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Physics Simple Mcqs Confused Me

I am confused plz help me ! a simple physics question?

A particle moves along the x axis. Its position is given by the equation x = 1.8 + 2.5t − 3.6t2with x in meters and t in seconds.
(a) Determine its position when it changes direction.
(b) Determine its velocity when it returns to the position it had at t = 0? (Indicate the direction of the velocity with the sign of your answer.)
plz explain with details and thanks

Physics !!!! Simple MCQs confused me !!?

1 is a poor question.

a and b are both possible answers. Answer c is theoretically possible but unlikely.

So d is technically correct - but not everyone would agree.

2. Another very bad question.

The paper is neutral (but is attracted because it becomes polarised with one side slightly positive and the other side slightly negative).

Hair is at the positive end of the triboelectric series (see link below), so the hair becomes positively charged and the plastic rod is therefore negative - answere d

Physics problem that is confusing?!?!?

Please help me! I'm stuck on this Physics problem.

Question 3: A boat moves through the water with two forces acting on it. One is a 1,800-N forward push by the water on the propeller, and the other is an 1,100-N resistive force due to the water around the bow.

(a) What is the acceleration of the 1,400-kg boat?


(b) If it starts from rest, how far will the boat move in 8.0 s?

(c) What will its velocity be at the end of that time?

Physics problem. I'm confused?

A record company executive is on his way to a TV interview and is carrying a promotional CD in his briefcase. The mass of the briefcase and its contents is 4.00 kg. The executive realizes that he is going to be late. Starting from rest, he starts to run, reaching a speed of 2.30 m/s. What is the work done by the executive on the briefcase during this time? Ignore air resistance. Answer in Joules.

*I answered 0 J but the online program said I was wrong. I thought he wouldn't be exerting any work. Any ideas?

Help me to answer these mcqs of physics?

look at for correct books, if any, by utilizing the Navneet ebook India Ltd. Like for Maharashtra board they have "maximum significant questions". Sorry can not be of a lot help. also, see in case you are able to mind-set some tutorial counsellor for this. each and every of the excellent.

Simple average velocity question that confused me.?

A student wanted to drive from Austin to San
Antonio, 80 miles south of Austin on highway
I35. Unfortunately, he entered the highway in
the wrong direction and drove all the way to
Waco — 100 miles north of Austin — before
he noticed his error. In Waco, he turned
around, drove back to Austin and continued
to San Antonio. The whole trip took 7.79 h.
What was the student’s average speed during this trip?

-I got this part easy it was 35.94351733 mph but the part 2 confused me and it's what I need help on.

What was the student’s average velocity
during his trip? Take your positive direction
to be southbound on I35.
Answer in units of mph

What is the best strategy to solve MCQs in physics and chemistry for the NEET 2018?

Actually the strategy to solve physics and chemistry questions is different for different people. I will tell u mine.Physics:-For physics u must be clear with your concepts then only u can solve different type of questions!Steps:—Listen carefully in class.As soon as you return home, revise your topics that were taught in class and solve some questions of those topics only.Once i finish with that chapter, solve the books like HC verma, DC pandey(medical).Then solve about 50 question of that chapter as test and check how much you gained from that chapter1.If ur score is more than 90%, you are good with the chapter. But revise that chapter within 6 weeks so that u remain clear with ur concepts 2.If ur score is between 70% to 90% then you are okay with the chapter but dont forget to revise that chapter again within 3 weeks. 3. If ur score is less that 70% revise again!SAME GOES FOR CHEMISTRY AS WELL.Strategy to preserve your time in NEET exam maybe as follows :-Start with the subject in which you have a good hand either physics or chemistry!(Let me assume that u r going to attempt physics first)Attempt first 30 questions from that subject, try to complete them within first 35 minutes.(Dont get stuck with the lengthy question)Then go for biologyMost probably You will complete 2/3rd of ur physics and whole biology within 1 hour and 10 minutes.Then go for chemistry most probaby you will complete ur chemistry in about 50 minutesSo within 2 hours you are almost done with ur NEET exam. Then go for the remaining 15 questions from physics and the questions in which u got stuck!Another strategyEvery kind of exam have 3 types of questions!Easy ones (about 66%). So if you solve all of them, your selection is almost assured.Questions which we can understand but can't solve them within 1 or 2 minutes so mark them on your question paper nd try these questions at last. (Rank deciding questions)Questions with statement which we guyz dont get easily. So these questions are just to leave. So leave them asap dont waste your time on that questions!(2 to 3 questions)So Go for 1st type of questions first and mark the 2nd type when you are going through 1st type of questionsThen go for the 2nd type of questionsIf u solve both type 1 and type 2 questions then go for 3rd type of questions.HOPE IT HELPSP.S.- based on personal experiences. (Sorry for bad english)

What is the best physics MCQ book for the NEET 2018?

Here, I m mentioning some of the best MCQs books I have used during my preparation.. If you want to get good control over physics than u must be curious about subject then u will think the same as I think.. According to me, Physics is nothing it is just the search of ultimate simplicity..So some good books are-NCERT examples for 11th and 12th.Cengage volume 1 and 2.Mtg NCERT on your fingertips.Dc pandey.Best of luck.I hope my answer helped u and if you like my answer then please upvote me your one click and 1 second of time will keep me motivated.. And please follow me at Saksham Sharma for reading my latest answers.Thanks!Hope it helped.

Simple acceleration problem, confused though?

When you ignore air resistance, all objects fall at the same rate regardless of mass.

The acceleration of gravity near the surface of Earth is 9.8 m/s^2 or 32 ft/s^2.
This means that the velocity increases 9.8 m/s every second

To find the velocity at time t you just multiply the acceleration by t
v(t) = 9.8 m/s^2 * t

What would you suggest for NEET 2017 Physics MCQs Practice for a dropper- DC Panday or Aakash modules?

In physics, read the aakash modules very carefully, solve all tge intext examples, exercises and even try yourself all of them. Then move on to exercise A and then to exercise C for now. Mark the questions which you cannot solve.When you are done ith your entire syallabus then re- revise the concepts and formulas, then attempt the questions which you could not do. If still same problem arises consult your teacher . After this now you can start with D.C.Pandey. This will helpin strengthing the concept but only if all your above said questions are done.