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Pain In The Neck And Arms Due To An Infected Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Why did removing my wisdom teeth cause neck pain?

It could be related to your mouth , the opening width , and , the length , or shortness of your neck .The location of the teeth , the force required to extract , them , any resistance , if you were awake during the work , or if you were unconscious , the positions your dentist had to put your head in to complete his work. You may have developed a misalignment , while asleep , a lot of people complain of waking up with a “ Crick in the Neck “ after sleeping in their own bed , nothing different in habits , just woke up that way.

Can an impacted wisdom tooth cause chest pains?

My bottom left wisdom tooth has partially come in and my gum is split over top of it. I can put my tongue in between my gum. My jaw bones feel disoriented and I sometimes I feel funny from my neck to my jawbone to my ear to my back to my chest. I don't necessarily feel pain on my tooth sometimes. I just want to know if my wisdom tooth could be making me feel this way?

Can impacted wisdom teeth cause swollen lymph nodes and a weird sensation in ears and jaw?

More than likely yes. My wisdom teeth were impacted and pushing so hard they were crushing both of my last molars on the bottom which coupled with a slight cavity caused an infection. For me, this led to similar swelling that you are experiencing. I had horrible headaches and even ringing in my ears because of them. I was prescribed antibiotics for the infection and had to wait until it cleared before getting my wisdom teeth removed.

I only had Novocaine and some anti-anxiety medication when I had mine taken out. I felt nothing and only needed to use pain killers for a day or two after it which surprised me since the dentist had to do fairly heavy oral surgery to remove them because of they way they were in there.

Can lower wisdom teeth cause radiating pain to the upper teeth or ear/head?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems, especially the longer that you have them. The upper ones are connected to the sinuses and are the ones you would expect to cause the pain you're having. But, if the lower ones are impacted and not removed, they can cause your jaw to become misaligned. That misalignment then puts tension on all of the jaw muscles until they become inflammed and cause pressure. Then guess where that pain is felt? In your head and ear (and even your neck). So basically: impacted lower wisdom teeth=jaw misalignment=muscle tension=head/neck/ear pain. You definitely need to make an appointment with a good, oral surgeon. You will feel much better when you get them out (and get the top ones too..while you're at it). Good luck!

Is it concerning to have neck pain accompanied by a toothache and swollen cheek?

You should never allow your self to have swelling to your neck and throat as you describe. There is always a real chance you could have significant swelling to your breathing airway, i.e. the steet name of a “closed throat”. People DO DIE from letting a simple problem (tooth cavity) go to bone abcess under the teeth to an infection traveling down thru your lympathic drainage systems (lymph nodes), then it is a large area problem that invoves your throat and airway. Sound like your situation?As the doctor in another reply stated you “got to, got to” get that abcess opened and drained by a dentist. To hell with the cost. No Money, sell or hock something! Go to a county free clinic. What ever it takes. Nothing you have is as important than your health.P.S. The doctors and dentists are under new stricter laws governing prescribing strong pain meds, just so you know.

Wisdom tooth pain...bad?

I had a toothache once. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life (worse that childbirth). I actually wanted to put a gun in my mouth and make it go away. The dentist gave me prescription pain meds that didn't help much. I ended up needing a root canal which was the best thing ever. You really need to see a dentist and possibly get the tooth removed. Most people have their wisdom teeth taken out, even if they grow in okay. They can cause crowding of your other teeth, and because they are so far back, are prone to tooth decay.

Has anyone ever heard of wisdom teeth growing in sideways?

My husbands wisdom tooth is doing this and he has to have oral surgery to have the tooth removed. The x-ray showed the tooth growing in sideway and there are a lot of nerves in the jaw. If you heard or know about this how long does it take to remove the tooth and healing time and how common is this?