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Plz Tell Me Which Planets Will Help Me In Next 3 Years In Respect Of Career Building And Marriage

For married men only please. Why will you collect nude pics of young women in your computer?

Contrary to popular opinion porn is a problem, and not all men look at it.

You should know that your husband's viewing of this material has nothing to do with you. You could be the hottest babe on the planet, you could spice things up in the bedroom beyond his wildest dreams, and he would still look at porn. I have a friend who is a counselor, and he told me that they (counselors) are able to profile men who view pornography. These men have a number of things in common, particularly when it comes to how they were raised, and what kind of relationship they had with their mothers. The only specific thing I remember about that was that men who had a harsh and critical mother, or one who was domineering, were by far more likely to view pornographic material than men who didn't have mothers like that.

Get some marriage counseling, and start addressing this subject as soon as possible.

I feel like life isn't real anymore? Help please?

Hello Shelby, I am 67 years old now and I wonder at my age what life is or was about, and I still have more life to live. When I was in bed one night when I was a young teenager, I was thinking about how old I was and at the time I think I was fourteen or fifteen years old. I could hear in the silence of the night the pile drivers working on a highway bridge being built, and I started dwelling on the idea that when I was fifty I would be old and used up, that made me start crying. Fifty was now a long time ago, I fought in the Vietnam War, went to college, got married and worked hard in the building trades all my life. I still cry and now because I think I could have applied myself better to the challenge of life, and it is a challenge.
Life is built of past memories and future dreams.
I first had panic attacks when I was in my early twenties. So I know what that is about, the feeling that my body is just going to die. It is a terrible feeling. I am going to tell you how I handled it. I went to doctors ,but, they could only prescribe drugs and I decided not to let drugs control my life.. I did two things, I read every book I could on positive living and thinking and I started exercising to a fitness level, that I knew there was nothing wrong with my body. As my body got stronger, I got stronger mentally for all the stress that was going on in my life. Then I carried that on through most of my life.
I can only tell you go out and live you dreams and create the life you want. A human being is the most powerful force in the universe and our actions will later be reflected in the outcome of our lives and there will be an outcome. Our purpose in life is to live and love as successfully as we can. Its all not going to be good, but, you can make it as good as it can be. We will bring happiness and sadness to others and them to us, but, in the end the good can outweigh the bad.
Your a smart young lady and you have expressed yourself very well. Your intelligent and you have all the abilities that will make a strong foundation for a good life. Go out there and get involved in everything that your heart believes in and this will pass. The sun will rise tomorrow and so will you, so plan on it and live it with all the force your mind and body can apply to it.

Astrologer says I will never become an IAS officer. Should I believe in Kismat (fate), or that my strong determination and hard work can beat it?

There was a Palmist cum astrologer whome I met when I was in my 2nd year of B.Tech on the insistence of my beloved mother (don't judge on me being a Muslim and meeting an astrologer. We live in a society that is pretty much amalgamated with no trace of communalism).I don't believe in these knucklehead fools at all but my mother was adamant on it and I couldn't refuse my mother's insistence. My mother called him home and let him examine my palm. After a minute or two in to reading, he was totally surprised as I could see from his face. He said to my mother, I have never seen such a palm in my entire career. He's born administrator and destined to get a higher post in administration. Whenever he will try, he will get success.I was laughing out loud meanwhile but unexpectedly my poor mother was on cloud nine. Mothers are amazing.Fast forward, July 2016, I started preparing for civil services exam. No, please don't confuse it with that astrologer’s prediction. It was my personal decision in my full capacity and mind. I attempted my first Prelims on 18th June 2017. Result: Failed. Again I prepared with zeal for the second attempt and took Prelims on 3rd June 2018. Result: Failed.So in a nutshell, I failed prelims for two consecutive attempts and as planned I quit CSE preparations afterwards leaving no chance of me becoming an administrator.Now, I am eagerly looking for that astrologer who gave my mother a false hope. :PSo, what should you do when an astrologer is saying that you can't become an IAS officer? Well budd, first of all don't believe in these half-wits and stop seeing them. They can speak anything to earn some dimes. Second, stop blaming and believing in Kismat or fate. Third, give it a try. If by any chance this astrologer is correct in his prediction, your hard work, determination and zeal of becoming an IAS will surely beat it.And always remember, luck favour those, who work hard. The amount of good luck coming your way depnds on your willingness to work for your dreams. ATB

Why am I not interested in dating anymore?

I really love my job, and feel that having a girlfriend would impede me from focusing and getting to where I want to go in life/career. When I'm asked about dating, I always say I don't want to date anyone right now. I just feel so much better single than with a gf. My ex gfs (3) have all drained the hell out of me. I put my everything into the relationship, and they just took and never gave back the support and love that I gave them. I've started to let loose a lot in terms of weight. I just eat all the time cause for some reason I feel depressed when I think about my failed love life. I have gained about 40 lbs. Anyhow, how do I just stop thinking about ever dating again? It's causing me issues I guess. As a 22 year old guy, I need to figure out how to keep climbing that corporate ladder and making the most of my career. I don't want or need a girl in my life... Ever! They are all selfish.