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Parents Demanding Access To My Bank Account

Do my parents have legal access to my bank account if I still live with them? I'm 21.

Do my parents have legal access to my bank account if I still live with them? I'm 21.If this is something that concerns you, open a new account either at the same bank or a different one. Be sure to close your current one, or leave a nominal sum in it. Most of the time, I use electronic banking, and there isn’t a need for a signature.BTW, I never had a concern with having one of my parents listed on my bank account. Between a broken wrist, and dislocated shoulder, plus shoulder surgery, I decided to have my Mom on my checking account. I often couldn’t write, and occasionally, she would sometimes have to sign checks instead of me. In spite of our issues, there wasn’t a dishonest bone in Mom’s body. She never overstepped the boundaries.Her name may still be listed. Not sure that I can get a copy of her death certificate. My brother doesn’t care about what’s in my checking account, and he is the only immediate member of the family left besides me. Maybe I should care, but at this point, I don’t.

Can my parents see my transactions if my bank account is connected to theirs?

It would depend on what you mean by ‘connected’.You would have had to make a choice when you signed your signature card. The common ones are sole ownership, joint ownership, business, and feduciary.If you are the only (sole) owner of the money in your account, then no, they can’t know what’s going on.If you opened the account jointly with one or both of them, then yes, whoever is involved in the ownership of the account may know all about it.I doubt if its ownership is any of the others types.The only other way I know of to connect accounts is a ‘sweep’. If your parents have prearranged to have money transferred from their account to yours if you overdraw. In which case they would be notified that money had been taken out of their account and where it was transferred to. They will know then, but just the amount transferred, nothing else. Again, that is if you are the sole owner.I hope you aren’t planning on doing something shady. Your parents are giving you a rare opportunity.

How can I stop my parent's access to my bank account?

If the account is a joint account such as you and your mom, your mom can take money out anytime. You shouldn't complain after all the years she has been supporting you from the day you were born. She probably used it to pay the bills or buy groceries. If the money was yours, meaning you earned it by having a job, then she should of asked to take money out.

What you can do is open an account for yourself since you are 18. You just need to bring two forms of ID. You should go to the bank's website (and it doesn't have to be Wells Fargo. You can go to any bank that is convenient to you) to check out the minimum amount of cash you need to open an account. For savings account, its usually between $250 to $500. For checking account, its usually $0. If you don't have a checking account, I strongly suggest you get one. Checking account is the only way to pay your bills.

Should parents have access to their kids' Facebook accounts?

A year or more ago, I would have agreed with Alex Barron and Surya Narayanan and said, "No, raise your kid well and trust them-- don't legislate this."  But experiences with my daughter over the past year have changed my mind.  My deal with both my kids (son and daughter) is that they can have a Facebook account, texting service on cell phone, etc. provided they grant me access to monitor their activities.  99.9% of the texts / posts I see from them are utterly banal.  But a few weeks ago, my daughter received some wildly inappropriate, potentially harassing, and offensive text messages.  My daughter did not encourage or respond in kind, but nor did she call the other individual out and demand that they change their behavior.In retrospect, I should have prepared my kid for this... I was naive in thinking a 13 year old girl would not be exposed to this sort of "proposition".But because I had access, I was able to bring it up with my kid and talk it over.  We discussed her feelings, what she could / should / would do, and how I could support her.  I felt like I did a good job, as a parent, reacting to this situation and supporting my kid.Had I not known, however, I might not have had the chance to support my kid that way.The Facebook experience has been easier and less intense, but nonetheless, I have come across things my kid posted and been able to go back and ask her if she really wanted that "out there" for all to see.  In some cases she said, "Yes."  I let it be her call.So, I'm a proponent of parents monitoring their kids' on-line activity.  I hate the idea that this is the subject of legislation, but I based on my experiences as a parent, I would not oppose this bill.

Are my parents legally allowed to go through my bank account and the transactions?

Although you are under 18, and not an adult, in legal terms, as far as banking is concerned, unless your parents are named on the account, then they have no right of interference, and the bank should not disclose what is going on with your account. You have no obligation to provide the bank details, including the name of the bank, branch, Sort Code and certainly not your account number. The same goes for the bank, providing those details to your parents.As far as I am aware, although you can’t have a current account if you are under 10, in some cases 14, but you can have a savings / deposit account which you can sign form, but again unless your parents are listed either as Trustees or actually on the account they can’t touch it. In the UK they can only deposit money to the account up until your are 7 years old; after that confidentiality cuts in. Only if they were Trustees under the Mental Health Act, or by Court Order, alternatively that was the way the account was set up in the first place, then they could have access.So in short, it is none of their business (literally) and providing you are not taking money out of their accounts to feed yours (unlikely) they have no right of inspection. If they know where you bank and certainly if they know you banking details including account number, I would place your bank on notice, and ask them to close and re-open the account with a new number, and for real safety change it to another branch altogether.Does all your communication, including cheque book, paying in book, ATM card come to your house?If it likely that your parents are intercepting your post, then may be it would be wise to ask the bank to send it to a care of address; say your place of work or if you are still at school/college have it sent to the Bursar/Principal, marked Private and Confidential and ask them to tell you when things arrive.This is helicopter parenting going too far and they need to respect your privacy as far as your finances are concerned. If they are giving you pocket money, in the strict sense that is yours to spend as in effect it is a gift.I think you need to tell your parents that you are able to look after your own finances and will go them if you need help, but remind them they have no right of access to the account in any shape of form.Don’t get too confrontational about it, but I think they need to realise that you are not a little boy/girl (you don’t give you name) any more.

Can I create a bank account without my parents knowing?

Asnwer: Yes. You can go to any bank and open an account, however, the bank will require identification and may send you mail, which might tip off your parents. On the other hand, you are a legal adult.Also, I don’t know how much money you have, but I can only assume, if you obtained it legally, that it’s not a great deal of money. i.e. Somewhere between $100 and $3,000. If that’s the case, I think that you are better off keeping the cash in a safe place and not waste your time with a bank. Most banks charge fees. Why give them a dime? (One day, when you have a lot of money, they will welcome you and might even give your free checking.) Banks will not pay you any interest on your money that makes it worthwhile to have an account.Prepaid cards: They also will also charge you fees. Fogettaboutit.I don’t know your situation but assume that you must have overbearing, micromanaging parents, but do keep in mind that most likely they love you and think they are doing the right thing. Recognize that there are other parents out there who would take your money to buy themselves drugs and/or booze. It’s a cruel world, but it sounds like your parents are trying to look out after you.Good luck.

My parents extract money out of my bank account and spend it. Is it stealing?

The correct term would be withdraw, not extract.If it is a joint account and any of your parents are joint signatories, it is not stealing. If you have willingly given them the debit card and PIN for the account, it is not stealing.Unless they have forcibly or without your knowledge, gotten your debit card + PIN or Internet banking ID password, it cannot be termed stealing.Even then, I wouldn’t be too sure.

My father demanded to see my bank account. Is this right?

Wow, this is a classic case that requires more than what I can give, in spite of having five grown children, who themselves have each child, as well as grandchildren.All I can write, from the perspective of what you have alluded to, is that from a father’s standpoint, your father is doing something that is clearly wrong. No matter what, a father should never, no matter the circumstances, invade another’s privacy, especially when the child has grown and is considered a grown adult.A parent needs to face whatever the problem from a friendly perspective. By this, I mean that the father needs to approach what he considers the “problem.” and sit with their child and communicate in a calmly, orderly fashion in order to achieve the wanted results. One can never achieve the results by circumventing the problem in the first place with conducting unseemingly wanton acts The bottom line is this: if parents take a child of their own to live with them, the parents need to be respective of another’s property. It does not matter if it involves paycheck stubs or whatever; they need to conduct themselves in a respective and thoughtful way. If on the other hand, the child, or, in this case, a grown adult, abuses their stay, a parent has the right to question the acts of their grown child’s conduct, again conducting in an calm and orderly fashion, to resolve the issues at hand. Hopes that this helps in some way.

Do my parents have the right to control my bank account?

Well, if the bank account is in your name then no they do not have the right to control your account. You can always call your bank for the information or stop by should your parents refuse. In extreme cases you could easily take them to Small Claims (Basically a court house for small issues). If it is in their name, there is just about nothing you can do. Or if they are co-holders (your name and their name) on the account, you can still request the info. In short, if your name is on it they can't do it by right of law, as you are past the age to be responsible over your own things.

Easy task would just be to try and talk with them again, or talk with the bank for information. As mentioned above, you could always try and scare them with court, but that wouldn't be very nice =(

Can your parents check your bank account without your permission???

Can your parents check your bank account without your permission???

My dad is ALWAYS askng me how much money I have... I am curently overseas and recently he told me I have some checks waiting at home that he will go and cash for me. I told him to just cash them in his account and give them to me later but he is refusing..
He keeps persisting I give him my bank account # and my branch number.

I am worried if I give him my bank account number he will ask the worker at the bank to check my balance. He knows everyone at the bank very well as he is a business client there.. can they give him my information? By cashing a check into my account and asking for a receipt can they show him my balance??

I am 22 and opened my own account there without his signature or anything. The bank is Vancity in Canada BC if that means anything..

Also he gave me some money to put in a GIC account there so I could get myself a line of credit. Since he was the one that put up money for a GIC, does that grant him access to see my line of credit status??