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Politically Speaking Do You Have A Laser Pointer

Can i use a laser pointer to play with my future parakeet?

i will be a 1st time bird owner, so my parents want its wings clipped so besides perches, to exercise could i use a laser point if i make sure he doesn't look at the bulb just at the red dot, like if i let him chase it on carpet?

how many minutes a day should i exercise him?

Can laser pointers blind people?

“Can laser pointers blind people?”It’s very unlikely, but I would not exclude it completely.When laser hits your eye, you automatically close it to protect it. Below approximately 50mW of laser power, this reflex is fast enough that the energy absorbed by the eye won’t cause permanent damage. Provided that the light is visible.Infrared laser won’t trigger this reflex, and you can be blinded. Diode-pumped solid-state laser - Wikipedia devices, like the 532nm (but not 520nm) green lasers, feature a 808nm infrared pumping laser to excite an Nd-YAG crystal. The pumping laser is much higher power than the light output, often more than one Watt. Significant fraction of the pumping laser leaves the device together with the green light. This is what actually burns, it’s not the green light. And it can be dangerous!Total blindness is extremely unlikely, but you might got yourself some bad pixels on your retina. I stared into a >200mW green laser through an interference filter for a couple of seconds. What I did not know is that besides its normal passband it also let through most of the infrared light. I got burns in my eye. Not serious, I can see perfectly, but under some circumstances the burned pattern is visible.Another issue is blue-violet lasers (405nm) . This wavelength, even when not too intense, has the capability of destroying organic material and causing tissue damage. There are very high powered blue lasers available. Probably they’re the most dangerous ones.

Does shining a laser pointer in your eyes cause instant damage?

NOTE TO READER: This was written as an answer to a question which asked if a laser pointer could cause eye damage. It was merged with the question above, which asks whether it causes instant damage, which is a significant change in the question. A laser pointer can cause damage, but doesn’t necessarily do so, and the damage takes some amount of time in the low-power case.Yes.There are low-power laser pointers which are generally considered pretty safe. But this depends on the eye’s blink reflex when exposed to bright light. If you suddenly see a really bright light (e.g. a welding arc, or the beam of a laser pointer) your instinct is to blink, which takes 0.25 second or less. The “safe” laser pointers have a power level low enough that they will not cause permanent damage in that time, before your eyelid closes. However, if you stare into one of these laser pointers, suppressing the instinct to blink, it is still possible to cause permanent eye damage. So don’t do that.And then there are high-powered lasers in a pen shape, particularly with output power of 5 mW or more. These have enough power in the beam that they can cause permanent damage before you can blink. You shouldn’t be using these lasers at all unless you have taken a laser safety course, and are aware of how to avoid most of the risks they pose. These lasers are too powerful to be safely used as pointers.

You will determine the wavelength of the laser by shining the laser beam on a "diffraction grating", a set of?

you will determine the wavelength of the laser by shining the laser beam on a "diffraction grating", a set of regularly spaced lines. Suppose the pattern is displayed on a screen a distance L from the grating and the spots are separated by s. If the screen is 12 m away, the spots are 4.5 cm apart, and the lines of the grating are separated by 0.4 mm, what is lambda?

Do you think about that eventually at some point anything will be possible, such as laser weapons, starship capabilities, intergalactic politics with other aliens, etc., or anything?

Nice thought and it would be good to think anything is possible. But science suggests some sci fi dreams are not likely. FTL travel for a start is simply not going to happen. Forget the impossible amount of energy required - just think this: space while very empty is not entirely empty and anything however minute struck at FTL speed will have more than enough energy to obliterate the vessel. In any event, even at FTL speeds intergalactic travel would still require centuries or millennia to cover.Thinking about the wider issues I honestly do hope we can find ways to end disease and even have a Star Trek type diagnostic device. And I recjkon settlements on other bplanets might be possible, providing we have enough resources left on Earth to allow it.Biggest problems are not out there anyway - we have far too many people for the resources available long term. We have serious energy depletion problems. Our own poisoning of the planet may reduce food stocks below sustainable levels. And all that assumes the air that we breathe now is still breathable in a few millennia. Oh and climate change might beat us to any solutions anyway. Frankly we need to focus closer to home.

In the army can you bring your own weapons and equipment?

As for the weapon itself, no you may not bring your own. However, I'll use the M-4 as an example, it has several after market items that you can purchase and use. For instance, you may buy a lighterweight stock, different sight mount, or a scope. There are several attachments for them including flashlights that mount to the rifle and laser pointers. The weapon itself, the military needs to be accountable for whatever you use so, they will not allow you to bring your own. Also, be advised, you will not be able to keep any firearm of any sort in your home on post, married or not. It will be able to be checked into your units armory. If you are living off post, you will be able to keep a privately owned weapon in your home. A military issued weapon will never be allowed of post without a military reason.

What do you do in case of home invasion?

We had two home invasion robberies in our neighborhood last week. It is an upscale neighborhood. Mainly older professional couples. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Scared me to death. We make sure our doors are dead bolted, all windows locked.

If we heard intruder in the house, the first thing we would do is call 911.

My husband was a military sharp shooter. He keeps a loaded gun in our bedroom. We are older, would have no chance to physically "fight" off attackers. If possible, my husband would shoot them.

Pray this NEVER happens!