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Politics Did God Bless America And Curse The Rest Of The World

Why Do We Say "God Bless America"?

While we may not be a Christian nation, legally or by intent, historically and to this day Christianity has been a dominant cultural force in the US; people who in another country might be irreligious or even atheist often consider themselves Christian by default. The idea of going to Church on Sunday and saying grace before meals is ingrained into our culture, irregardless of whether you do either or actively practice the religion at all.Asking God to bless the nation is a natural way for someone who identifies with Christianity (or Judaism or Islam, for that matter) to express their patriotism. In a culture where at least paying lip service to being Christian is the norm, it stands to reason that it would be a common patriotic expression.

What does "god bless america" mean?

It means that there is a bit of an obsession with religion and it sort of seems to me that it is a communist statement.

What do the Americans think of the popular phrase they use "God Bless America"? Isn't it egoistic and self-centered? Why not "God bless the world"?

Nationalism is both subtle, obvious, yet brutal, as you have pointed out. There are numerous examples: 中国 or (PRC) is referred to as 'center country' I.e. Center of the known world (a lot of western text refers it to the Middle Kingdom, which is a more romantic view of state of affairs). PRC continues to use this to this day, but likes to refer itself as Middle Kingdom, in a self deprecating way. It will only be a matter of time, before it reverts to its original identity. So, Americans may like to refer to themselves in their archaic form (Atheism is actually undermining this term. I've seen atheist cringe at this utterance), but it's not wholly egotistic, nor self-centered... Only a natural form self-identity.

How arrogant is the phrase, "God bless America"?

It's a prayer. It doesn't imply we should be blessed any more than any other country any more than if I say to you, "Have a nice day," it means I wish you to have a better day than anyone else.

To most people God is a known entity, whether you like it or not. If that is offensive to you, then just try and find somewhere in this world where He, or some false god, is not and move there. Good luck...

You sound like one of those people who go looking for things that offend them and then are indignant when they find them.

Is America blessed because of Israel?

Many Christians and Messianic Jews in the US believe that America is blessed and prosperous because she stands with Israel on many issues and has always been her ally. The Bible tells us that G-d will bless the nation that blesses Israel. Do Israeli Jews see this as being true? To me it seems true. One needs only to have eyes to see the difference between a country like pakistan (who hates Jewish people) and America (Israel's ally). I love Israel because G-d loves her. I do not want to be found standing with the goats when He finds me. with love, from your American friend

Who came up with "God bless America, and no place else"?

Who came up with "God bless America, and no place else"?From the start, the phrase, “God Bless America” has been a request, from the people of America to God asking for His blessing.Now there are those who take issue with the idea of a “god” or of any kind of monolithic “American people” and they easily find fault in this for non-obvious reasons.Those who are easily offended often look for offense even when none is intended. Take for example, the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” To most people, this simply means, “hey, we matter too.” But easily offended types hear “only black lives matter.” If that is what you hear, then yes, it is offensive. The only problem is that they are misunderstanding intent behind the original statement.In the same way, when we say “God Bless America,” some people hear “God bless only America” when that’s not what is being asked.So someone from the Army of the Perpetually Offended heard “God Bless America” and assuming the worst assumed the request was exclusive.There are no Americans of any kind, anywhere that say “God Bless America and no place else.” It’s a straw man argument that’s meant to divide, not solve problems.

How did " God Bless America " be coined?

God Bless America is a commonly uttered phrase by American politicians that is used as a subtle reminder to Americans who might have forgotten that, like any good parent, God picks favorites, and the favorite he picked is America.The phrase was coined in the 1950s, during some of the most dangerous days of the Cold War. Many Americans feared that nuclear war would annihilate the whole country. "God Bless America" was used to invoke God's blessings, some of which theoretically may have included some sort of immunity to nuclear warheads. For all we know, it was, and still is, 100% effective.However, the Moral Majority believed that the liberal policies adopted by the Clinton administration with regard to abortion and gays caused God to remove His blessing on America.Republicans have free license to conclude speeches with the phrase, or use it to indicate to audience members when it is appropriate to wave their tiny plastic American flags; however, if Democrats use the phrase, it is because they are pandering and playing politics.The Song (1834)God Bless America is also the name of a very, very patriotic song that all Americans can sing without hesitation. Five times daily, while facing Houston, America's oil capitol. | Sarcasm.Src: www.pinterest.comThe lyrics begin:God bless the land that gave us birth! No prayer but this know we. God bless the land, of all the earth, The happy and the free. And where's the land like ours can brave The splendor of the day. And find no son of hers a slave? God bless America! God bless the land, the land beloved Forever and for aye! God bless the land that gave us birth. God bless America!

Can Americans tell the difference between "God Bless America", and a country that is cursed?

Cursed? What do you mean by "cursed" exactly?Because to be cursed in general terms, is to be stricken with a seemingly not unrelated chain of unfortunate events that the more supersititious amongst us start to refer to as "cursed" with other implications of supernatural phenomena and additional uneducated conjecture, somehow implying a "streak of bad luck", which again, supposes a belief in luck, as if the prior notions weren't ridiculous enough on their own.And are you referring to the USA or to America, the continent that stretches from Alaska to Argentina? America is not a country, it's a continent. Your question is cryptic at best. Please clarify your intent and context.

Why do Americans only ask for God to bless the USA? Why don't they ask for God to bless the world?

Maybe the writers of that on our currency forgot Jesus’s order “to love thy neighbour”.