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Is it safe to type in your Social Security Number on online job applications?

As long as your internet connection is safe, then it's safe to put your SS# in. One way to know if the site is secure is to check the address bar. If it is a secure web page it will say "https" instead of just "http".

I've entered my SS# for online things and never had a problem. With a huge company like Walgreen's, you should be safe. In fact, many of those online apps. won't even let you go on in the application until you provide your social security number.

--Jamie :)

Safe to put social security # on online job application? [Target]?

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Social Security number on online applications?

No--unless you are absolutely certain that the website isn't fraudulent. Even then, I'd be nervous about providing it.

Is it safe to give out your social security number on online college applications?

I usually try to find print versions of the applications. But sometimes all I can find is the online application. I hear that many colleges prefer that you do the online application anyway.
All the applications ask for your social security number. But my mom's been worried about the applications that are online and I'm wondering if it's safe to submit through an online application.
Can my information be stolen somehow?

Is it safe to give out your social security number when filling out online applications?

The only time I have ever given out my SSN online was when filling out college applications... safe sites such as,, etc... but as others have said, there are waaay to many identity theft scams out there. I wouldn't give out my SSN online.

Should I put my social security number when applying for McDonalds online?

You have to put your SSN on the application. They need that to make sure you are legal and in order to pay you. You cant get a job without it, except for odd jobs for cash. Just dont use your SSN online and you wont have to worry.

Using the social-security number as an identifier is a convenience. The US has no national identity card; not everyone has a passport; not everyone has a driver’s license. That means that matching a record, for example a medical record, to a person is not an easy task because names and dates of birth are not unique. The SSN is supposed to be unique (and usually is).I worked on a data system for the sexually-transmitted disease treatment program for a large metropolitan health department. When I started they had two large clinics with separate record systems. Patients would visit one or the other, or both clinics. The job was to match all the records up into one integrated system. The problem there was that some of these patients didn’t want records their matched, and they would use a different SSN (sometimes incrementing the number by 1) each visit and slightly different addresses each visit. It was a mess. If we had reliable SSN data, those patients could have been served better.In Virginia a SSN is required for voter registration unless you declare you don’t have one. They are up front about the reason, it is so that they have a unique identifier to make sure you’re not registered in two different places.Anyhow, that why they do it.

Hesitant to giving social security number for online job application?

Did you know that the best way to apply for a job is in person?
This will let the store know that you can do this on you own - you'd be surprised how many people cant.
This will also let them know you have transportation.
Be prepared with all your info - show organization.
When you are done with the application, ask to see the manager to turn it in.
This will give you a chance to compliment the store and tell them how much you would like to be part of their team.
Shake their hand firmly and look at the eyes - shows trust.

And that, my darling, is how you get a job -- not online.

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