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Pls How Can I Upgrade My Bb Fone To The Latest Version

How do I upgrade the Android 2.3.6 to 4.0 on my Galaxy Y?

Galaxy Y is one of the oldest phone From Samsung and was Launched In 2011. after getting Android Gingerbread there is no new upgrade For Galaxy Y. To upgrade your phone From Android 2.3.6 to 4.0 or later there is only one way that is you need to install Custom Rom that will Root Your Phone.You can search About Installing Custom Rom For your Phones in Google or Youtube for better Understanding about the procedure (D0 it)First you need to root Your phone.Now Rooting in Android is equivalent of jailbreaking, it means unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved (by Google) apps, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize Your OS.Now to root your Phone you can us this Link:-[Tutorial][HowTo] Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 !!!!Caution!!!!Rooting Will void Your Warranty and if The Procedure not Followed Properly Can also cause Your Phone Some Serious HARM(Brick) or Make it Unusable. So Root your Phone at your own Risk.After You Have Completed The Rooting Procedure Perfectly, then now you have to choose a Perfect Custom Rom of your Choice. I would suggest you to Go with cyanogenmod. Now You can search XDA developers For Galaxy Y:- . They have all types of Develpment For all Kinds of phones.Here is the Link For Installing the Custom Rom :-[ROM][CM7][UPDATE][STABLE] CyanogenMod 7.2 Optimized (This is oldest one but you have asked me for Android 4.0 ) Again !!!!!Caution!!!!!! This Rom's Might Contain Bugs Like Wifi Not Working, Bluetooth, sim Card Error Etc.. so please Read the Whole Changelog Before Installing Anything or Any Custom Roms.This Might help For Those Samsung Galaxy Y users . For More updates on Galaxy Y you can Go to the XDA developers Website. You can Also search for different Custom Roms and Rooting process in Youtube.

Can anyone help me up with updating my BlackBerry Z3 to 10.3 version?

You feel like throwing your phone away isn't it? This is one of the things which is frustrating and annoying about BlackBerry. I had a hard time updating, but did it successfully. I will list out some important instructions that you need to follow while updating your BlackBerry OS. The third bullet is the game changer.You need to have 2.5 times of the update size in your device storage i.e if the update size is 1 GB, then you should have at least 2.5 GB free in your device.If you can't get the free space, try moving everything to SD card. Still can't manage the required free space? Delete the unwanted applications, further wanted ones if needed.Still couldn't manage the free space? Now go to application manager and clear the inbuilt applications data. You will be surprised to see the browser holds 140 MB of data which can be cleared.The internet connection should be stable all along as a little network fluctuation leads to update failure and the download process will restart. Painful isn't it? When you download 1GB data and while installing, your network connection is disturbed. Been there.I have updated twice. The first update was a walk in the park. The second was a real pain in the buttocks. It failed 3 times. Thank God I had unlimited internet connection so it didn't matter much. Also to reinstall all those applications and all those lost browser data will make you curse BlackBerry. But hey, at least the UI is better than android. Nothing beats the BlackBerry Hub.Happy updating.

My BlackBerry Torch won't detect any sim card?

I have two sim cards, one micro, and one normal. When i took out the micro sim card (in adaptor), and inserted my normal sized sim card, my BB kept on telling me to insert a sim card. Then i tried two other sim cards, and they didn't work as well. MY BB HAS STOPPED READING ANY SIM CARDS!!!!! Somebody pls help!!!

BB Cream Advice pls :)?

I would love to receive recommendations from ya girls for the best WALLET-FRIENDLY BB cream available for my skin tone Skin profile: NC40, Normal-Oily, Fitzpatrick Level 4, Olive tone, clogs easily, blotchy(as result of sunburn :( ), NOT acne-prone. Looking for: good coverage, dewy look, very even complexion

Android Applications: Why does the Facebook app consume so much space in my Android phone?

Let me answer this question with some of my observations.The size of APK (Android application package file) as shown on play store is just 74MB.When you download it, it's size still remains same. But the moment when you install it on your phone, the compressed files in the APK decompresses. And you got to see this.(Note that I have not opened the app till now, I just installed it)(Note that the cache size is still too small.)This is, after logging in and using it for couple of minutes.The user data size boosts up from 41MB to 105MB.This is just after a day.In between all this I was visiting many profiles, pages and groups on Facebook. And just due to that cache size boosted from 3MB to 125MB.Now, you may think how app size is increasing just by using it. Facebook has designed its app so that whenever you open a webpage posted by a friend on the Facebook app, it will cache the entire page on your device. This is obviously a problem since the more pages you visit, the more space gradually gets eaten up. And this can be generalized to most of the social networking apps.This is the main reason for which you can even browse your friend's profile when you're offline, provided that you'd visited their profile once before that.

What is wrong with my dog? She is pooping out bbs. My dog ate some of my bbs for my bb gun.?

There is probably a lesson here, eh? The obvious question is, How many BBs do you think she ate? They are not digestible, so they're going to pass through her. They shouldn't be inside here long enough to cause substantial harm. BUT...if she persists in having a difficult time eliminating, please get her to the Vets office for an exam, and do it quickly. Don't wait. The vet can do a quick ultrasound exam and see what, if anything, shows up. It's not an expensive procedure. Then, after she's all better, you can spend some quality time "puppy proofing" the house. She's little, she's curious, and anything that is small and bright could be something she just has to try. Fortunately, it wasn't landscape stones. Those can cause real problems. So can coins. This of her as a little kid. Because that's what she is. Get her checked out, make sure she's O.K., and then get on the basement!
Good luck.

How do I update image/video status on WhatsApp?

How to Download Whatsapp Picture and Video Status:This trick allows you to download the others Whatsapp Status Photo or Video from your mobile. There are 2 methods are here. First one is Download using one is by using the app.And the Second Whatsapp Status Video or Photo by using the mobile settings.Method 1:First of all, Download this Application - Download HereInstall this appFirst Watch the Status from the Whatsapp MessengerThen Open this app, there you can see all your WhatsApp contact's status (Video/Picture)There is a Download button on the status. Simply click on it, then the status will be saved to your storageThat's all!! Enjoy downloading your friends WhatsApp Status.....Method 2:Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp AccountGo to Status option and watch the status you want to download/SaveThen open your File Manager (Use ES File Folder)Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden FilesThen navigate to Folder: Whatsapp-->Media-->.statusesThere you can see all your WhatsApp contact's StatusSimply Copy/Move that File and Place in another folderThat's all!!! You have downloaded your friend's WhatsApp status Video/Picture

My Blackberry Z10 camera is not working stating, "camera can't be started". How can I fix it?

Remove SIM card! Memory card ! Hold volume down key and power key together and start the phone! It's a hard reset, if it's a.Software problem it will be fixed! If hardware issue, you might have to visit a blackberry service Center. Hopefully reset should fix it.

How do I save WhatsApp statuses, pictures and videos?

1. Using “Save Status” App`Very easy to save status from WhatsAppPlay Store link2. Using your existing File ManagerOpen your File Manager app and click on 3 dots.Click on Show hidden files as shown in fig.Now go to Whatsapp -> Media-> .StatusesCopy these files to your preferred location. Done!3. Using Es File ExplorerEs File explorer is my favourite app. You can do anything using this. It is master of all app. Download from here Es File Explorer.Install this app.Enable Show hidden files.Now nevigate to Whatsapp -> Media-> .StatusesAnd copy these files.Thank you guys. If you have any problem please comment below.You can also Download app for thisWhatsApp Status Downloader (App Name-Status Status)Play Store link