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Poll What Video Game Do You Play The Most

What Kind of Video Games do you like to play?

online: i like to play audition, which is a dancing game, on Wii, i like to play mario and sonic at the olympic winter games, on nintendo DSi, i like to play mario party and mario kart, on playstation 2, i like to play dance dance revolution 1 and 2 and in some random arcade, i like to play car races ;D

How much for these video games?

I agree, $70 is quite a bit. I would say, maybe $50 - $60 at most. That's still asking for a lot. Those games are pretty old, and most of them aren't worth much. If you're looking to buy these games, either try to talk the seller down, or find them somewhere else.

Do you prefer to play video games or do sports?

I would say I will prefer both Sports & Video Games. The reason why i pick both is Playing Video Games helps us to think smart and find a solution in real quick time. Where sports helps me to stay fit as well as think smart (forming Strategies).But the negative side of Playing video games are getting addicted to it.“Feelings of restlessness and/or irritability when unable to play. Preoccupation with thoughts of previous online activity or anticipation of the next online session. Lying to friends or family members regarding the amount of time spent playing”.While playing sports helps me to maintain a good physique and mind will be always active. I personally play a lot of Volleyball, Table Tennis and I love to Swim. Playing volleyball helps me build few muscles. While swimming helps to stay lean and TT helps in improving my concentration.“Outdoor Sports are better than Video Games”But both are important to relieve stress and have some fun with our friends.

Should I watch a movie or play a video game?

Watch Reservoir Dogs if you like Quentin Terrentino. His movies are very original and this is his first big movie. Also considered a cult classic. It is a little more serious than Pulp Fiction if you ever saw that.

Poll: best video game developer's?

For me Ubisoft, Lucas Arts, Blizzard, Epic Megagames, Valve, Nintendo (and more names), Rockstars, Edios, Team Ico, Sonic Team (some are great). For more i'll think about.

And it could be a EA and Capcom games even Ubisoft getting down a little bit too (of course older games are clearly great and not THAT much a newer games)

Even for the one game that i like it developer's is Supergiant Games.

How To Make A Video Game Club?

Lets see...
1. Have you asked principle/counselor if you can make the club? That's important.
2. Chances are you wouldn't be able to play video games. It's a possibility but you would need a lot of supplies and transport it a lot. The school also simply might say 'no'.
3. Generally in a club, you would talk about video games instead of actually playing them. Maybe do polls on stuff and see who likes what game the most, etc. That would work.
4. If you wanted to play video games, you could play handhelds. You guys could all bring DS, 3DS, PSP, and Vita and have gaming sessions.

That's all the advice I have. Good Luck!

Video Game Poll: Super Mario Bros. (NES) vs. Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) vs. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)?

Super Mario 3 takes the cake...the graphics are better, the levels are more colorful, the maps are really nice.
It is one of the BEST games ever created by man.

I did NOT like Super Mario didn't feel like a Mario Game, it was strange and not very fun to play.

I don't like the first Mario was too 80's for me, and we all know those 80's games get boring after a while. There was little to no variation in the levels.

Do conservatives play video games?

Yes, just about all demographics play video games today.A survey comparing player's favorite game genres against their general political philosophy was conducted in 2014 by Urbanfifth, a website about "opinion and analysis on the latest trends shaping our world."  This poll came up with these findings from 671 responses:žThe three most conservative genres are first person shooters, fighting, and sports – in fact, players from these three genres account for more than half of all responses to the right of center. žThe most progressive were roleplaying gamers and the two varieties of strategy gaming, turn-based and real-time. These three progressive genres also accounted for the largest number of total responses.Libertarian sentiments are widespread across the gaming community, with only simulation and sports scoring above the neutral “0″ mark.The modest support for authoritarian policies shown by simulation players is an interesting exception that invites speculation, though the relatively small pool of simulation responses might be skewed by a few dozen particularly zealous micro-managers.Source: The Politics Of Gamers: Does What You Play Reflect What You Believe?

When do teens stop playing video games?

On their 20th birthday. They’ll never play a video game as a teenager again!Seriously, speaking from experience, when I moved out of my parent’s house and couldn’t afford a computer or gaming console I stopped playing games. I had to pay rent, eat and utilities, not to mention spend a substantial amount of money for hanging out with friends and dating. Once I had better work, it became easier to find money to spend on entertainment devices like gaming consoles and software, but that wasn’t always a priority.Gaming is no different from reading or listening to music or any other hobby that someone can have. If you have a problem with a teenager that’s spending too much time playing video games, then limit their time on the machine. I assume you’re a parent and you have that ability. If they say “I’m 18 and I can do what I want” then say “Okay, go do it somewhere else” and let them fly.Chances are, they’ll fall flat on their faces and start living life and go on to be awesome adults that will realize that there are many things out there that can keep them entertained. You will probably disapprove of all of them.I gamed a lot when I was young. My dad constantly complained that I was wasting my time and wouldn’t amount to anything. Now I have a great job in IT and can afford to raise my children and complain that they’re wasting their time, too! Circle of life, man!

How many hours do you spend playing video games a week?

(Photo credit: The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team)Based on my experiences players could be divided into two main categories based on the time spent on gaming/practicing:Hobby player - Specialty: Playtime fluctuates day by day - There are days when up to 8 hours spent on gaming and there are days when there is almost zero games.Altogether in a month period hobby players doesn’t play more than 25 hours a week, even if they have 2–3 days when they played more than 12 hours.Pro players (Tier 1) - Specialty: Constant practice hours - There is an approx. 3-4 hours personal practice and 2–3 hours of team practice period within a day (6–7 days per week). The key factor is that these practice hours doesn’t vary. Tournaments are another issue, where you have to travel plus you are not aware with every circumstance of the venue and you have a lot of “must to have” programs like photoshooting. These events doesn’t have a positive effect on the practice schedule of the team.In overall pro players practice more than 40 hours a week in an average season.A personal comment: playtime doesn’t determine how good are you in a game, but helps to master motor skills.