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Open Carriers Protested In Favor Of John Crawford In Ohio. Is That A Sign Of Hope

Whatever happened to Christopher Crawford, the adopted son of Joan Crawford?

Christopher passed away last Sept. 22. Here is his obit from Entertainment Insider

Christopher Crawford, the adopted son of actress Joan Crawford died of cancer at age 62. Mr. Crawford was the brother by adoption of Christina Crawford. Their unhealthy and unhappy childhood was the subject of the book and film "Mommie Dearest." Mr. Crawford told the press that his sister’s book was an accurate account of their abusive upbringing. He was portrayed Jeremy Reinbolt and Xander Berkeley in the film "Mommie Dearest."

A few years ago Christina did an interview with Larry King. Both Christina and Christopher were left out of Joan Crawford's will - here is what she said about Christopher:
KING: What is he doing now?

C. CRAWFORD: He is a very, very private person. He is married. He has children, grown children, and...

KING: Is he successful? C. CRAWFORD: Yes, he's fine, he's fine, God bless him. He has just been through so much, and we have always been quite close, and I'm grateful for that.

KING: So, you see him, speak to him?

C. CRAWFORD: I do, yes.

Neither Rice nor Crawford were shot merely for "carrying" what police assumed to be a firearm. Both were reported to have been brandishing a firearm, i.e. using a firearm in a threatening manner.Ohio's open carry law is not the problem here. The problem is the pathological fear of guns promoted by the anti-gun left. They have pumped out so much propaganda about the eeevils of guns that when Tamir Rice and John Crawford were seen merely carrying (what looked like) a firearm, onlookers were so frightened they called the police and reported someone waving a gun around like a maniac. The solution to this problem is to stop pumping people so full of fear about guns.EDIT: Furthermore, as Brian Costello points out, there is a difference between a law that is inconsistently enforced, and law enforcement failing to respect the legal rights of every member of the community. If the police failed to protect the right of black people to vote despite the Civil Rights Act, that would not prove the Civil Rights Act unconstitutional.

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The simplest answer is that few people who carry weapons legally, open or concealed will misuse them. Boom, there it is. The hard truth the gun controllers can’t accept because it challenges their perspective.. On top of that very few actually want to use their weapons against ANYONE but will IF THEY MUST. Even a draw/no draw decision has emotional consequences, so don’t think for a second that these people are just chomping at the bit to shoot someone, they aren’t.I would say that the only REAL gun violence is cause by those who believe that calling in every person they see carrying a gun is a good idea. And some gun control groups have even suggested LYING about what they see in hopes of getting the carrier arrested or killed by police. And they actually believe this is a GOOD THING… There is a guy who is about to go to trial because he did exactly that and a man named John Crawford III died because this caller LIED LIED LIED, oh and another lady had a heart attack and died because of it. Everything that happened caught on WalMart security video. Hard proof the guy lied.. I hope he likes prison..I have seen a few answers stating that concealed is the correct way to go and I expressly disavow that perspective. There is no CORRECT or VALID method, open OR concealed. There is the way YOU prefer and there are pros and cons for each. For those that chose one over the other, fine, YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE, don’t think for a second you have the right to chose for others. As I said there are pros and cons for each..