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When I did a 100-mile hike on the Colorado Trail 3 years ago, I met a lot of millennials. Right now I’m in some social media groups for backpacking and peak climbing, and they’re loaded with millennials. I’m amazed how they don’t stop. They just keep on posting pictures of their trips even as the mountains are getting snowy and icy in winter. So I’m gonna say there definitely is a community of millennials that are out there in the outdoors. Kudos to all who don’t spend their lives playing video games.

When did women start wearing pants?

There is record of 4th Century Persian women wearing pants but that trend did not really catch on or travel to the Western World at that time. The first big rumblings of women wearing pants occurred at the end of the Victorian period. Ladies were getting a bit tired of heavy full skirts, whalebone corsets, cumbersome padding, bustles, and those multi-layered petticoats. Realistically and figuratively the garments were trapping women, keeping them down. Bloomers were soon introduced. Named after feminist advocate Amelia Jenks Bloomer, the outfit consisted of a knee length full skirt worn with full cut trousers underneath. Bloomers did not really become popular. The next attempt at bringing pants into the women’s fashion world was with the 1880’s and 1890’s bicycle outfit. Knee length knickerbockers were worn with a split wide skirt and stockings. Knickerbockers, or knickers, are full length breeches with a band just below the knee. The world of fashion tagged this outfit as un-ladylike and it did not become popular, either.

Then came World War I. Women had to go into the factories to work the jobs of the absent men. They pulled back their hair and pulled off their skirts. Loose pants and pants similar to riding pants became part of the work attire. Lounge pj’s were often worn in the evening. Hollywood put their stamp of approval on pants when Marlene Dietrich donned a pair in the movie Morocco. When World War II began, Rosie the Riveter was seen on posters all over the country wearing overalls.

Women and hunting?

speaking as a ..woman.. i like to hunt and fish. i am very independent, and when i go looking for a gun, fishing rod, etc. i do my own research and buy what feels good in my hands. i like to hunt small game, and i clean my own kills. i hope this info. helps. i own 7 guns, and i am single. i picked my own weapons out with no help, with the exception of a shotgun and revolver that were given to me.

How do u turn in an establishment that constantly has Police parking in the 1 & only Disabled Parking Spot?

Your details and documentation are excellent. Please consider any repercussions, once you set the wheels in motion. The District Attorney for the City and County will consider your complaint and enforcement of violations, but in doing so you are also going to subject yourself to some ridicule. I am sorry but the reality of the situation is they may tell you that they are busy catching hardened criminals.
You may also file a complain with the State license board, they are more likely to be interested in action TAF (Tobacco,Alcohol, Firearms) gets quicker response. Sincere best wishes in your quest. and thank you.

Our U.S. Presidents and other leaders don't get respect.?

In the past, a lot of our politicians have done some really good things, and most that you have mentioned already. The 2 presidents that have little to no respect from this country has been Bush Jr and Obama, here are some reasons why. Bush: Took us into a war we didn't need to be in (Iraq), Took us back into debt and numerous other things. Obama: faked a birth certificate, hasn't done anything good to this economy, didn't take our troops out of the wars when he promised, DIDN'T GET RID OF BIN LADEN (HE'S BEEN DEAD FOR 10 YEARS), and so on and so forth. Most of these politicians are puppets for a greater source, doing what the puppet handler wants them to do. There for, the faults really don't lay with either of these men, it's with their handlers (same group for every president) that really need to be gone. I really think the only hope for this country is Ron Paul!

Muslims: What are the scientific benefits of wearing Hijab i.e. Islamic dress code?

Slave to Allah or Jesus or Nanak or any given name for a God means in this tempestuous and illusory world may our will be bound by covenant and driven by the will and truth of Allah, It doesn’t mean being slavish in any way, rather the offering of the soul as one in union with the Supreme as its guiding Will. In times not too long ago western women wore long dress, many petticoats, gloves and hats and no decent lady would be seen in public without these essentials. Hijab served to protect the skin in hot countries, and to remind its wearer of modesty and the power of the presence of spirit than physical allure. Scientifically it produced a race strong in sensory perception, intuition and sense. Eloquence and erudition is commonplace in a society excelling on communication skills, string cultural traditions and firm doctrine of devout disciplined adherence to what are construed by external critics as harsh. Critics using female oppression as major part of their arguments are soon silenced by the overly emancipated and liberated feminists of the culture less and promiscuous west where females having ousted men from positions of power and gained by demands remains as insatiably and fervently irritable and unsatisfied as they ever were causing increase in homosexuality, breakdown of marriage and social dysfunction. Destroying men doesn’t empower women, nor do women in a state of undress, immodestly apparelled create need or any discernible greater want. Strong, intelligent mothers create strong children, daughters as devoted to their Fathers, brothers, Sons and spouses good name as their creators. Suffering exists in both west and east, whether poor or affluent seemingly caused by an inability to reconcile differences than any suppression of rights, virtue and fidelity is still merited its freedom and trust, whilst demand makers may gain their want as gratuity and begrudgingly than with any learned lesson or unifying of races, genders, religions, classes or creeds. Wisdom transcends all such barriers and although oppressed by the very bastardised swine inciting the females ofother nations to rally against their men, remains a laughable dichotomy and a perverse form of indoctrination indeed. ...

How to prepare your backyard for winter?

in case you get sufficient warning, cover your basement homestead windows on the exterior with airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud. on the interior, cover the homestead windows with heavy duty sparkling plastic and reinfoced packing tape. And in case you could double seal it with spray lacquer. different good preperations: a million. a three mnonth grant of nutrition and water (eating basically!) for each individual on your guard. protection stress MRE's are appropriate. See approximately digging a properly on your basement as underground water would be secure from fallout. 2.sufficient scientific ingredients inclusive of anti-biotics and soreness killers Bone up on emergency first help inclusive of elementary surgical treatment. 3.a minimum of three of the multiband radios (a million and a pair of spares). do no longer turn the radios on untill a minimum of 12 hrs after the unique strike as EMP effects would render it ineffective. 4. gentle materials. which includes glow sticks and the hot LED flashlights are great. 5. lots and lots and fairly some batteries!! 5. money money would be valueless. Lay in a grant of silver and gold money. 6. weapons!!! i desire to propose right here. A 30-06 bolt action rifle, A .357 Magnum revolver because it is going to chamber the two a .357 and a .38 high quality around. A 12-gauge shotgun with wrestle grips. and a SHITLOAD of ammo for each!! there is one extra element it relatively is needed which you have. the will TO DO despite IT TAKES to proceed to exist!!! in case you're no longer keen to kill to proceed to exist then forget approximately each and every thing i've got in basic terms instructed you. i've got blanketed a information superhighway website that would properly be functional.

Do you think this is true about what my teacher said is going to happen in 15 years about the U.S?

I think your teacher is partially correct. The incorrect part is calling it WW3--we've actually been through WW3 (the Cold War), and WW4 is occurring right now (the War on Terror against radical Islamicists). So if there is a war on a worldwide scale in a decade or so, it would actually be WW5, but that's just semantics.

There are a lot of countries who have compulsory military service of their citizens (Greece, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Iran, Russia, Syria, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Libya, to name a few), while far few countries have military service requirements for both sexes (Israel, for one; also, according to some web sites, North Korea, Cuba). I personally think, though it's possible the US would bring back the draft in the case of an all-out, traditional war, I don't think the draft would include women. That's my personal opinion. It's one thing to have men and women in the military voluntarily; it's a whole new ball game to use the draft for women.

Regarding China "taking over any time": while it's true that China does hold a lot of the US debt, Japan actually holds more US debt than China. And Japan has traditionally been much more friendly to US concerns than China. That doesn't mean that China, or Japan, or any other country for that matter, couldn't at some time decide to invest less in US debt and more into its own economy. Any large dip in foreign investment into US debt could adversely affect the US economy.