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What age can a baby sit in the stroller portion of a travel system?

My son has hated being leaned back even the slightest bit, so starting about 2 months he would not ride well in the stroller unless he was in the actual stroller part so that I could sit him up a little more. He has had great head control since he was born so I wasn't worried about that. I even had to switch him to a convertible car seat because his infant seat reclines too much and he would just scream every time I went somewhere in the car. I would say you could put a baby in at almost any age, but depending on the age and stability of the Baby's head would depend on how much you lean it back or sit it up. I know my stroller seat goes flat, so a newborn baby could ride in it.

What is the best stroller or travel system?

It is hard to tell because both products have their own benefit and weakness.

Maybe this guide will help:

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Travel system or seperate car seat and stroller?

I loved the travel system until my daughter weighed about 12 pounds, then it really wasn't much fun carrying it around. I mean, I'm really tiny, I'm not very strong, someone else may be able to lug that thing around a lot more than me, but it wasn't for me. I didn't want my daughter sitting in the infant things in carts, because they're gross, and I was afraid about her head in a convertable carseat, so I actually ended up keeping the infant carrier until she was abotu 17 pounds, and now we have an eddie bauer convertable carseat, from 5 to 100 pounds. as heavy as it tends to get, I would still definitely recommend the infant carrier, and travel system. oh yea, and the way it fits into the stroller is amazing. the baby doesn't wake for anything. lol.

As a mom or parents who have little kids and really love to travel or jogging, I think jogging stroller is really great for them. The best thing about a jogging stroller travel system is that it allows you to set its own step. You would be able to push your kids without any trouble while running or jogging. Here I suggest the 8 best strollers list.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger StrollerGraco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click ConnectJoovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging StrollerThule Urban Glide Jogging StrollerSchwinn Turismo Swivel Single JoggerGraco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click ConnectBaby Jogger City Tour strollerBaby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel SystemI think you really select the best jogging stroller from my recommended list. Just read the best jogging stroller review and select the best one.

How to properly attach infant carrier to travel system stroller?

This may sound like a silly question, but I JUST put together my new Baby Trend travel system (stroller, infant seat/carrier) and everything seems to work smoothly and go nicely together, but I am missing something about putting the carrier in the stroller. It fits nicely but doesn't seem to latch in or anything. With all the straps, safety features, and warning labels on the system, it doesn't seem this one could be missing-- when you put the carrier in the stroller, the back end rests on the child's tray-- is there something that locks it in there? The carrier tips pretty easily, and I can absolutely see a bad tumble situation there. Thanks in advance!

OPINION POLL: Strollers - Stokke Xplory vs. Orbit Baby?

I would go with the Stokke Xplory if you only want to choose between these two models.

For one, I went into a baby store and test drove the Orbit and it felt plasticky and cheap for the price.
Next, The Orbit Infant System is rated as a Don't Buy, Safety Risk by Consumer Reports.

The Stokke, on the other hand, has an excellent rating by Consumer Reports for maneuverability, a very good mark for safety and good mark for ease of use.

If you would like a luxury stroller that has high ratings and looks sophisticated, might I suggest you take a look at Zooper strollers? They are very well made and come standard with lots of accessories. Zooper has 2 luxury models, Flamenco, Mambo .

Another brand that has luxury models are Peg Perego strollers. Italian made with contemporary designs, their Skate system is a 2-in-1 pram loaded with luxurious features.

So take a look at these other two brands in addition to the Stokke, but stay away from the Orbit. I hope this helps!

Baby Travel System Help?

The Safety First Complete Air is a great car seat... but it's not an infant snap-n-go type of seat. There's no convertible that will work with the snap-n-go strollers because they are all 'install and keep it there' seats. But really you don't need the snap-n-go Travel System. They're not worth it.

First, SIDS recommendations are that babies lay flat when they're not being carried. Even sitting in a car seat causes their oxygen level to dip and babies have died sleeping in car seats. Car seats are the safest place for them to travel in the car, but it's not for sleeping or spending long periods of time in.

Second, a snap-n-go stroller is cheapest NOW, but once the baby outgrows the infant seat (some as early as 6 months, most by a year or two) the stroller is garbage. You can't use it without the infant seat. And I'll tell you now, most babies want to sit up more from 6 months on. Compared with a normal stroller that will go to usually 50lbs and will last you for 5 years? No contest which is the better stroller. If you want something that lasts longer you do NOT want the snap-n-go, you want a normal stroller. I personally like the Baby Trend 'jogging' strollers with the big wheels for an economical choice. Try them out in stores. Small wheels tend to have problems going through sand (like at parks) and going up and over curbs/cracks/stairs are harder with small wheels.

To point it out, strollers are also rarely recalled and you can buy them used without worrying about an expiration date. So you can go on craigslist and buy a used one without it being an issue. The strollers that don't lay flat the baby can use once they can sit up while propped and their head is steady, usually from 4-6 months on. In the meantime, babies are usually very easy to carry, or get something like a Moby Wrap or Ergo and wear them (for the record, you can't put a baby seat on shopping carts, and using a stroller to go shopping is hard since it's not a cart, but put the baby in a sling/wrap/carrier and they'll fall asleep. It works WONDERFULLY.)

If you really want a snap-n-go you may be able to find one and a car seat to go with it on craigslist. Do NOT use the car seat in the car, that's not safe. However, if you're just using it for the stroller, then you should be able to do that.

Graco Travel System vs Snugride stroller frame?

Don't get both!

You should get the snap n go style travel system until you decide what kind of stroller you want once your baby is a little bit older. You'll discover more what sort of lifestyle you will have with your baby, because, as you know, it will change in ways you cannot imagine. Then you'll have a better idea of what you want.

Do you exercise a lot? Then an all terrain or jogger stroller would be best for you, if you don't mind a bit of bulk.

Run errands and want something lightweight? Then an umbrella or lightweight stroller is best and there are LOTS of excellent choices.

Have a bigger budget and want something really nice? Oh my gosh, your options are huge. Start with the convertible strollers where you can have baby face you or face the world in a reversible seat.

I'm just saying that you have many more choices besides Graco, although this brand is very nice. I like their new Trekko all terrain stroller, and the new UrbanLite or FastFold are getting rave reviews.

The Baby Trend stroller may be a sensible all-round stroller that has features and performance that parents can appreciate on a long day of errands and unexpected journeys. While this stroller is not likely the most effective option for serious runners, it's a pleasant product for parents on a budget searching for a good all-round stroller. This stroller performed well enough to stay parents happyUnfolding and FoldingWhen you 1st get your baby stroller, unfold it by putting it in front of you with the wheels on the bottom. Lifting the folding latch on the proper side opens the stroller. Use both hands to pull informed the stroller handle till it locks into position. The stroller is secure when every latch is fully engaged.Fold the stroller when you are done using it. the canopy must be closed and also the seat reclined. Pull the trigger folds set on both sides of the stroller at the same time. because the handle begins moving right down to the ground, release the fold buttons and continue folding the stroller. The fold latch on the proper side of the stroller should be hooked over the rivet on the stroller frame to secure the stroller.Using the Baby Trend StrollerAdjust the shoulder straps till they're level with or simply below the top of your baby's shoulders. The shoulder yokes are fed through whichever of the 3 loop positions that best fits your baby.When you place your baby within the seat, secure the waist straps around his waist and also the shoulder straps over his shoulders. Pull the crotch strap up between his legs and attach all by putting the male finish of every strap into the crotch strap's buckle. Pull to tighten the harness till it fits snugly on your baby.Helpful TipsA stroller sitting within the hot sun will cause its parts to become hazardously hot, which might burn your baby. Keep your stroller out of the sun for extended periods of your time.Avoid hanging serious baggage from the stroller's handle, as this will make it tip over. Instead, place your belongings safely within the basket.Clean your stroller frequently with a mild detergent or household soap and warm water.