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Pokemon X And Y Friend Code Add Me And Ill Add Back

How do you swap friend codes in Pokemon x or y?

If I recall correctly you get friend codes either by trading or battling with someone a few times or by putting in the code manually from the home menu. Just click the icon and make sure that the other person has your code. For instance, my FC is 5257-9631-9874 and my username is OathKeeper. If you wanted to battle me or use my friend safari, all you'd have to do is give me yours otherwise it won't allow interaction between the two of us, y'know?

P.S. That is my real info, so if you want you can put me down, y'know?

Anyone willing to trade Mew in Pokemon Y (i'll trade right back)?

I need Mew for my dex. I don't want to keep it. So if you want to trade with me Mew (or any other Legendaries, i need all of them for my dex) my friend code is 4012-4706-3186. I'm on all the time so just add me and let me know your FC. Like i said, i will trade the pokemon right back. Just trying to complete my dex. Here's a list of all the Legends i need:
Diancie (Kalos special event pokemon)

How do i figure how many iv's my pokemon have?

I'm assuming you are playing Pokémon X or Y. There is no in-game way to know which specific number (0-31) of IVs your Pokémon has. However there is a man in the Kiloude Pokémon Centre - The IV Judge, who can give you a general bracket of what your Pokémon's IVs may be. Here's a link:

However you CAN tell if the Pokémon has any perfect 31IV stats. If he says "I'd say its greatest potential lies within Attack. Stats like those, they simply can't be beat!" means that Pokémon has 31 IVs in the Attack stat. No more, no less.

Note: Any Pokémon caught at the Friend Safari (also in Kiloude City) is guaranteed to have AT LEAST two stats with perfect 31's. It is possible to catch Pokémon with multiple stats with more than two stats with 31IVs. I've caught a Ditto with 4 stats with 31IVs. It makes breeding so much easier.

If you have anymore questions regarding the confuzzlement that is Pokémon IVs, EVs, breeding for natures, moves and abilities, let me know. Also, my Friend Code is 3282-2265-9481, my username is Matt. Add me, leave your own FC and I'll add you back.

How do you add friend safari codes in Pokemon X and Y?

I have a ground safari with nincada diggersby and sandshrew. while on pokemon press home, click on orange smiley face, click register friend click internet and it may say you need to be online (if you wasnt online before) if it does cancel, turn on your 3ds wifi and just move your cards around til yours goes orange then repeat the steps enter friend code then name. Once they have also added you, you can go in their safari to make sure you're online you need to make sure the internet (wifi symbol) says internet because you need to be online and beat the elite 4 for the other person to get the rarer 3rd pokemon. If it isnt just press on it on your touch screen and connect to internet as simple as that :)

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time action replay codes?

Here are some codes for you

Press Y to Restore Belly:
927FFFA8 F7FF0000
121ACCC2 0000270e
121ACCC6 0000270f
D2000000 00000000

Unlock all dungeons (including dummy test dungeons)
C0000000 00000007
122A261A 0000FFFF
DC000000 00000002
D2000000 00000000
9,999,999 Poke$ on you at all times:
0229C060 0098967F

Pokemon 1:

Inf./Max HP:
121ACb92 000003E7
121ACb94 000003E7

Max IQ:
121ACB90 00007FFF

Massive EXP Gain(Hold R):
94000130 FEFF0000
D2000000 00000000

Pokemon 2:

Inf./Max HP:
121ACDC2 000003E7
121ACDC4 000003E7

Max IQ:
121ACDC0 00007FFF

Massive EXP Gain(Hold R):
94000130 FEFF0000
D2000000 00000000

Pokemon 3:

Inf./Max HP:
121ACFF2 000003E7
121ACFF4 000003E7

Max IQ:
121ACFF0 00007FFF

Massive EXP Gain(Hold R):
94000130 FEFF0000
021AD000 00FFFFFF
D2000000 00000000

Pokemon 4:

Inf./Max HP:
121AD222 000003E7
121AD224 000003E7

Max IQ:
121AD220 00007FFF

Massive EXP Gain(Hold R):
94000130 FEFF0000
021AD230 00FFFFFF
D2000000 00000000

Anime Poll: Your Top 5 favourite Anime Characters?


☼ Please choose 5 (or more!) characters.
❖ Post a Youtube video which best showcases their most loveable traits.

For me, characters are the most important aspect of a story, so I hope you guys would share some cool anime characters!

Bonus Questions!!
❦ If an anime has ONE great character but a so-so plot – would you watch it?
ღ How would you spend a day with you favourtie character? Be creative!

Ok crazy long question, I know, feel free to answer as much as you like. BA goes to best explained selections and most interesting videos! ;)

♫ ♪ Funny anime Clip of The Day? ♪ ♫

★ Here's an Example
Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) – the c0*kiest, most arrogant bastard you’ll ever meet. But behind this charmingly disarming mask, lurks the most caring of husbands and fathers. All hail The Prince of Saiyans!!