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Oopsy Daisy Toile Lamb Cream And Black Stretched Canvas Wall Art By Heather Gentile-collins 18 By

What Steroid Creams are suitable for Foreskin Stretching?

best that you go to a dcotor to get the correct cream. It may take a little while to do but its worth it.Dont let anyone tell you that you need to be circumcised.

I now realise that it was so much better with a foreskin the way natural intended it. I never got picked on at school when I was uncircumcised but some of the guys who were did ask me about it. I just told them that I was natural. I even had some in high school who said they were sorry that they had been circumcised as a baby when they had no say in the matter.

I was talked into being circumcised by my girlfriend when I was 18 because she had never seen a uncircumcised penis. I now regret that I had it done. For years I convinced myself that it was better to be cut instead of having a foreskin. I now reaslise the truth. I still enjoy sex but I dont have that nice natural feeling and the shaft skin it really tight, Some girls have said they prefer me being cut but I have heard there are plenty of girls who love the feel of a penis with a foreskin. some say a cincumcised penis looks better? but what can be pretty about a huge scar line (even worse when you have dark skin like me)? if i put a big scar on my face doest it make it pretty? plus some say uncut guys smell. mine has the same smell now as before i got circumcised

I also miss the way that I didnt need lube when I masturbated but now i do.

I now feel guilty because I had my 3 boys circumcised when they didnt need to be and now they will grow up without the choice of having a foreskin ro not because I took that away from them.

Is it possible to remove acrylic paint from canvas without damaging the rest of the painting?

Acrylics often appear streaky when dry if you have thinned them with water, which stretches the binders in the paint too far to disperse the pigments properly. Always thin your paint with acrylic medium instead of water when painting on gessoed canvas. If the paint is actually peeling off the canvas in places, it could also be from excessive use of water, or it could be the primer - some economy gessos are too slick for proper paint adhesion. Either spend a bit more on the canvas, or give the cheaper canvas a light sanding with steel wool, wipe it down with a damp cloth, let dry, and give it a coat or two of decent (medium-to-high priced) gesso before painting. If you mean the surface looks dull in some places and shiny in others, that's not unusual with acrylics as some pigments dry more matte than others. Just use a varnish when you're done to even out the shine. I've never used Matisse except for testing a couple of samples, which I didn't really like... maybe try another brand?

Streched or unstretched canvas?

If someone approached me with a painting on canvas that was not on stretchers, I would be very cautious. I was working with my framer last year on my entries to an art show when a customer came in with an unstretched "starving artist original." She was so proud of herself for the purchase from an "artist" selling door to door . . . she believed she was helping him make money to return to art school. I saw the piece unrolled and almost choked. She remarked how you could "still smell the oil" it was so fresh. I could only smell a sucker who bought a piece of mass produced crap. . . . I had just seen the identical painting (in several different sizes) hanging in a cheap imports shop at the other end of town! I was appalled when I heard what she paid for it because it was going to cost her more to have it stretched than the framed ones in the shop where I saw them! She adored her Parisian street scene . . . however it was the kind of copy work no art school I know of would turn out.

Beware anyone who is selling rolled up canvas as their own work like this. . . . it is a common scam. Why am I posting this? Because real artists don't work this way. At the most they sell their art in the park or on a busy urban street corner. And real art patrons want authentic and original art.

And not all fine artists stretch their own canvas. . . .I know of many who buy well-made prestretched canvas all primed and ready to go. And I never roll any kind of artwork, because you can cause buckles and wrinkles and headaches for your framer when it is time to hang it.

Tattoo studio owner and artist for 6years nowLook man if you are 15 years old, tattoos should be the last thing on your mind. I'm just going to be damn honest right now. If you walked into my tattoo studio and asked me for a tattoo and you were 15 years old I'd wind you behind the ear and send you. Go and flirt with a girl or get your head in the schoolbooks or climb a tree. That's what should be important to you at 15.However since you asked this question on quora and I am a tattoo artist and this is my area on quora ,I will answer it hypothetically:Strictly speaking no. It won't stretch. But since you are so young, you are still going to go through a growth spurt at some stage which means you're going to get taller. Your skin must now compensate by stretching and growing as well. (This is literally what we learn in our tattoo apprenticeships about dangers of tattooing under the legal age haha.) So yes there are strong possibilities your tattoo will be come distorted in some sort of way later on in life. It varies from person to person though. Distortion, blurriness, fading. There's quite a few actually. Nothing life threatening though...

A spring with spring constant of 27 N/m is stretched 0.18m from its equilibrium position How much work..?

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Did Daisy mean to hit and kill Myrtle in the book The Great Gatsby or was it a mistake?

There is no evidence that she meant to hit Myrtle; she does not know who Myrtle is. It is accidental poetic justice. Gatsby says that Daisy thinks it would "steady her" to drive, a crazy idea--but one that implies that Daisy was not in control. This is what Gatsby tells Nick:

"When we left New York she was very nervous and she thought it would steady her to drive—and this woman rushed out at us just as we were passing a car coming the other way. It all happened in a minute, but it seemed to me that she wanted to speak to us, thought we were somebody she knew. Well, first Daisy turned away from the woman toward the other car, and then she lost her nerve and turned back."

Myrtle thinks that the woman in the car will be Jordan Baker, whom she believes is Tom's wife--she remembers seeing the car with Jordan Baker in it when it was going in to New York. (They switched cars on the way back.) If she tried to avoid hitting Myrtle, then it was an accident. Gatsby, of course, does not know that Myrtle is Tom's mistress.

There is no reason to doubt Gatsby's word to Nick; he says that he is going to take the blame for the killing, but of course it never comes to that.

To stretch a spring 7.00cm from its unstretched length, 18.0J of work must be done.?

1) The work done is stored as spring potential energy
W = PS
PS = ½kx²
k = 2PS/x²

k = 2(18) / 0.07²
k = 7347 N/m

2) F = kx
F = 7347(0.07)
F = 514 N

3) PS = ½kx²
PS = ½(7347)0.04²
W = PS = 5.88 J

4) F = kx
F = 7347(0.04)
F = 294 N

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