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Politics Should We Give Amnesty To All Of Mexicans In Mexico To Come To Usa

Is the U.S. giving abnesty to mexican immigrants who have more than two years in here illigally?

Well, I hope not.

Why do so many Americans support illegal Mexican immigrants?

As a non-American this always amuses me. The myth of "American exceptionalism" must have some truth to it since so many Americans seem to suffer from illusions of grandeur. I know the US is isolated and its news is US-centric, but really?

The people who argue Mexicans are escaping suffering at home - really? o.O Spoken by people who've never set foot in Mexico or have any knowledge of the country.

Mexico is NOT a poor country. It's also ranked 53/182 in the top of the HDI (Human Development Index) rankings. Currently it's in the "High Human Development" category ahead of most of Eastern and Central Europe.

Mexico is not at war. Mexico is not suffering from a natural disaster.

In short - there is absolutely no reason Mexicans should be allowed to get illegally into the US. The ones who leave Mexico are the poorer ones but that's hardly an excuse to leave the country. What do you think Canada would do if all of Detroit tried to cross into Canada (because they're poor and Canada has a higher HDI than the US)?

Quit the nonsense, please. Anyone have any REAL argument why illegal immigrants should be tolerated?

Mexicans... not wanted?

I am mexican and have mixed feelings about the whole immigration crap. I understand... if you want to come to the US you need to do it legally... but if you ever lived in Mexico, you would understand why millions have risked their lives crossing that deadly border. America is the escape, the american dream. We are hard working people who are willing to take the jobs "american" refuse to do. We pick the cotton and the fruit, we mow and pick up so the yards will look clean, we wash the Mercedes and the Hummers.... why don't we, as americans, have a little heart. For those who are seeking amnesty and want to do it legally, let them. I have it tough. I am discrimanated for being Mexian American... but when I visit Mexico, I am discriminated for being "white". Walk in the shoes of a mexican... maybe you will all think differently.

Just wanted to share a thought.

What is the motive behind Republican politicians favoring amnesty for illegal (Mexican) immigrants?

More than 3 decades ago Ronald Reagan said the following words on immigration policy during his campaign for President:“Rather than talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some recognition of our mutual problems?  Make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit. And then, while they’re working and earning here they can pay taxes here. And then when they want to go back, they can go back. Open the borders both ways.”Another part of his speech in those days was "the crops are dying in the field."And today's agricultural, hospitality and construction industries all have a dearth of workers at any wage.It's not just Mexicans. Central and South Americans are employed in these areas. Moreover home health care is dominated by Ghanaians and Filipinos.

Why not grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the US today and then clamp down on the borders afterwards?

Immigration policy in any country and under any government is a complicated beast (unless your economy is so trashed that no one else in the world wants to live there, but at that point you've got other issues to work through).  The shortest answer to your question is that trying to "clamp down the borders" is famously easier said than done.Basically, almost every effort to geographically control a large population in the history of the world has failed.  There are tens of thousands of North Koreans living abroad despite the country's vehemently closed borders[1].  More than a million Cubans live in the United States or elsewhere despite having an entire ocean to cross before reaching amnesty[2].  Oh, and remember the Berlin Wall?  By one estimate over its 28 years of existence 672,000 East Germans made it out from behind the Iron Curtain by other routes anyway[3].  Stalin would have been ashamed.This wall didn't actually workAs an American I have to look at this question from a humanitarian perspective, which complicates things even more.  What specific actions are available to us beyond the periodic border patrols and legality checks for criminals we already perform?  Policies like Arizona's attempts to proactively identify illegal immigrants by race are as unethical as they are legally tenuous.  And the much-debated border fence idea has been demonstrated to effectively slow down prospective immigrants -- by all of 20 seconds[4].  That's not to mention how ticked off implementing any of the above options would make those Latino-Americans who are legal and eligible to vote, a rapidly increasing segment that is now 11 percent of the electorate[5].So what options do we have?  Basically, we can sabotage our own economy until it is an unattractive prospect for potential immigrants (I lived in Spain for the last two years, and their illegal immigration "problem" is rapidly disappearing as their large population of immigrants abandon ship for other countries with more available work), or we can learn to accept the fact that as long as America is a free, prosperous country, people will go so far as to risk their lives to make it here.  I find the second option more appealing.[1] North Korean defectors[2] Cuban exile[3] Growing Number Of East Germans Escaping To West[4] Costly fence on US-Mexico border is effective – only in hurting nature[5] Record High Number Of Eligible Latino Voters

Has any politician ever proposed that the answer to illegal immigration is to work with the Mexican government to make living conditions better there?

No politician would ever promise the use of domestic resources for the altruistic benefit of a foreign country. Official development aid always has some benefit for the 'donor' country. This is a key part in International Relations (IR). The most influential IR theorists agree that there are two peaceful means of exercising power: aid and propaganda. You can see this when aid agencies declare this in their mission and objectives. From US Aid website:Our mission: We partner to end extreme poverty and promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing our security and prosperity.Even Mexico's aid agency is selfish. It has a department of cultural and economic promotion.Why is this relevant? Because otherwise it would be very hard to secure operating resources. It would then be a charity and it could not use public money.That's why no US politician would ever suggest to fix problems in Mexico to voters: they don't want their tax money spent on others, even if it would really stop immigration.The European Union also has their aid agency and they work in hand-picked countries and projects because of these same reasons. In fact they have an entire policy called "vicinity policy" where they support their neighborhood to stop problems before they reach them. That's why they put money into Turkey to stop Syrian refugees. Some may argue that the US Marshall Plan made Europe redevelop after the war. However it was far from altruistic and it really gave the US control over European economy to secure payments, and contained the Soviet Union. Two final notes: No country has ever developed through aid. Germany, Japan, the US, Canada, Korea... Only Korea received aid and it was not the main driver.Immigration from Mexico to the US is below net zero. That means many Mexicans are coming back. Through a combination of better conditions in Mexico and increased hardships in the US, more are returning than those leaving. Therefore, it is more attractive for polititians to use a foreign scapegoat, appealing to people's ignorance and xenophobia than to address domestic issues directly.PS. I'm Mexican.

With the Chupacabra population growingin Mexico, would it not count as amnesty to allow mexicans into the U.S.

Wild Chupacabras are growing out of control in Mexico, and making it unsafefor the innicent people that live southof the boarder or " The kill zone" as it has beginng to be called. Most Mexican citizens are not fleeing to the U.S. out of economic depression, but out of fear for their lives.

To deport undocumented citizens, would to throw them into pit of teeth,claws,and hungry bellies.

The Chupacaabra epidemic has made it unsafe in all parts of Mexico, except the parts that would effect our tourism industry, so you can still vaction in Mexico with out having to worry about a Chupacabra attack.

Why do illegals deserve to be granted amnesty?

Illegals have no rights. Period....End of story.

Cuban Immigrants vs. Mexican Immigrants. Fair?

It seems as thought everyone defending the Cuban immigration aspect is citing the fact that there is a communist dictatorship in Cuba...there was a dictatorship in Cuba before Castro also and the US had no problem with it because Batista allowed the US to run Casinos and open factories and make major money off of the island...when Castro took over one of the first things he did was nationalize all assets in the country and the US was not happy with this...we have been doing things to spite him ever since. US interest in Cuba has nothing to do with helping Cubans, it has to do with getting back at Castro. Our government doesn't do anything out of the kindness of their hearts. With Mexican immigration, rich Republicans are able to hire illegal immigrants at low wages and reap the benefits of keeping their money in their pockets...again, a winning situation for the government.

Cuban Immigrants vs. Mexican Immigrants. Fair?

Why are Americans so up in arms about illegal Mexican immigrants possibly getting amnesty and work permits? Cubans have been coming to American for decades and the immigration policy for them is basically "if they make it to the US they get asylum and a green card". Mexicans too are fleeing a corrupt government, poor conditions, and a horrible economy.

The current "wet foot, dry foot" immigration policy where if they are caught at sea they are return but if they reach US soil they are allowed to stay was enacted in 1995. Details on the policy are available at:,_d...

What ever happened to equal protection under the law? You cannot, constitutionally, treat Mexican immigrants any differently than you treat immigrants from any other nation.

Either end the special treatment of Cuban immigrants or grant the same special treatment to ALL immigrants.