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People Who Think That Parents Can Remove Their Kids Out Of Their Houses Once They Turn 18

How many chances should parents have before the court moves for TPR in foster care cases?

Quite frankly, (and I'm spewing here, because I get mad at situations), I think some of the original parents ought to be steralized as part of their treatments, if they have had their children taken 2 times for either abuse or neglect (not the poverty thing-3 times for that one-there's really not an excuse with all the help).

If the parents make the choice of doing the drugs, instead of taking care of their kids, and fails 2 times, then take the children. It's not fair to have any little excuse come in and then they do the drugs again, and again. Drugs endanger kids, and they can't be safe parents if they're using. For anyone who is pregnant and uses, and the baby shows up positive for drugs, at lease, for God's sake, if they wish at that time to get steralized, don't make them wait for 30 days! Let them have it done THEN.

I agree that kids should be with biological parents in many ways, but only if it's beneficial to the children. To me, if the biological parents don't care enough about their kids to get the help, to ask for the help, or at least to show up when someone says, "You have an appointment at 10 am Monday," then they don't deserve to be parents. The harm that the volleyball game of bouncing back and forth is worse than doing TPR. I do think that in the case that parental rights are terminated, that the children should have the contact information at age 18 for neglect, and probably for drug use, depending on the situation, and at age 26 for the severe abuse cases. At 18, there can still be immaturity not able to deal with the severe abuse, but at 26, the "child" (now adult) can deal with most situations.

Yes, I know I'm tough, but the kids deserve better

At what age can parents legally kick you out of the house in the United States?

Well, since the ‘law’ stipulates that an individual is an adult at the age of 18, and is legal in all states in the United States, the ‘legal’ age that parents can kick their kids out of the outs is just that….18 years old.Of course, depending on the attitude of some kids who think they know it all and make outrageous and unruly and ungrateful emands on their parents, that could be even at an earlir age, even if it would be illegal to do so and the parents could be charged with chile abuse or improper parenting.I like the claim my dad made when I was a kid and would get unruly or mouth back when told to do something. He’d say to me…’I brought you into this world. I can damn sure take you out of it just as easily’. If nothing else, it got my attention, let me know who the boss was and where I stood in the ‘pecking order’. And there were no rules or laws back then that would get him into trouble of any kind for speaking to me like that. But that’s back when people know what sex they were by age 4, kids were to be seen and not heard, and when seen they’d best be doing something productive NOT destructive or they’d get one hell of an ass whoopin’. And those kids grew up to be ‘men’ and ‘women’ who could deal with life and didn’t need any ‘safe place’ when things got a little ‘iffy’ or hard to deal with at the moment. Now what do we have??? A nation full of whiners and snowflakes. Something the wolf in the storybook tale of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ could have blown over or down with only half a breath and a sever case of COPD.

Can parents kick you out as soon as you turn 18?

i live in NY state, and in a few months will be turning 18. i have not graduated yet and the only job i have is through my parents. i am not out of control, i do not do illegal activities, and i abide by the house rules. because though i am a senior this year and will not be graduating my parents have decided that since thats the case i dont deserve to live here and want ot kick me out the day i turn 18. no matter what i do, i wont be able to graduate this year so its not like i could buckle down and work through it. i thought you had to be 21 in new york state to be kicked out, but im not sure. can anyone help me get any of this straight? =\ i dont know what to do

How can parents kick kids out as soon as they turn 18?

I have 2 teens, they have both brought home "stray" kids to stay for a few days. These kids arrive with a backpack of 1 change of clothes and sometimes not even that! I feed em, buy toiletries and help them search for alternatives in our community- these are not BAD kids!!! We have house rules and they abide. I think I will open a shelter for 17-20 year olds. It breaks my heart!

If you are kicked out of your parents house do you have a right to gather your belongings?

This would depend upon, what the reasons were for your being kicked out, your age & what you actually own within your parents house.Ultimately, if you were kicked out of your parents house, for no real reason, other than they were angry & wanted you out, then i’d ask them why they’ve chosen to do this.If you’re a minor, then what they’re doing is actually illegal & i would be speaking to somebody older & close to you, about this & about their behaviour.If you’re a non minor & you’ve created an issue that has greatly upset your parents, so much so, that they have literally thrown you out of their home, then i’d encourage you to wait until the dust has settled & approach your parents gently & politely.Ask them if you can collect all that actually belongs to you, because they’re your things & you require them urgently.Also, do you have somewhere to stay?It’s one thing to be kicked out of your family home, but surely your parents wouldn’t want their own son/daughter, sleeping out on the streets.Do you work, study, or live off temporary benefits?These are some of the important factors that you must consider, when your life’s been suddenly impacted.If you have somehow “hurt” your parents, then you should try to make peace with them, by apologising to them for your behaviour.If your parents have hurt you & you made the decision to leave their home, then with time, once you’ve all calmed down, you can let them know how you feel & that you too, demand an apology.Remember, you’re all family, so you should all show respect toward each other & you should all try to sort things out & make peace with each other.We humans are very complex beings & we most often allow our emotions to rule us & to get in the way of making peace.The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.You can make peace, if you “choose” to & even if your parents were at fault, you can still “choose” to take the higher ground & set some really positive examples/principles.All the best & take care! :-)

When you turn 18 and you're adopted what happens?

i no sum1 close 2 me who is adopted,and 1 who is fostered 2. once your adopted your adopted! they r your real parents, so the child would do just the same as what we would do. if they want 2 stay at home till they r 20 they will if they want 2 movie in with sum1 when they r over 18 they can. but if ur "adopted" u become their real child by the law basically. but being fostered is a different thing. when you are fostered you can get moved around from family to family occasionally and you experience a few different carers looking after u. if u r fostered i think you no longer have 2 stay with that person. so thats the diff between foster care n adoptive care
hope this info helps