!?

Both computers are connected directly to the router, have had static IP's assigned (and all equipment has been rebooted multiple times), ran network setup so we can see each other's computers on network places and even tried turning off the firewall. No matter who hosts, we cannot connect! Both computers running Win XP, SP3 and have TCP/IP protocol installed.



Whoever hosts can obviously get into the game, but whoever tries to join gets the Please Wait screen until either we get irritated and cancel after 2-3 mins or get told that it cannot connect to the server in that same time frame.

What are we missing??

Can I play games online using a VPN?

Im in University and in the dorms there is WIFI, but to get on the internet you first have to install the VPN client and every time you open your browser you have to log in to the VPN to get access to the internet. This is fine and all, but many of us would like to play games online too, which are not browser games.

Is there some way to play games online?

Should I give JEE Mains online?

JEE Computer Based Test (CBT) or Online Exam offers a better examination experience to aspirants. In most areas, students are already comfortable using computers. In such a scenario, online mode makes the engineering entrance exam more flexible and malleable for students.Online mode of JEE exam is conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) and is safer and more secure.Additionally, It has following benefits :Mark Questions for Review -In the Computer Based Test, you can review or re-answer any question you want during the exam time. This is a 'winning' feature because it is offering second-chances to students.On the right hand side of the computer screen, there is a panel that has a colour-coded scheme for questions that have been answered, questions you have not answered yet and questions you would like to review later. When you are solving the paper for the first time and have doubts about a particular question, you can mark it for review. Later, when you have time, you can directly click on the questions marked for review and do some brainstorming to derive at the correct answer.Jump to Any Section during Exam TimeJEE Computer Based Test (CBT) allows aspirants to have full control over time management during the exam period. Students can jump to a Physics question while solving a Chemistry question or go directly from Chemistry section to a particular Mathematics question, using the panel on the right hand side.Sometimes, when you are solving a question, answer of another question strikes you. In the CBT test, you can use such ‘sudden’ inspirations to your advantage by going directly to that question and choosing the correct option.Source - Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE Main Computer Based Test

What would you recommend LAN or WAN?

A WAN is a Wide Area Network. Like for a company that has buildings in different states. I'm guessing that's not what you want. 8^)

You are asking about WiFi and Ethernet, whether you want wireless Internet or to connect through a wired router. For gaming, I'd recommend the wired router. It's not that it's faster (it is but just a little), but a WiFi connection can get really dicey sometimes and if split-second timing is important (like in gaming) it will drive you crazy!

How should I connect to my java web application in another computer?

There can two ways to connect on another computer.First over local network(wifi or lan)Or over internet.For both I would describe the steps briefly.More detailed guides are available online.For connecting over local network.1.Ensure that you configure your firewall for incoming and outgoing requests on port 8080.this is done using advanced options in firewall(for windows)2.Get your local cmd and type ‘ipconfig/all’.This will list all the connections.3.Depending on your connection(wlan,lan)look for the ipv4 address(something like is your local ip for particular network. So instead of http://localhost:8080/MyProject/type in the browser of other computer connected to network thats it.You have your application on other computer.Tip:-Enable DHCP if your router is assigning ips .So that use same ip every time and it doesn’t change after sometime.For connection over Internet.(Yes you can run your application over internet form a normal computer)Follow steps 1 and 2 from above.3.Now Using your router setting ( or the above ips in browser.These are for most routers.Enter setting after giving pass and uname for admin access.4.Enable DHCP so that local ip is constant.After enabling DHCP you have to set it up for your computer.5.Give access to port 80 on your router firewall(if its enabled)6.forward requests on port 80 to the constant ip for local computer that is now the server.For simple html you can use servers like apache and wamp for php.