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History Discussion Question?

No, not hypocrisy ..... personal greed.

Most Union states did not want to give up their slaves either.
Maryland and Delaware were still holding slave after the Civil War begin.

Only 1% of the South owned slaves --- large plantations, the wheeler / dealer businessmen who were getting stupid wealthy like kings with their slave crops.
Northern businessmen tied up with foreign investments and promises to keep, and empty factories because the Southern planters were selling their wares elsewhere.

They were coveting thy neighbor.

Your abolitionists, poor farmers, working men and trades men, and religious separatists without slaves were the same before the Emancipation as after the Civil War.

The greedy ones --- they simply put up their signs "no blacks. no Irish, no women" on their factory door and hired small young children for a penny a day.

Opinions on Discussion Question?

I dont know if I would go as far as saying it's abuse, but it is most deffinatley inappropriate. You are a grown man that already has a huge reputation of being a creep, what are you doing in the bed with children? With such a huge house and so much money couldnt he just have put them in one of the billion other rooms on the ranch and had his staff look after them? Or maybe he should have set up bed in the same room, which would still be creepy but not as bad as being the same bed. That is just morally wrong, there someone else's kids in an intimate setting. weird and gross. Michaels great but he's a ****** up individual.

Can I get your opinions on these questions?

Well, I suppose I could answer your question with a question. What do YOU think happens to bees when they die? Do they have a bee heaven? What about rats? Or cats and dogs? Most Christians at least the ones that I know, don't believe that lower species experience any sort of afterlife. So why should we be any different? We are animals by definition. Nothing happens when we die. You're dead. Deceased. The idea of an afterlife is so completely vacuous. We've talked ourselves into believing we are immortal, and the only catch is you still have to die first. Oh and out of all the species in the entire universe, only humans get to go to heaven, and we just happen to be human. Talk about believing your own bs story. I'm not being sarcastic or cruel I just find it completely incredulous that people cannot see through something this transparent.

What are some good discussion questions concerning the Death Penalty?

Any discussion about the death penalty has to include the risks of executing innocent people. This is a real risk. The system can make tragic and irreversible mistakes. In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas for starting the fire that killed his children. Modern forensics has shown that the fire was accidental. Willingham was innocent. There wasn’t even a crime.

Over 130 other wrongfully convicted people sentenced to death have been exonerated. DNA, rarely available in homicide cases, isn't the solution. Obviously, if someone is convicted and later found innocent you can release him from prison, but not from the grave.

You can talk about whether the death penalty prevents others from committing murder. (It doesn't seem to- homicide rates are consistently higher in states with the death penalty than in those without it.)

You can talk about costs. (The death penalty is much more expensive than life in prison, mostly because of the legal process which is supposed to prevent executions of innocent people. And the largest part of the costs are upfront at the pre trial and trial stages.)

You can talk about whether the death penalty makes life easier for families of homicide victims. This is not a cleacut question. Many families of murder victims have said that the death penalty process actually makes it harder for them, because of the extended legal process.

For a list of issues about the death penalty you can check out On the left side, go to Issues.

A discussion question for the book The Giver?

The reciever of Wisdom is the most noble job there is. Jonas recieves the burdens of horrible memories that humans use to put up with. In the universe of the book people are naive and Jonas is the only person who knows what life was like before the utopia. It makes it easier for the reciever, Jonas, to be given the burden instead of the whole world putting up with the burden of memories of war or dying.

What do you think about eventing? Discussion question?

The horses just aren't what they were 15 or 20 years ago. Neither are the riders, for that matter.

It used to be that someone would find a phenomenally brave, confident and competent cross country horse, and train it to do show jumping and dressage. The hunting / XC was like an innate skill in these horses, and the riders left them alone to deal with the country; most of them hunted for a few seasons, and many also point-to-pointed so they knew what they were getting themselves into. The dressage (even at Badminton and Burghley etc) was a joke - a lot of them didn't even stay within the white boards, but they gave it a go and some of them were very decent about it too.

Nowadays, a lot of eventers are dressage horses who can jump. The rider thinks, "it does a good test and can leap over 3ft 6 no problem, so let's give it a go" with no thought as to the physical and psychological demands of eventing. For the most part, horses don't have as much common sense as they did 20 years ago. Riders certainly don't. Riders are interfering with their horses and not allowing them to make their own decisions. They're not taking them hunting, or not allowing them to really go if they do. They're pigeon-holing their horses into a single career; showjumpers don't do dressage, dressage horses are scared to jump, nobody hacks out, nobody just chucks their horse in a field to live outside because they're so scared it'll injure itself - and it probably will, because it has no common sense!

Another big gripe I have with riders is they often think that they or their horse is far more talented than reality says it is. (That's all too evident here...) Riders think they can have some lessons (or not!) and go and have a try at something that looks fun without giving it enough preparation. If they get on OK through sheer luck and chance they put it down to skill and want to progress higher, and nobody is saying, "no, you are not good enough, and neither is your horse." Look at Y!A on a normal day; how many sub-par horses are paraded around, and how many people say it's nice and can do any job you ask of it? The real world is just the same; people think their horse and themselves are capable, and refuse to listen to reason. But then, why should they listen to one party pooper if 20 people say "you can do it!" and they have last week's shabby and dangerous clear round to back them up?

Good question. Have a star.

Serious discussion , all opinions welcome.?

See the thing that bothers me the most about these pro life groups is that no-one cares a damn about the mother, the life that is ALREADY here. How can they say they value human life yet utterly dismiss the person who has had to make what was probably a very heartbreaking decision.

Should a teenager not be allowed to learn from her mistakes as the rest of us do? Should she instead be put through an unwanted pregnancy which could damage her well being?

What about victims of rape? Should they be put through the emotional trauma of continuing the pregnancy and giving birth to the rapist's child?

How about parents who are given the heartbreaking news that their child has a disability? Would they not care how they would cope?

People like them make me sick. All about the babies but they'd shít on another human being and take their rights away from them.

Can you give me you opinion over this? Discussion?

Capital Punishment

How do people feel today about capital punishment? Well, I as an individual, have to say that I am for capital punishment. Many of us today see how the world has become with horrible crimes. Most of them are murders, sad to say. These men and women chose to commit these crimes and in return they should get punished. There are five methods when it comes to death row. For example, lethal injection and lethal gas are just a few of the possibilities. There is no point of murder or other vicious crimes. If so, then you must “pay the price.” Think about it, even if the murder is sentenced life in prison, he is still going to live his life just like a free man. How? He will still be living but with his parole officer. With that being said, justice will not be served. I understand small crimes like stealing or burglary is not a big deal when it comes to the penalty. On the other hand, murder is definitely something that needs to be justified. Think of all these murders that have already happened and yet they are still alive. Now I’m not saying that if they killed someone, killed them right away in return. It all depends what kind of murder or crime they choose to commit. Overall, we all have our differences about for or against capital punishment. Like I said, I for one am against it. Reason being is because, yes the criminals were brought to justice, but then again they are still living their lives. Justice needs to be served here and I believe capital punishment is the answer; for serious crimes anyway.

Twilight Question. Esme Cullen. Opinions, please?

i thought that esme could have been a much stronger charater but she is just like the mom and wife and thats it first i would give her a super power and she would be crazy strong with it like bella is at the end and also we would know morw about her history this is what we know Esme Cullen
Esme Cullen (born Esme Platt and later Esme Evenson) is Carlisle Cullen's wife and the adoptive mother of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. She enjoys restoring old houses and her physical age is 26. She has no special power, but has a strong ability to love passionately. Esme is described as being 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m) with caramel-colored hair; she also has a heart-shaped face with dimples, and her figure is slender, but rounded and soft. Esme was born in the late 1800s, living in Columbus, Ohio, where she was treated at the age of 16 by Carlisle after breaking her leg when climbing a tree. She married Charles Evenson, but was abused by him. After finding out she was pregnant, she ran away and gave birth to a son, who subsequently died a few days later. Grief stricken by his death, Esme attempted to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. Presumed dead, she was brought to a morgue. Carlisle, who remembered treating her years before, was able to sense her heartbeat and transformed her into a vampire. Esme fell in love and married Carlisle soon after. She loves her adoptive children as much as she did her own son, but still grieves that she is unable to bear children.thats just my opinon we love her but could have been much cooler and she would have more control in the house more than carlise because thats how it is in vampire culture women rule
peace love and twilight good luck with your project i wish i had a class like that :)

Esme is present throughout the entire Twilight series, revealing her past to Bella during the Cullens' baseball game in Twilight. Esme treats Bella as her own daughter, comforting her after several traumatic events. In Breaking Dawn, it is revealed that Esme owns a South American island named "Isle Esme" that was purchased for her by Carlisle, and where Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon.

Elizabeth Reaser portrayed Esme in the Twilight film.[2]