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People Help Me To Choose A Phone 30k.

Which is the best phone to buy upto 30k?

Well, I would begin by saying, I have been a silent reader on Quora since long. But, it would be very wrong on my part if I don’t answer this question.Well, to tell you the truth, I too was in the same state until this morning as probably you are currently, CONFUSEDWith so many brands manufacturing so many products, even the most level headed person could find himself scratching his head and on top of it, Google and Quora did not provide any help whatsoever.Please don’t get me wrong, but most of the answers here focus primarily on the product and its specifications. I haven’t come across even a single answer since more than a week that could appeal to my conscience and my pocket.I had almost lost all hope to find a satisfactory post and was about to take a hasty decision, but then I came across an answer that was no less than a knight in shining armor. I felt as if the post was written entirely for me. One by one all my doubts got clarified.I read in the post, that there are various types of users that have varied requirements from their mobile phones and the users requirements were classified into 5 categories in the post ranging from general users to power users to brand loving users. I also read the minimum specifications that one should look for in each category. The author of the post happens to be an Android App developer.I thanked the author a thousand times in my heart for writing such a detailed and well explained post. So finally today, i.e 3rd January, 2018 at 12:38 AM, I placed an order of a mobile phone, this one:- My Purchased Mobile PhoneI was not only confident but also proud of the well thought and informed decision that I took.Luckily, I had bookmarked the link to that post for future references, if need arises. I can post the link here, you may find it useful:- Vibhor Shergill’s answer to Is your new Mobile Phone eating up your salary?Love and Regards

Is buying an Android phone for 30,000 RS worth it?

Yes , very much !At around Rs. 30, 000, you'll get a flagship phone from brands like OnePlus, Honor, LG, Xiaomi and so on.Flagship phones offer the best specifications available from the brand and they're just amazing. These phones have a beautiful, crisp display, very fast processor with sufficient storage and a superb camera.So these phones are truly premium and worth a buy definitely.P.S- The service of these phones is good as well.Hope my answer helped :)

How much money would be considered rich on runescape?

30k isn't bad at all for a level 17-20, so good job. As you play RuneScape more, you'll find that it's easier and easier to make money for yourself.

I'd define regular "Rich" on RuneScape as any amount in which you have enough to buy what you need at any given time. So if you have enough money to play the game and get what you can use, then you're doing fine.

When you become a higher level, however, "Rich" is more like 100-200M+ at least.

Good job on your current cash pile though, and welcome to RuneScape =)