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Pilonidal Cyst Post-op Help

Pilonidal Cyst Post-op scar wont heal?

So the scar from my stiches keeps tearing open. now there is a little hole in the middle of it. its bleeding everyday. it dosent hurt but its really annoying. Also, at the very bottom of my back..the coccyx area, is where my stitches started and that spot looks like a keloid was forming but it wont heal or go away. its draining something but its not blood.

i got this thing removed back in feb. and im still dealing with it today. is it ok to go in a swimming pool with chlorine? or a lake? can it get infected if i go in lake water?

ive been trying to schedule an appt with my surgeon for a while but now i want to see a dr who specializes in wound care.

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery/post op?

How bad is the pain? How long does the recovery take? How much school will I have to miss?

Just so I have something to compare the pain to, for those of you who have had these procedures, how bad is the pain from removing a Pilonidal cyst vs removing wisdom teeth? I was able to get all 5 of my wisdom teeth removed with only local anesthesia, and I honestly didn't think it was that bad. Is the procedure/recovery for a pilonidal cyst more or less painful in comparison?

How long for my pilonidal cyst to heal?

About a week ago, I had this pimple-like thing show up on the low part of my back, it was a little sore and just flesh colored. A few days later it was huge and red and painful. Two days ago, it developed a head and started draining. I tried to get all of the fluid out, but there was still a little left.

As of today, there are many "heads" on it, and it seems to be slowly draining, but I am still in some serious pain. I don't have health insurance, so I am treating it best I can at home. How long will this thing take to drain, and when it is drained, will it stop hurting? (When it first popped, I felt some immediate relief.) What should I take for pain?

When will it go away?

Pilonidal cyst surgery aftermath help?

Well I had my pilonidal cyst surgery about 2 weeks ago. Eveything has gone well but I have recently has horrible itching and tickling on my scar where the cyst used to be. I heard itching is a cyst symptom and I really don't want it to come back so shortly. what is happening, how can i stop the itching.

Post-pilonidal cyst surgery recovery time?

I had surgery on my pilonidal cyst exactly a week ago (8-15) and was told to change the packing once a day. I have experienced little pain after the surgery. I took the prescribed pain medications the surgeon gave me for the first 24 hours, and then I took regular ibuprofen for the next 12, I did not feel the need to take them longer because of the little pain. I would say the incision is about the size of a nickel, well that's what my dad tells me at least. The football season starts in a week so I would like to know how many weeks I would miss.

Pilonidal cyst surgery swimming?

I would not swim in any pool until you are completely healed and have the okay from your doctor. No matter if it is chlorinated, you can either get or give infection there. This is what I've been told by my own doctors, while I was undergoing treatment.

What are the precautions I should take after Pilonidal cyst surgery? Can I drink whiskey while the wound is still healing? There are stitches and it's been three days since we did surgery.

Caring for the wound is key in preventing infection or recurrence after a pilonidal cyst excision. For this reason, your doctor will likely share with you very specific instructions about aftercare and wound management. You will need to follow these procedures very carefully until the wound has healed, or the cyst may return and you will have to repeat the process again.The patient care packet or verbal instructions given to you by your healthcare provider may include:Directions on packing the wound, if requiredInstructions for other dressing changesWhat to look for to ensure the incision is healing properlySigns of infection or other complicationsAnd no alcohol!

How is the post-operative pain managed after a pilonidal sinus surgery?

i have been operated twice.The first one was an open excision and it took around 2 months to heal.The condition recurred after 4 years, and this time it was bad. Pus, Blood and a 10cm tract as revealed after an MRI. Thus i went under another surgery and then a Limberg’s flap.There were around 40 Stitches. I dont know what kind of surgery you are going through, but i wanna say, there will be no pain. Just precautions which you need to follow for your whole lifetime