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Painting Pumpkin Flesh Not Skin

What kind of food shold I feed a very young Iguana?

Get a food processor to chop up the food.

They should be feed:

45% leafy greens such as escarole, dandelions, endive, mustard, and collards, NO lettuces or spinach! They aren't good for him.
45% hard mixed veggies such as an orange flesh squash the harder the better(acorn,pumpkin,butternut... fresh green beans, fresh peas, parsnip, and green bell peppers, NO broccoli or cauliflower, or avocado!
10% fruit such as figs, papaya, mango, pear, and berries. NO bananas, only very rarely as a treat.
NO ANIMAL PROTEIN such as bugs, meat, eggs, or cheese!

Cage size:

Minimum length (side to side): 2-3 x
Minimum depth (front to back): 1.5-2 x
Minimum height: 1.5-2 x


They need a basking area of 95-100 and normal temps of 75-85. NO heat rocks!


They need a 5.0 UV light.


They should also get baths everyday or so. And should have a water bowl in their cage.


You should take Your Iguana for regular vet checkups to make sure it is in good health. Reptiles can have internal parasites that can harm them so you should make sure the vet checks that.

Here are some good sites, the first one was recomended by my vet.

What to do when a teacher calls the color 'peach', 'skin color'?

What if you wrote her a quick dated note that just mentioned that this situation had put you in the awkward position of contradicting her to your son, which confused him, but that of course you teach that skin comes in many colors? That it troubles you that she or any teacher in the school might teach this, and "Could it be that my son got it wrong?"

My thought is that this could give her an out but would get your message through.

However, then I would follow up with a phone call and pursue it to the end. If she denies it, I think she will clean up her act and not do it again, and she will know you are watching. She should not take it out on your child, but you can watch for signs. (Keep a copy of your note, by the way, in case you need it later.) She just may admit it and say, OMG, what a goof I am -- you may have taught a lesson here.

Remember, it's not that long ago that Crayola had a pinkish crayon color called "flesh." Times are changing, but sometimes it's slow.

Let's hope you don't have to raise a stink at the school level, because if you do, it will not go very well in a rural setting. You just might have to, however, and if so, do it in a very mature way. You just cannot be screechy, preachy, holier-than-thou. The only way would be to appeal to the basic fairness and tolearance of Americans and their respect for the law of the land.

Sometimes, it is just necessary to do, and, yes, you would be part of the problem if you kept your mouth shut. I am in a similar situation at work, where I must speak up, even though it is jeopardizing my job. Painful but necessary.

Why is it socially acceptable for women to wear bikinis in public but not underwear?

That's how cultural dress codes work. Bikinis and underwear don’t differ much except in the cloth used, but most women would not feel dressed for the occasion if going to the beach in underwear. Would you go out in your briefs if it's too hot?I actually have a nice anecdote that contradicts my first paragraph. In the seventies in Ipanema all of us girls wore a man's brief with the brand Zazá. It dressed men pretty badly, but it did fit girls bodies awesomely, two small triangles joined by thin elastic straps. So we used underwear at the beach, men's underwear! I once answered a question “what would happen if women wore men's underwear?” Answer: “we did it already, in the seventies!” I didn't post the picture though, because the hippie girls in Bahia were topless. From then on I saw so many nudes on Quora, and not candid ones at that. So, here we are, girls from Ipanema in underwear at Praia dos Artistas beach, Bahia, Brazil, wearing briefs. I’m not in the picture. :)

What is the most realistic piece of art (not digital) you have ever seen?

Edit: It came to my attention that the first image below is not Kelvin Okafor’s, but of another artist named James Anthony.Barry Goldberg first pointed out his suspicions of the image’s actual source in the comments here. I did a reverse image search but nothing reliable came up, just Twitter and Tumblr reblogs claiming that it is Kelvin’s drawing. Looking at the image more closely, “@iamjamesanthony” is written near the bottom, so I looked it up and found the real creator, James Anthony, a photographer and artist. The image is Photoshopped and not drawn as I was previously told it was - I originally found the image on a Tumblr post about Kelvin Okafor. Now scrolling through the comments on that post, other people have been pointing out that the image doesn’t belong to Kelvin and is in fact Photoshopped.I sincerely apologize for this mistake and have corrected it in both this and another answer of mine where I share the same image. I’ll keep both answers up for now, since Kelvin Okafor’s (actual) work is still amazing and worth a look. I’d also like to thank Barry for his comment questioning the source of the image, which led me to look more into this (which I should have done in the first place). Thank you, Barry!Original Answer:This one, by far.The woman is not real, but a drawing. The man drawing her is Kelvin Okafor, a British artist who makes some of the most realistic portraits I’ve ever seen. There was a headline I saw entitled: “Meet Kelvin Okafor: The Artist Whose Drawings Look Like Photographs” (Stargist). Boy are they not exaggerating.The picture above is especially difficult to look at because my brain just can’t accept that it’s a drawing. She looks like a real person. The shadow drawn behind her adds to the effect.I’ve drawn portraits before and it is hard. It takes an incredible amount of patience and skill to make a portrait look even semi-realistic, let alone hyper-realistic. I truly admire this man’s talent and hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to draw an eyebrow as realistically as he does.Here is more of his work.