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Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Diaper Bag Dancing In Dublin How To Find

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack or Shoulder Bag?

I have both and I ALWYAS use the shoulder bag and never the back pack. It rarely falls off the shouldner and it came with a strap that you can hook on and make it a backpack if you really want. Plus its so much more roomy and convenient.

Petunia Pickle Bottom??

Does anyone have a petunia pickle bottom bag? If so which one. I am trying to decide which to get for my b-day in a few weeks. I am particularly fond of the Cake collection, and the Cosmopolitan style bag (looks like an old Dr. bag). I have a almost 12 month old, so she dosnt require much to go out. Just some diapers wipe and a sippy cup and snack. However we are TTC so if that works we will again need all of the newborn escentials (I will breastfeed so no formula or bottles most likely). I love the Cake bags in cream tweed with black cut velvet, or the tan and blue with cream tweed. I also like the sameo clutch/cross town clutch (same size and style). But I am not sure if that would be ok if/when #2 rolls around. I like to use my diaper bag as a purse so I would also need to fit in my wallet keys and a few small escentials of my own. Which style do you feel functions best overall. Maybe rate the one you have on:
ease of cleaning
Say.. 1-10

Petunia pickle bottom diaper bags?

It should have a care tag. If it doesn't, I'd use cold water and maybe a vary mild detergent and let it line dry

What is wrong with owning a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag?

I think that the most important thing to look for is function. I bought an OiOi bag and I wish that the designers had thought a little more about function. I realize that PPP are a bit more expensive.

Seriously take a look at cleaning instructions, if the shoulder strap stays on your shoulder, and how heavy the bag is before you buy! Then, get anything that you want!

Where can I buy darling Brocade Fabric like Petunia Pickle Bottom has on their bags?

This fabric isn't a brocade. It's a European cut velvet with wool tweed. Here a a few links that may carry it. You can always use the contact link and email them a link to the fabric to ask them if they have it.

Or you can contact Petunia Pickle Bottom to ask who their supplier is...

The other solution is to go to New York City in the garment and fabric district and shop the stores... You'll find it there for sure. Bring a picture with you, to make things easier.

Here are some links:

Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for. The fabric would look AWESOME in a duvet cover!

Though babies are really small, they require a lot of stuff for their care and protection. When heading out with the twins, you will need extra wipes, diapers, a change of clothes and a spot to change them. Many parents discover that they additionally need a swaddle, bottles, pacifiers, a breastfeeding cover and also far more.This is why baby diaper bags are really useful. They corral all you will need for twins. Before you've got a diaper bag into your twins' registry, here is what you want to know to pick a terrific diaper bag.Lots of Space for StorageWith the twins’ toddler, you want all of the space it is possible to get to hold loads of diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc. with your on-the-go essentials, i.e. keys, phone, lipstick, and a pocket.Useable and Easily Accessible PocketsAll that baby gear you're going to be taking around, you'll definitely want to keep it organized. This is exactly why plenty of interior and exterior pockets are available in handy. As opposed to throwing everything within a bag, pockets enable you to quickly find just what you are searching for when you need it. Now, do not get me wrong. Longer pockets don't suggest you will be organized. You only want to make sure that the diaper bag you are eying has a lot of useable and easily accessible pockets.Easy to washMilk, juice spills, spit up, smashed snacks, leftovers, and urine --irrespective of how hard you try, your diaper bag will probably receive dirty. It will likely have a beating from both accidental and purposeful messes, so it's in your best interest to not buy materials that easily blot and are difficult to clean. Choose a diaper bag you may easily wipe clean with a baby wipe or throw in your automatic washer.Gender-neutralCan other people be utilizing your messenger bag? Your partner? Grandparents? If that is the case, it is a fantastic idea to decide on a diaper bag style which everyone feels comfortable with; the one that is both parents approved and will work for twins.Deciding upon a diaper bag is a personal option. What's right for you may not be suitable for the sister or companion. But regardless of what kind you buy, ultimately deciding on the ideal diaper handbag means picking one that offers comfort, convenience, and functionality whenever you are out and about with kids.Read all the reviews and choose any one of these:

Anyone have the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Society Satchel or Cosmopolitan Carryall?

I'm thinking of getting one of these two bags. I'm trying to decide which will be more functional in the long haul. We have a 6 month old and a 3 year old and we hope to have a 3rd baby in the next year or so. I currently carry a PPB Touring Tote and it works fine, but it packed pretty tightly between the two kids, especially if we're going to be out more than a couple hours.

Does anyone actually carry these bags after they are past the diaper bag stage? They're beautiful and I'm trying to reason in my head that I will carry it after our kids are past that, but will I?

BTW - I have a gift certificate that would cover the majority of the cost on either of these bags, so I would not be paying the full $350 or $325, if that makes any difference! My other option if I decide against either of these bags is to get another touring tote and a Cake Cameo clutch (because the Cake bags are just so pretty!!!).

Also - if anyone has the Society Satchel, could you tell me if it zips shut at the top or if it is just totally open?

The perfect combination purse/diaper bag???

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch. Small, but cute purse-like, and it's wipeable (don't get their silk baby bag-I have one and it's uncleanable).The clutch is extra cute and smaller than an endless baby bag. And I think it's only like 68 dollars or so at retail stores. The link I'm sending is just the Petunia Pickly Bottom website-they don't sell retail from that site. But, pick out what you want from it and then look online and call for stores, etc. Nordstrom has the clutch online (only the black and red one but still cute).Also, Neiman Marcus has them online.

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