Or Do You Think My Sag Friend Is Very Shallow

What do you think of my friends poem?

i think he is brilliant at writing so i thought i'd share it..

if you want you can try guess his sun and or moon sign ?

sorry its a little depressing

My Fallen Heart, Messed Up Brain,
A Sinking Feeling Followed By Pain,
An Emotional Day, The Feelings Are There,
No Happy Thoughts, Only Despair.

I Think And Ponder And Cry Over You,
My Feelings Creep Back, My Thoughts Too,
My Love For You, It's Still So Pure,
Too Hold You In My Arm's Is The Cure.

A Day Has Gone By, The Longest I Must Say,
The Thought Of You Is Here To Stay,
My Body Is Sore, My Eyes Are Dry,
The Pain I Felt, It Makes Me Cry,

I Want Your Attention, I Want Your Smile,
Just To See You Again, I Would Run A Mile,
But Still You Stand Proud And Tall,
My Confidence Level Has Become So Small.

But In My Heart, I Know It's True,
The Way I Feel, This Love For You,
Because Deep Inside I Can Feel It Thrive,
After All This Time, It's Still Alive,

So Don't Cry For Me When I Go Missing,
Don't Die For Me When Our Lips Aren't Kissing,
Because Deep Down Inside, That's Not How You Feel,
Give Me One Last Kiss.. JustTo Sweeten The Deal..

Did you think this girl was shallow and has too high standards? (girl reply)?

so there was a close asian guy friend of mine in his mid-20's that had a crush on this attractive girl I knew. He didn't have a recent photo so I showed her a HS photo of him. She thought he was alright and average, with potential to be attractive but he wasn't her type. Even though she liked asian men, she disliked the boyish looks and preferred the more defined look on asian men. She then told me further that she can only be sexually attracted to the defined type. She said it was really hard to find a good looking man at where was living. She said she never wants to settle for average, she wants someone extremely attractive and wants to settle for nothing less. She's the type that kinda likes to be checked out and asked out and has rejected a lot of men in her lifetime because she wasn't physically attracted to them. She had her chest done and said when she gets old she wants to get botox injections to keep her youth. Do you think this girl is shallow and has high standards with men?

By bothering about her, you are being shallow. I had a girl in my college, who was a dream diva. She day dreamed about some prince who will come on a huge ship to propose her and take her to a midnight tryst on Coleridge’s island. Talked about the physique of men and so on. Do you think she is very sane as her emotions are concerned? I think such people are very immature; they have lesser notion about life and reality; they have never had life experiences and hence they believe that the filmy world is real. My advice to you will be don’t waste your time on people who are worthy of your time. Meet some real people. Don’t think of dating for the sake of dating. For after all, whats the use of dating someone with whom you have no future? you can’t even have a good friend in such a person, who is ‘head-strong and foolish’. Two persons need to be level headed to be with each other, a shallow date with a shallow person is just a waste of time.

Do you think my friend is cute?

Do you think my friend is cute?
My friend asked me and my friends if we thought he was cute, because he's short (5'3") and looks young. He's 24 but gets anywhere from 15-18, kinda makes it tougher for him to hook up. He's very funny and sweet.

But yea, we did tell him we thought he was a cutie, lol, his face got so red we all just had to pinch his cheeks. He's adorable.


Do you think it's shallow not to text or call someone during the day? Understanding answers please?

No, not really. It depends on your reasoning. If your friend is upset by this, then just be honest. Tell her the honest to god truth the next time she calls you out on it, but don't do it in a manner that suggests that you're only explaining yourself to stay on her good side. Lay it out. You're your own person and do not have to tip-toe around others for their peace of mind. Be kind, be courteous, but be firm. If you're afraid she's going to hurt your feelings, you should either talk to her about how you feel towards her or stay away from her. That behavior isn't cool if she's blatantly hurting your feelings, but it might also signify that she's in a poor state of mind and could use a friend. Either way, it's not shallow of you, but it's always best to arm yourself with some clear thoughts so you can face a problem, rather than avoid it. Good luck!

Tell him that this practice is advertising his availability for anal sexual penetration.Perhaps he doesn’t know this.Belts are not allowed in prisons because of the risk of self harm / harm of others/ suicide by hanging etcNor are ropes or cords available for holding up pants (for the same reasons).So in prisons, where pants are already held up by nothing, prisoners advertised their sexual availability by pulling down their duds to show their briefs/boxers and/or their butt crack. It is a known signalling system.Either your friend intends to communicate this message or he doesn’t. But it he doesn’t know this meaning, then you should tell him so he’s at least aware of it. He may continue to sag his pants or not. You can’t control how people dress!

If Sag & Gemini are opposites than why do my best friend & I think & act so much alike?

My best friend and I have been best friend for almost 8 years now and we both get eachothers jokes, have the same hilarious humor and act on situations the same way (I am a gemini, she is a sag). They say sag and gemini both vibe off eachother by (as opposites) having what the other lacks but I feel we both (practically) posess the same characteristics. do you think it has anything to do with my rising being Sag?

On a larger scale, it will help you to learn to keep your thoughts and statements in one person (I, not You). I am open-minded about sex, but I feel its too shallow to have a  friends-with-benefits relation with anyone, since you're objectifying  them. What do you think?If the question had been written, "since I would need to be objectifying them," it would be unarguable.  You have no way of knowing whether I, or Alison Bennett, or Franklin Veaux, would have to objectify someone in order to have an FWB relationship.Learning not to jump to the second person--you--well help you throughout your life. People will rarely argue with an "I" statement--it is your experience.  They will fight like hell when you try to tell them what their experience is.

Someone who does not get the meaning behind each message, and in worse cases, the obvious.And they are often grouped together with people who are gullible or naïve etcHere's an explanation of shallow for shallow people:When people tell you something, sometimes they do not mean it literally. It means that there is an implied (hidden) message that most people (if not your close group of friends) is expected to know, but it didn't occur to you that way.An example would be an intellectual joke. One that requires some knowledge or a little bit of thinking in order to catch the humor. Sometimes it happens that everyone around you is laughing at something while you are wondering what happened and very confused. What really went on is that you either were not paying attention, were not part of the inside joke or you are just plain shallow.So yes, it also requires some form of intelligence. Sometimes general, sometimes specific. For example...wait I can't think of one off the hat. Damn.If you find your friends having to explain to you a joke one too many times, chances that you are really shallow. It sucks for the people who have to explain the joke as well, he/she will find it less funny in the process.The joke part is just an example. It could also be applied to information, general knowledge, appreciation etc and yes common sense. If you interpret everything on the surface, literally word for word without delving into the deeper meaning, it will make life more miserable for you and your friends.Just a point to note, the word shallow actually has a stronger connotation than my joke example, and could even be used as a bit of an insult (the full blown insult is to call someone retarded). Another word I prefer using is to call someone 'slow', meaning 'slow to understand' (even though the meaning is slightly different). If anyone knows Mandarin Chinese, you can also say that they are on the '4th floor' because...There. I finally thought of a joke. Wow.My brother, while being irritated by my mother's obsession with discount deals from random places, would often berate her by saying that she will readily buy a 'cure-all' stone from a random conman for a really high price (an at least decade-old trick that was used in the past to con the elderly of their savings).Now guess what my brother was trying to imply here.

Thanks to the A2A. Short answer is no, I would instead expect a merge of different methods. Since I'm not an expert in deep learning in any sense, I can only share my two (maybe very shallow) cents here:The relation between shallow/deep learning methods is not a competition or a simple "if/else". Well known algorithms do not necessarily have to be used independently in their vanilla forms, but instead can be easily combined with other methods including deep neural nets. For example: The ReLU units in neural nets is quite similar to SVM.The Sigmoid units in neural nets can be considered equivalent to what's used in logistic regression. "Shallow" graphical models such as CRF are now stacked on top of neural nets for image segmentation applications.For time series analysis deep nets are wired to the old schooled HMM.Deep learning require enormous amount of data. We are talking about e.g. millions of images here. In contrary, in most machine learning problems, we are still dealing with mabye 5k~50k data points with a small number of attributes. For these problems, neural nets will overfit horribly if you go more than 10 (or maybe just 5) layers. And also because we normally can incorporate a lot of domain knowledge to these problems, it's really unnecessary to use deep learning.