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Preschooler Bullied In School Often Don

Are kids that get good grades bullied at your school?

By "good grades" I mean B+ to- A+ most of the time.

You always hear stereotypes about school and how the "smart" kids tend to be outcasts due to the fact they get good grades. I've heard a few school kids say that too.

However in elementary it seems that most of the pooular kids were popular because of their friendliness and grades. Mostly grades.
For example, I'm not friendly at all, and yet it seemed like everyone in my class liked me for some reason.

However in junior high it changed. I never payed attention to my fellow students though, so I wouldn't know how.

Why would someone bully someone because of their grades? That sounds like the bully has self esteem problems or something. But then again, isn't that what usually causes people to bully? Some sort of problem.

My Child is Being Bullied at School (Kindergarten)?

I used to get bullied at nursery school (this girl used to strangle me) and I refused to go in for ages because the group was quite small with only 3 girls and some boys. I think it has effected me in later life as in now I hate going to school (im graduating this year). You should go straight to the Principal! And if not, move her, or talk to the boy's parents.

If a child is regularly abused at home and bullied at school, what kind of effect do you think this would have on a kid?

That sound like a recipe for kids that end up bringing guns to school and committing a mass shooting. Very often kids who become shooters have been bullied, or have some serious problems at home.It has to be horribly traumatic for kids who don’t have a safe place to go. School is misery and home is misery. They need to have some kind of refuge. Somebody who is supportive and understanding. They need somebody… a grandparent, the parent of a friend, a teacher, a kind neighbor, even an older kid who can befriend them and be kind of a big brother/sister to mentor them and help them.What’s so sad is that most kids who are being abused in some way just don’t know what to do. They don’t feel like they have any options. They’re often afraid to tell anyone what’s happening to them. They’re afraid of punishment for “telling”, and afraid of not being believed.I think kids should be taught about abuse in school at a very early age. Often young kids don’t know they’re being abused. They just think it’s normal because that’s all they know. They don’t know they have rights. They don’t know what it’s like to live with parents who are supportive, nurturing, stable, caring, etc. They don’t know there are agencies designed to help kids who are being abused. Most just suffer in silence, and then grow up to have all kinds of problems because of the way they were treated.

My child is bullied at school can this cause trauma?

People are very bossy and feel like they can control her they say mean things and laugh and are always telling her what she does wrong. More things have been happening also it's complicated. Is this severe bullying? She's breaking down is this traumatic?

In schools, why are smart kids being bullied rather than being praised for their intelligence?

There’s a couple of pieces to this. First, it’s cultural. We sent my older kid to private schools in California. They were pretty much all Asian kids. And the kids who got the best grades were definitely the “coolest” there.However, in the American culture at large, we are egalitarian to a fault. We (not me personally) don’t like to acknowledge there are people smarter than us. How else could we have elected such a president? Many Americans resent smart people.But there is also the factor that smart kids are often not very good socially. They often lack skill in making friends, they get isolated, and that makes them easy targets for bullies. I say this as a one-time smart kid who was quite socially awkward. People who make friends easily are less likely to be bullied, because there is safety in numbers. And, yeah, I understand that that’s a hard thing when you are an introvert.Let me also say that being intelligent is a good thing, but it doesn’t make you a good person. It is a bit too easy for an academically intelligent person to come off as arrogant, which earns resentment, and a lack of allies when the bully comes around. I made it a point never to advertise my grades, to not stand out among my peers when it came to this area. It was a point of pride for me in my senior year of high school when one of my sportsball teammates was shocked to learn I was the top student in the school, in terms of grades. “I thought you were just another dumb shit like the rest of us.”

I went to school with mostly black kids, they bullied me frequently, beat me up, called me names like a cracker and so on. I dislike black people since then. What can I do?

When I was in high school, I was bullied and humilated repeatedly by a black classmate for 3 years.He was on the football team, very stocky but 5 foot 6.I have absolutely NO idea why this guy chose me as one of his targets. I am not inclined to think it was all about race, because the school was about 80 percent white.None of the other black students seemed to be enraged by my presence.He did use some mildly racial comments: calling me Casper, albino ( I couldn't take the high road with that, I have brown hair! ) but also called me fatass and Amazon.I would dread walking past him when he was with the football team , because thats when he was most bold.I worked at Burger King and many of the football players and cheerleaders would hang out there. I was really screwed then, because I couldn't leave, I was at work.I can say that I didn't leave high school with a resentment of black people, I left with a resentment of high school life, including the free pass that a lot of athletes get to act like a-holes. He wasn't the only athlete that did this, and I wasn't the only one who got humilated.When we were at our 10 year reunion, I had this romantic notion that I would see him, and he would be a self aware mature guy, and I would make peace with him.Nope. Still a sexist, egotistical ass.The moral of the story is, don't let the assholes get you down.