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Post Panic Attack Stomach Ache And Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, stomach pain and gas?

Ok so.. I always get these weird panic attacks like once a month. There always at night, when I'm in bed. They come out of NOWHERE! It's very annoying.
That day, I had a ton of cookies and like 3 cans of soda. I'm terrible I know. I don't have soda that often.

that night in bed

It first starts with stomach and bloating pain. Then I start going into a panic mode. I can't stop thinking about my stomach pain and the bad gas(not farting(lol) just pain in my lower instestin)
I feel like I'm going to die.
I feel the need to burp to make me feel better.

I went to the bathroom and (akward, but whatever) I tryed to go #2. and I couldn't. so I went back to bed, and I felt normal for like 5 minutes, and then it came back!
It's very annoying.
Its Longer than I've ever had one.

I went to sleep and I woke up ok. Feeling fine, as always!

But I was about to leave for the bus stop and it happend again. I got gas pain. and stomach pain.

I got scared. I toke a gasx. and it helped with the bloating a little and my panic attack went away.
I had stomach pain and a little bloating though the day, till I went to the nurse and got a tums in 2nd hour. Then I was okay by 4th hour.

I feel fine now, but I'm scared that it's gonna happen agian. I don't want to eat much, because of it. And I can't stop thinking that I'm gonna have one again.

What's going on!!??? Help!
<3 jenn

Why do I get anxiety/stomach aches/panic attacks every night?

I would see a psychiatrist. It sounds like you may have an Anxiety disorder, or possibly Bipolar disorder. I've had the same symptoms for about 8 years now. it comes and goes, but after seeing my psychiatrist and getting on meds and having therapy sessions, I learned to deal with them easier and it happens way less often.

Also, it might not have anything to do with specific circumstances. Depression, Bipolar disorder, and Anxiety disorders don't always have a direct cause. The stress from your life doesn't help, but some things are hereditary, or you're just unlucky, like me.

Panic attack and back pain?

Yep all of those things. You will find that at night you are not sleeping well and probably tensing muscles or fighting yourself as you sleep. Net result is muscle spasm back pain during the day.

Tummy will be upset to. The fight or flee response demands we empty ourselves to lighten the load so toilets are usually on the agenda when anxious. Swallowing air gives us tummy pains and flatulence so simply don't expect to feel normal or comfortable when anxious.

Also realise that it is the anxiety plain and simple that creates these symptoms, banish the anxiety and you banish the symptoms.

Understand why you feel these symptoms through panic, mitigate them by breathing slow deep and easy and learning distraction techniques. Then practice cool calm thinking to deliver cool calm experiences.

Easy to write a bit harder to make it happen but practice makes perfect.

Read up on panic disorder and believe that it is a very common and relatively easily cured ailment.

Why do I have symptoms like a panic attack after eating?

Mcdonald's apple pie is considered junk food. And people with sensitive stomachs will be even more uncomfortable. I suggest you eat only one at a time and not everyday if you can. Also orange hi-c is also made of junk like high fructose syrup which is very bad for you. The only good thing it has that is good is vitamin C. I noticed with myself that when I have something that has high vitamin C, I start to get stomach cramps like I have to go to the bathroom and thats because vitamin C causes me to have a bowel movement. It is also pretty easy to mistake an anxiety attack with stomach cramps.
I hope I've helped.

Can panic attacks cause rib cage pain?

yes. Psychosomatic painI battled physical manifestations of anxiety for 2 years. Yes. Your muscles can tighten causing pain and discomfort in your chest and rip cages. Practice belly breathing, try biofeedback, get plenty of sleep, and go see a doctor.If you (or someone you love) is struggling with panic attacks then I probably don’t need to tell you how horrible they can be. Let’s be honest, horrible is putting it lightly.Maybe everyone experiences it a little differently but when I was asked to describe what my first one felt like I could only think of one reply: death.I’m no ta fan of the medication options. They didn’t work for me and the side effects were worse than any upside I saw. Obviously, the snake oil and homoeopathy snake oil isn’t any better.Then there’s the DARE technique book. While I wouldn’t normally point anyone towards a self-help book this one really did improve my life. You can see my experiences with it (and how to download the whole audiobook free) Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast (Complete Audiobook Free)

Does coffee cause panic attacks?

If you suffer from panic attacks the physiological effects of caffeine can feel similar to anxiety, the kind of anxiety you may feel just before the onset of a panic attack. Caffeine doesnt cause panic attacks, but it can lead to consciously or subconsciously fearing the onset of a panic attack. The simple solution is to drink decaffeinated coffee.If you’re looking for a proper solution to panic attacks I’d heavily suggest taking a look at 60 Second Panic SolutionIt is an easy implication. For most anxious people, coffee can trigger anxiety in such degree, and most panic attack starts after an accumulate anxiety. For me, yes.I avoid drinking coffee for almost 1 year, and just start enjoying it again recently. The problem were not only it could trigger the anxiety but also my stomach upset.I think it can aggravate and possibly cause panic attacks. Its a two-edged sword, in that the caffeine can help to alleviate headaches and help with those suffering from insomnia, but it can also cause other issues.

What is safe to eat when I've had several panic attacks the previous day, causing severe stomach ache and back pain? Dairy and fatty foods seem to be a true no go at times like these, although normally, they aren't.

Well You need to Stop taking caffeine in any form, whether it be coffee or carbonated drinks like Coke. Cut down your Salt intake. Eat Bananas between the meals and start doing some moderate intensity exercises like Brisk walking. Practice Meditation with deep breathing exercise as it will help a lot to get back the respiratory rythm. Remember one thing that during a panic attack, our body releases adrenaline which activates fear mechanism of the body, hence tensing the muscles around chest, neck and back. To calm your body, you need to learn some relieving techniques. Daily exercise but do not overdo! You need to challenge your body not torture it. So start slowly with brisk walking and after every 10 days increase your walking speed. Then gradually turn your walking to Jogging. And don’t forget to Meditate for atleast 20 mins before going to bed.There is no restriction on eating healthy food. But if you experience upset stomach, try to limit dairy products and increase your fruit intake. And also drink 3 litres of clean water daily.Hope this answer helps.