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Poll When Sleeping Do You Dream More When Taking A Nap Or Sleeping Through The Night

How do I stop dreaming continuously at night? I have hollow eyes and cheeks due to this, and I feel tired all day. I also seem to have a slight headache for a couple of hours during the day. Any solution for this?

I’m sorry to hear that. But I would say that dreams are not a reason. More probable are bad sleep hygiene and stress/nerves/anxiety. Read this, it might be very helpful.To get a full night’s sleep it is important to take care of your sleep hygiene and relax before bedtime.Tips:Take warm, long bath. Relax before bedtime. You can use aroma lamp with essential oils.Open windows. Make your bedroom cooler and provide that way enough oxygen. Temperature has to be comfortable for you.Go for a walk or do light physical exercise. Stretch out gently. Sport reduces cortisol - hormone of stress; your blood pressure and heart beat shall come back to norm.Listen to relaxing music. Or white noise.Get a snack like: bananas, dairy, avocados, lean proteins like poultry or fish, and nuts. They make you drowsy.Try sleep supplements: chamomile tea or valerian.Lavender oil - add it to bath, on your pillow, on your clothes. It has many healing properties and can be used to reduce anxiety.What you should avoid:Using computer or television for minimum 1,5 hour before sleep. Blue light decrease the secretion of melatonin.Drinking caffeine - caffeine makes your heart race and you can feel more nervous or anxiety.Working out too intensely before bedtime.Eating high-fat food or junk food.To reduce stress try this relaxing techniques:Breathing exercises “ 4-7-8 Method” (created by Harvard-trained physician Dr. Andrew Weil)Place the tip of your tongue behind your two front teeth.Exhale completely.Close your mouth.Inhale through your nose for four seconds.Hold your breath for seven seconds.Exhale completely through your mouth again for eight seconds.Count seconds, that way you will focus on this and your thoughts won’t wander.Repeat until you fall asleep.Another thing is sleep patter and your chronotype.A person's chronotype indicates how a person may perform at different times of day. Chronotype refers to the people’s regular rising and bedtimes. Some people are morning larks and rise early and are more active in the morning. Others are night owls and sleep late, being more active in the evenings and late nights.You can check here your chronotype: MCTQ - Main Page and learn at what time you should go to bed.Remember to keep one sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time (both during weekends and weekdays).

Poll: it's 4am... Should I sleep or do a all nighter?

You have school you need to sleep *hugs*

Does dreaming when napping mean I'm not getting enough sleep at night?

Let us talk a little about the relationship between dreams and REM. Some people use phrases like "dream sleep" and "REM sleep" interchangeably, but this is not correct for most people. A better synonym is "vivid dream sleep". Dreams during REM tend to be lifelike or sometimes even more intense than life. Dreams during other sleep phases tend to be pale, drifting, or thought-like. Especially early in the night, it can be hard for many people to tell dreams apart from thoughts. This may lead to false insomnia, in which a person wakes up from sleep believing that they have stayed awake.If your dreams during naps are not lifelike (give or take a bit) then it is probably not REM sleep, but simply that you have not slept deeply enough to not dream.It is considered unusual to have vivid dreams shortly after falling asleep, but it is not necessarily a symptom of any serious problems. You should look at a broader context. Why do you nap in the first place? Are you often tired during the day? Are you tired outside of the "siesta time" in the early afternoon? (Even in cultures where people work through this time, it is common to feel drowsy around 2 PM solar time; this seems to be biologically imprinted in our species, although some people experience it more than others and some not enough to register consciously at all.) If you become sleepy suddenly and outside of the nighttime and siesta time, and you instantly begin to dream when you fall asleep, then yes you probably have a disturbance in your REM pattern, possibly borderline narcolepsy. In such cases you should try to get referred to a sleep lab for further tests, if you live in a state or province with such facilities.But if you simply nap routinely to feel refreshed in the afternoon, without any sense of compulsion or "irresistible sleepiness", then there is unlikely to be a problem. And if the dreams are not particularly vivid, then it may not be REM sleep at all; you may simply have a better memory for dreams than the average napper.

Can you fall asleep in Heaven? Can you take naps or yawn?

No believers are forced to worship God for eternity, no breaks.

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Why do I dream all night every night?

There have been some people that say if your left handed you dream more. You may have an over active imagination. I understand where your coming from with the dreaming side. I dream all the time. I can take a nap and dream, and I dream while I'm half awake trying to go to sleep. Everybody dreams, though most don't remember dreaming. My husband says he never dreams, but I wake up several hours before him and he's talking in his sleep, moving ect. It may not be the dreams that are making you so tired in the mornings, it may be your sleeping habits. You may be sleeping to little or to much. You should try playing with your sleep schedule before you spend your money on a sleep specalist. Usually your body tells you when to wake up. The first time you wake up in the morning is when you should get up, when you go back to sleep it acually decreases the rest you acually did get. I really noticed this when I was in that sleeping 12 hours phase, I would feel groggy and slow all day untill I was ready to go to sleep the next night. If that's not you try sleeping and hour less or more than usual and see how you feel. Your not going to get rid of your dreams, and honestly would you really want to. That's one of my favorite times of the day, there kind of like little vacations without spending the money on plane tickets. If it doesn't work you might have to go see a sleep specialist. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

Crying when/while you sleep/wake up?

when i was younger, i can remember waking up and be crying. i couldnt remember what the dreams were (and i still can't remember many of my dreams). i just know that i woke up crying really hard for no apperent reason. i have read stuff on REM sleep, and other stages of sleep, but i can't seem to find a reason for crying when i was sleeping. it seemed that i had been crying for several minutes before i woke up. i dont think it had anything to do with those days that i woke up crying because they were just like any other day. i also seem to know when i have a dream. i can never remember what my dreams are, but i can tell a general idea of the mood in my dream. it was a while ago, several years, but i cant remember ever feeling those dreams. i cant even remember a mood in them. i just knew that i woke up crying. nothing really presented itself to me as to why i woke up crying. it happened several times, and was fairly frequent when i was younger. at the time, i was between the ages of 3 and 9 or so. i am 13 now, but i do remember waking up crying often. and, even then, at the age i was, i understood what was happening, and i tried to deduce what was happening and why. i was not an unintellegent child then, and i dont percieve myself as unintellegent now either. but, i still couldnt find any reason for it happening.

well, thanks for any answers you may give. i hope you all have a great day!!!


Why do I always have bad dream sleeping at daytime?

Often daytime naps are necessary when you’re intellectually tired out from thinking or stressing about stuff. If this is the case, your nap will continue to reflect your stressed out mind and give you bad dreams. If this is the case, then you can try something called Power Napping, it’s a ten minute meditation period in which you stop your mind from stressing so much. Set your phone alarm for 10 minutes, then sit back, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath, in and out, just that and those words, in and out. You’ll get bored or think of other stuff, but always bring yourself back to in and out. If you do this for a week or so, you’ll get good at it, and it may replace your daytime sleeping habits and refresh your mind and spirit.Good luck.

I have PTSD and am becoming increasingly afraid to go to sleep at nite for fear of dreaming. What should I do?

Why are you on so much medication? Some of those meds can cause paranoia and other unwanted side affects.

Are you seeing a therapist? Not a counselor or whatever, but a therapist. I hope your insurance can cover it.

The only thing that can help PTSD is time, good therapy and restructuring your thought processes away from the fear caused by the trauma. Good friends who are encouraging and understanding can help a great deal. Stay away from people who are hurtful; it will only exaburate the symptoms. Be good to yourself during this time, try to do enjoyable things.

You are strong, you've gotten through the trauma. Hang in there, good things are coming your way.