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Overrated Jealousy Help .-.

Do you feel D. Jeter is overrated?

In a Sports Illustrated survey of 495 Major League Baseball players in its June 23 issue, Jeter was voted the most overrated with 10% of the vote. Struggling Giants lefthander Barry Zito was second at 9%, while Alex Rodriguez and Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew were tied for third with 7%. Mets third baseman David Wright and Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis tied for fourth at 4%...

Jealousy is SO OVERRATED?

Why is it that people assume jealousy is the reason why people hate others? The only time I see people jealous is when there is some sort of competition but apart from that most people aren't jealous. It's annoying when if you don't like someone who is pretty because you guys personalities don't fit. Everyone pulls out the jealousy card. What the f**k does looks have to do with me not getting along with someone? Or when people are bullied. For instance, your parents always tell you someone is jealous of you because they bully you. That's B.S. I've known some many good-looking people (jerks) who bully the crap out of an acne-face dude with a unibrow. Are they jealous? I bet NOT. I think they just bully people because they can.

Is Shraddha Kapoor overrated and is Alia Bhatt jealous of her?

She is hardworking and has come a long way since her debut. A look at her recent performances, particularly ABCD2 will tell you that she's gunning for the top spot in the comming years.As for Alia Bhatt, she has been giving stellar performances as well. Jealousy may be due the fact that Shraddha has been praised to be a better singer \U0001f609

Is it just me or is 'love' really overrated?

In modern culture, it indeed is because in majority of the cases it's misinterpreted.People say they're in love with each other after quantifying each and every aspect of each other's life and personality. That is not love, no matter how much those couples try to proclaim and prove it. It might transcend into love as they get older, but still when the foundation is weak, the building will never be as strong as it's supposed to be.Love in its true form is still underrated. When two people just can't let go of each other and they dwell into the materialistic aspects after they've started a life together. In such a relationship, there is more independence, each partner is more free to pursue their passion, there is minimum societal pressure and abundant mutual respect for one another. But it is a rare sight, and people in general call them naive and impractical.The love that we see predominantly today is an arrangement of convenience. He/she is from similar ethnicity, similar family background, together we'll earn enough to live comfortably, he/she is the only child and the father is rich, family business is there so one of us can live as a homemaker. Very rarely people look into what a person does for a living, or how passionate and creative one is in their respective field. All they're​ bothered about is the income and quality of life. And it's not just the arranged marriages, even in love marriages both the partners judge each other thoroughly before getting into nuptials. I've​ seen a very few people getting married to someone solely on the basis of the feeling of love, attraction or respect for the other individual.

Is Adriana Lima overrated?

i personally find her avg looking.... she can take some fierce pics though

How is WWE Diva Kelly Kelly overrated?

I totally agree with you, and I'm glad you brought this up. Your statment makes very valid points.

Kelly Kelly is not overrated, and I don't understand why people would even say that. The most obvious answer would be jealousy, considering that most people that thinks Kelly Kelly is overrated are females. I would assume that they're jealous, because Kelly Kelly is beautiful both on the inside and outside- and that pays in the industry of Pro Wrestling. People buy tickets to see HOT diva's, not ugly, manly diva's like Beth Phoenix, who supposedly is one of the IWC's favorite Diva's because she knows how to "wrestle".

As you said, being hot does not equal being overrated. If people think that a person is hot it should be considered a compliment, not a flaw. Maryse is HOT, but she's never on the lips of the complainers when overrated is brought up. Neither was Trish Stratus, yet she wasn't a better wrestler than Kelly Kelly.

I think it's the image that is being portrayed of Kelly Kelly that people dislike. She's being portrayed as this unknowledgeable, barbie doll who wins all of her matches, because she gets over with the fans due to her looks. But that's not her fault...that's WWE's fault, for not using her the way the complainers wants her to be used. That is equivalent to the way people complain about John Cena. It's the exact same thing. People say that John Cena is overrated, because he wins all his matches with his "5 moves of doom", etc...but again that's WWE's fault.

People shouldn't call wrestlers and diva's overrated, they should blame WWE for overrating them and making them look unbeatable.

Why are Libras so overrated?

I am not jealous but many people are oblivious and totally overestimate stupid two-faced Libras. Libras are envious, I often see them hating on hotter and more successful women. Libra guys are nicer. But women are douches!

Cesc Fabregas = Overrated?


The MOST important job of a midfielder is to create chances, Fabregas in the last 5 years has created more chances than any other midfielder in Europe and very possibly the World also.

is it Jealousy or pure stupidity that makes people say he's overrated? or is it the fact that people dont watch enough of other teams besides their own playing.

You can be the best player in the world but without a complete team you won't win silverware.

Do you think marriage is overrated?

Not at all.I think marriage is wonderful. It’s also hard, hard work and, most importantly, it’s not something meant for everyone.Having a relationship is great. Living together is also great. Marrying is excellent and it leads to a stronger bonding than just living together does. But it’s not easy.Being married does bring more responsabilities and constrains to your relationship. There is more expected from both parties. It is a contract and the whole ritual part of getting married can change the relationship dynamics.As I said, I don’t think everyone should marry. It takes a lot of commitment on both parts to do so, and not everyone finds this to improve their relationship. For me, it’s a great thing — I love being married, I love the stability marriage brings and I love the work I have to go through to make sure I understand my wife, that I try to make her life better and to make our relationship happier and more joyous overall.But you can have that without being married. For some people, the act of getting married is a big turn off. For me, it isn’t. But then again, not everyone think like I do.