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Phone Unusable After Firmware Update Help

Is it really necessary to update my TV firmware? What does it achieve?

Remember that you don’t pay anything to your TV’s manufacturer after you’ve purchased it and TV manufacturers rarely benefit directly from updating the firmware on TVs. It costs them a great deal of money to develop and test an update before they release it, and they do it to provide you support and maintain customer satisfaction.Why are TVs and set-top boxes updated?Some online service such as YouTube has changed their requirements for devices attaching to their service and as such the TV needs a software update. The changes might not be apparent to you but it could be that in some months time an app becomes unusable because you didn’t take the update.There is some change to the broadcast system happening now or in the future and in order to continue watching channels or to get an improved service, you need the update.There could be a bug in the TV, now that bug might not be critical and you might not encounter it, but occasionally those bugs can be fatal to a device like a TV or STB. I have been in a situation where we identified that in a year or two some devices would fail, this would be after their warranty period so why should we care? Because we are responsible engineers and cannot reasonably allow a product to stay in the market that we know is defective.Some updates add things like improved energy efficiency or improved HDMI compatibility (this is always an on-going challenge for manufacturers).Please update your devices and keep them up to date. These releases are for your benefit and not for the benefit of the manufacturer and as I said: manufacturers make a financial loss on providing software updates, so be pleased when you get one.

Mobile phones now make gMail unusable for 24 hours after you update your Google password. Is this unavoidable?

I added this later:About six hours after I first changed my Google password, I found something on a forum suggesting you log into Google Play on your phone with the password you created on your desktop PC.That seemed too simple.After all, if that's all that it took, why would three Verizon reps - one in the store and the other two in call centers - not know about it?But the suggestion was followed by comments from several frustrated users, saying "Bravo" and "Oh my God! Thanks" and so on.I gave it a try.It worked.What a funny world!Was it because I logged on to Google Play or because it took an unusually long time for the change to ripple through to my mobile device?That I can't say.But it's clear that the advice from Verizon was wrong.My original answer (to my own post) follows, just in case you're still interested.- - - - - - - - - - - - -I should add (I'm the OP) that trying to enter a new password on the phone only gets you into an infinite loop with your PC requiring a new password, etc. It doesn't seem the problem can be solved that way.Verizon support (I called twice) claims there's there no way around it - you have to wait a full 24 hours to use google apps on your phone; could that be true? Every time you change your Google password, Gmail, Google Play, Youtube, etc become unavailable on your phone for 24 hours?By the way, an unfortunate side effect of this policy is that it "punishes" you for regularly updating your passwords since each time you update, you can't use your phone for email, etc, for a full day.

What happens if electricity interrupts while updating tv firmware?

What happens if the electricity interrupted while updating (tv) firmware?Worst-case, your TV is bricked (rendered unusable). It depends on the firmware. Most devices have a warning “do not power off during update”, but are also usually designed so that there is a very short window of high risk. The new firmware is usually downloaded into temporary memory, which takes the most time. If power is interrupted at this stage, nothing has changed. The device then copies the new firmware to non-volatile memory. That should be fairly quick, but if power is interrupted at this point when only a portion of the new firmware is copied, the device might become unusable. It would depend on exactly which bit of firmware had the break in it - it might have errors in a non-critical section, but still be able to re-perform the update operation and recover completely. If the firmware device has enough space, it may be able to hold two or more complete copies of the firmware, and make a quick (microseconds) change to the boot sequence once the new copy is installed and verified. In that case, the chance of a power interruption bricking the device would be incredibly small.I can’t find a good reference for this. But Ti’s document “MSP430 USB Field Firmware Update Process” baseLiteratureNumber=slaa452 has the following flow chart:Host app downloads an alternate BSL program, which runs out of RAM(the "RAM BSL" program). The MSP430 begins executing it.
Host app commands the RAM BSL to erase the device

Bannerbomb for 4.1 wii firmware?

for the sd freezing, you still have hackmii on there. if you didnt have anything on your card to start with, just delete the private-old folder on the root.

if you left stuff on there im not sure of what to do, since that just seemed goofy to me.

im running 4.1u and have no problems with hbc/hbb. also wad installer 1.4 with no troubles.

if you need any more help, email me.

Need help updating bios.?

I've linked the bios download page for your motherboard below.

When looking for BIOS firmware updates, it's important to stick to the ones issued by the motherboard manufacturer (i.e. Foxconn) and not generic ones from the BIOS manufacturer (i.e. AMI). Unless you're heavily into overclocking or PC modification (and really know what you're doing) you should never use a generic BIOS firmware or you can easily make the motherboard unusable.

That said, is there a particular reason you want to update it?

As a general rule of thumb with BIOS firmware updates, the rule of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies. So while sometimes it's critical to perform a BIOS firmware update such as CPU and RAM compatibility, unless there is a clear need to update it, leave it alone.

Hope this helps,
Danielle x

Is PSP custom firmware dangerous or risky to have ?

1. you can brick your psp ( but you can fix it) (brick means when your psp turns on something wrong happens like a blank screen or super slow motion
2. if your psp breaks its risky to take it into a repair shop because all of the repair shops are against custom firmware

Is it possible to track a stolen iPhone even after it has been reset?

Even if the person who get your phone tries to reset the iPhone by updating and restoring it, at the end of this process the device will ask for iCloud username and password. Without it the person won’t be able to anyway use your phone.The only way available to get pass this Activation Lock is by contacting apple support and produce proofs that you own the device. Only then apple support team can help in unlocking the device.For such situation the best solution is to register your device to MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution. Using MDM you can remotely wipe data off your device and also track it’s location if online. Another option is to call on the phone or display a custom message which might be useful if you send your contact details as message so that in cases where the device is lost and found by a genuine person who has no track of who the owner of the devise is and cannot access any information as the device is locked by say passcode or finger pattern, can get to know about you and return you the device. Message like “This is police department, and we ask you to return the device and leave contact number ”. Chances are by seeing such warning a fraud person by also get alert and return the device by fear of getting caught.That being said, your device is of no use to the person who stole it. Till then good luck if you happen to track it using IMEI number or using Find My Phone but for that your device need to come online (connect to internet / carrier network).

Does your phone become slower if you update it to a newer version of Android?

Technically, yes (if the phone doesn’t have specs to support JB)There is a rule that I follow when I think of upgrading my Android phones and emulators. I will check the specs of my phone/emulator, and then see how much amount of resources it takes at silent running. If it is less than 25–30% of the total resources available, then I will upgrade it to the newer android version.In case of emulators, I see if my laptop has enough resourcesNote that if you do have the resources, then the upgrade won’t make the phone slower. It can also make the phone seem to be faster, by using more resources to run tasks more efficiently