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Poem Of My Experience In Grade 8 High School

Is this a "normal" high school experience?

Im sorry about everything thats happened to you. Must be rough.

But to be honest, EVERYTHINGS possible to happen in highschool.
What would seem not-normal for me is if someone got through the four years of highschool without being sad or mad at ONE point in those four years.
Of course its normal to have a love / hate relationship with the school. Thats how I feel right now.
You should be happy that you've gone through the eating disorder. It'll take baby steps.
Bullying is also everywhere. You moved, and as much as it sucks to run away from your problems, now you're in a school that there is less bullying. You got to have the chance to have a fresh start.
One of my friends used to smoke, and I'm not even close to being a senior right now. I know it sucks, but you're going to have to be there for your friend. It's really wrong of him/her to be doing so, and honestly, you're going to have to anonymously let somebody know, to get him/her help. They might hate you at first, but they WILL thank you after. Its nearly impossible for someone to stop doing coke alltogether by themselves. They're going to need help.
Just stay away from the smokers. Don't get involved with them. This one IS normal to deal with in highschool. In EVERY highschool there are people to smoke. Just make the right desicion and don't get involved with that stuff.

Highschool isn't going to be the best four years of EVERYONES lives. So far, I'm not enjoying it very much. You're still young. You have college to look forward to. Go somewhere that you will be NOTHING like your highschool. I'm sure Karma will kick in, and you will have amazing years in college. That'll make up for everything thats happened in highschool.
So keep your head up, and look forward to the future.

How was/is your middle school experience? If you are past middle school age, do you ever miss it?

My middle school experience was pretty average. I didn't hate it. I remember people always telling me how bad middle school sucked and everything, but really it was OK. I just stayed with my friends.
I'm actually really surprised I didn't get bullied considering how I dressed and acted. But I'm glad I didn't. It was fun meeting new people.

Sometimes I miss it. At the time I felt so grown up but now I miss it. It was so simple and the teachers were great. Everyone wasn't slutty and did drugs like many at my school do.

I'll probably miss high school once I graduate, too.

What ways did high school help you in a successful life?

I developed a passion for creative writing in the 5th grade, and until I graduated from elementary I kept composition notebooks where I scribbled poetry and stories.But it wasn't until I entered high school that I began to get serious about becoming a writer. I was in my junior year when I represented my class in a couple of essay-writing contests, and after winning a silver medal to one of them, was included among the newspaper staff.I was doing just fine, getting average grades, in subjects like algebra, biology, and chemistry. In my sophomore year, I was a member of the Arts and Photo Club, which was centered on crafts and anything handmade.Those two crucial aspects helped me tremendously later on in life. My mom saw I was persistent about writing, so she didn't think twice about enrolling me in a distance learning program, where I got trained to write short stories and feature articles.I was fairly sociable and had my own friends, and I’m thankful because I got to hone my interpersonal skills partially because I genuinely felt accepted.

Starting High School Tomorrow?

I totally understand. I was super nervous the first day. I'm a junior now, but as a freshman i had no idea what i was doing lol. You want some stories?
Well, first day of freshman year, in my first period class, my English teacher told us we were going to do a poetry assignment and we had to be partners with someone we didn't know from the class. I was partnered with this super shy Chinese girl. I guess we really clicked in some way, because she is now one of my best friends! :)
Another great story, and something that will probably happen to you at least once is: I was coming out of class to go to my next one. I left a binder in my locker that i needed. But as i was going to get it i realized...i didn't remember where my locker was! I mean ran around everywhere trying to figure out how to get to my locker lol! Since we only have 5 minutes between classes, i didn't have time to find it, so i had to go to class without my binder...yeah it was awkward to say the least lol! :)
Haha good times :) Anyways the moral of those stories is that high school really is not as bad as you think. Its surprisingly easy to make friends, even without the help of random poetry assignments. I've met plenty of great people by just giving a friendly smile and saying "hi".
Also, EVERYONE gets nervous before the first day. I remember my older sister's first day of high school, she came home crying because she "hated it". By the second day she was totally fine and had even made a few friends! See? There's nothing to worry about! High school is actually pretty fun once you get there and get used to it. I actually think you will do really well because your gonna join the basketball team, and thats a great way, probably the best way actually, to meet great people and make new friends.
Honestly, don't worry. The only other advice i could think to tell ya is: DON'T SLACK OFF. I know there are those kids who are like "i'm too cool for school" but seriously, you want to try your best to keep your grades up, especially since your doing basketball, which usually requires you maintain a certain GPA. But don't stress too much either. Ask good questions, teachers love that, and asking classmates about homework is another great way to make friends! :)
Anyways, i hope i helped and good luck! :)

I feel so depressed in high school?

I am currently a junior in high school. School started a few weeks ago and ever since it has I have felt really sad and depressed. I really, really dislike my school. The people in my school are mean and most only care about popularity. Luckily, I have two close friends but sometimes I just feel so depressed I don't know what to do :( I joined a drama class, and I am in a play but the people in the play don't seem to like me...I feel like an outsider looking in all the time both in the play and at school. I have suddenly lost interest in all of my schoolwork (something I've been really enthusiastic about my whole life). I have no initiative, and I dread school and my rehearsals. I can be pretty shy and I have a huge fear of putting myself out there and being rejected, which happens to me a lot :( All I want to do is switch schools but I don't want to put my parents through that or abandon my friends. What can I do to survive the next two years of my life? I'm just so unhappy! How did you get through high school and has anyone had a similar experience as mine with advice? Thank you :)

What is the funniest thing ever happend in everyone's school life?

Once we had an English solo song competition in our school. Since my school (Ramjas Public School, Anand Parvat, Delhi) was not a convent or Christian school but a normal public school which had more of desi folks, where we students normally didn't use to listen to English songs. So for that sake my English teacher planned for an english solo song competition as a part of internal assessment when I was in class 9.We were given 3 days to prepare a song of our choice. All of us downloaded and discussed what all songs we were about to sing in the class. While getting busy for preparations I forgot to tell one of my classmate who was absent on the day when the teacher announced for the competition. On the competition day we were revising and singing our songs in front of each other and trying to correct our mistakes in the morning time. The friend who was absent came on the competition day after recovering from illness. He was worried but though he was the naughtiest kid of the class he said I will manage don't worry. When we asked "how?" He responded you just wait and watch. Few of us sang the song. Some stuck while some did it easily. When my friend's turn came he took a pause and started singing "Brazil taa ra ra ra ra raa, taa ra ra ra ra raa brazil" (this was the most played song on weddings and dj at that time) The whole class laughed like mad. The english teacher's face was a mix of humor and anger at that time. She was confused with her feelings. She wanted to laugh and be angry at the same time. This song has only 1 word "brazil" and rest music so it was legally an English song. He got 2 on 10 but we classmates got a memory worth remembering.