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Politics What Do All Low-income Minority Poverty Zones Have In Common

Does anyone know how can I find information about Mexico?

Click on the link below for any information that you need, also you can use the search window on that page to find more information. This way you don't have to look though all the information above to find what you want.,2643,en_33873108_33873610_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Why do people say poverty breeds crime, not race?

To be politically correct.

In the USA Afro-Americans comprise 13% of the population but they cause 55% of the crime, and 67% of all capital crimes (murder, rape, etc.). These are FBI statistics and are not made up. You can find these statistics on the FBI yearly crime report on the web.

We currently have 12 million illegal Mexicans who are breaking the law for every second they spend on U.S. soil.

But its all white people's fault? Even ethinc caucasians like Irish, Italians, Greeks, Polish, Lithuanians, etc. who arrived after slavery was over?

Why is the poverty rate of African-Americans so much greater than the overall rate in the US?

Your table starts with the year 1959. Voter suppression and Jim Crow laws as well as defacto and dejeure segregation in housing, jobs and education were widespread, Disproportionate & unjust incarcerationLet's go back further than that, thoughLet's highlight somethings :Not only did economic reparations not get made to slaves as promised, economic reparations were made to slave holders. Wow. How's that for justice?As Dennis Copeland points out, the majority of African Americans aren't living in poverty, but they are overrepresented in poverty and the the justice system/ prison system.So, when we look at why any American who lives in poverty, regardless of their racial or ethnic identity, there can be any host of individual circumstances that lead them there. Job loss, medical problems, mental health or learning issues, substance abuse, etceteraAll of those issues apply to individual black Americans who live in poverty. Just add on the additional barriers of racism in the justice system, housing , education and job market.

Does poverty breed crime, or does crime breed poverty?

too much breeding leads to inbreeding

What actions would you support to reduce carbon emissions?

4 is a shot in the dark and not likely to be useful. "Spend a bunch of money and hope." How long has it taken for new energy technologies to come online in sufficient amounts in the past? How long do we have?

Globally, cap and trade seems to be the only sure-fire option for reduction, because it is verifiable to some degree. But it's likely completely unrealistic to get that agreement anytime soon.

In the end, and it will make people howl, we need to make fossil fuel use more expensive. It's the only way to reduce use. That doesn't have to mean our energy bill is significantly more expensive though; it means we need to be prudent and efficient and make better use of renewable sources.

(I've cut my electricity use in half in the past year, much of it through simple actions that did not reduce my quality of life one bit. Electricity could have gone up by 2x, I'd have the same bill, and the environment would be that much cleaner.)

James Hansen had an interesting idea:

"The government must face the fact that fossil fuel use will not decline rapidly unless a rising fee is added to fossil fuels, a fee that should be collected from fossil fuel companies at the source before the first sale. Such a carbon fee will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for fossil fuels. Therefore it is important that 100 percent of the collected funds be distributed to the public, preferably as a monthly “green check,” although the funds could be used in part to reduce taxes. This “fee and green check” approach would leave about 60 percent of the public receiving more from the green check than they would pay in increased energy prices. The objective is to reward people who reduce their carbon footprint and to stimulate the development of clean energies."

It's an interesting idea, but I'm no economist, and I have no idea if this is plausible or not.

What do you know about Mauritius?

It's a beautiful island full of fine people of all races and religions living cheek-by-jowl. It's the first place I ever saw a Chinese man who spoke with a French accent. I had no trouble getting around because I'm conversant in French. Visited Port Louis twice in 2001; would love to go back and see more.

Liberalism? Conservative? What do these really mean?

Wow...good job! Pretty much sums it up and yeah...prepare to be attacked with namecalling. I'm sure they are on their way!