Pretend To Be A Celebrity

Pretend to be a celebrity?

im 16 years old and for about ten years i have been pretending to be a celebrity and pretending that i'm hanging out with other celebrities. i know, right off the bat that sound completely insane. so when it first started was when the first harry potter movie came out and i was pretending to be with ron, harry, and hermione. but i didn't actually see them, but i made myself think i did. then over the years i made up my own 'celebrity' personas and would pretend to fight evil monsters and kiss and have sex with celebrities. and i would also dance with them and sing to them. and for the past five years or so, me and a few of my close friends all picked celebs to be and i picked lady gaga and we would pick out guy celebs to date and 'have sex with'. and it's just grown into such a huge thing and it's sill going on. i mostly just interact with ronnie radke and noel fielding (if you don't know who they are, look them up) and sleeping with them and they listen to me and support me, and help me through everything. and they dance with me and screw me on saturdays. but again i dont actually hear, see, feel, or touch them, i just make myself think i am. i have never had a lot of friends, most of them don't know about this. my family, besides my sister who is also part of it, have no clue. it feels like it's always been a confidence booster, but it also makes me think i'm f#cking insane. please just tell me your opinion. i feel like im the only one who has ever done this and i feel like i belong in an insane asylum. again, i want to note that i don't actually see, touch, or hear anybody, i just make myself think i am, even though i kno i'm just looking at a chair or a couch, or thin air.

Are there apps that pretend to talk to celebrities?

So I always see my sister pretending to talk to her favorite celebrities she only 11 but I know she wishes she could really talk to her favorite celebrities so that's why I'm wondering if there any app that make you pretend that your talking to celebrites that would be every helpful

Pretend to be a celebrity, can people guess who you are in 10 sentences without you giving it away?

i don’t know

I pretend to be a celebrity inside my head?

This is the first time I've ever admitted this to anyone. For a few years now, I've imagined what it would be like to be friends with celebrities or to be one myself. I imagine they go to my school or that I go to places with them and I even once imagined that I was a Kardashian/Jenner sister. Of course, I never say this out loud or act like it. I just imagine it. I write stories about it, too. Like going on vacation with them or just hanging out and stuff. Is there something wrong with me for doing this? I feel so embarrassed for admitting this. Does anyone do something similar to this?

I have a date and I'm pretending to be a celebrity, any advice?

I’d ask yourself why you’re doing it. Are you pretending to be a real living celebrity? Is it someone that doesn’t really exist? Do you want a relationship with this person? Apparently you don’t, if I had to guess you’re only playing a role to obtain something. Whether it’s sex, sex, or sex, you’ll still be labeled a liar. If you’re okay with that, we’ll i can’t say that I agree with you. But it seems beyond obvious that you don’t intend on seeing this person again or at the very most more than one more time. It’s far too easy for anyone to fact check anything about any celeb out there, especially one that doesn’t exist. If you are faking it as a real person, you’d better be prepared to do your homework. As you’ve no real idea whether this date has more intimate knowledge about the celeb than you think you do. My recommendation is to stop being a scumbag and quit lying to get whatever you’re after. Over the course of my life, I’ve been told that I look like at least 40 different celebrities. Whether due to the lighting, my skin tone, eyes, whatever at that moment. Heck, I had a drivers license photo that was a ringer for George Clooney, but it could’ve also passed for Simon Cowell(V neck t-shirt). I’ve never claimed to be any of them. Flattering? Sure, so if he/she think you’re somebody real and apparently you’re not, backtrack and stop yourself. It’s one less person that will hold a grudge at the very least, not to mention what may be circulated amongst their friends.

Why do celebrities pretend to have the perfect life?

Because if they don’t people who lack one will basically harass them into oblivion.Imagine for a moment constantly being assaulted by individuals who realistically should have absolutely no bearing on your life. Now imagine that those people also dictate your career options, whom you can date, and where you can live. Then top it all off with most of them being completely insane.If they didn’t act like they had the perfect life people would observe it and literally get depressed because “their celeb” is failing. This would result in the individual in question losing their career as most of their worth is tied up in their public presence.It’s a terrifying prospect, one in which I fully intend to stay far far away from.Do you enjoy a celebrity? Then respect their privacy and honor them for their merits in their work. They are people too.

Can you get arrested for pretending to be a celebrity online?

Ok so I was on this site and I was trolling around trying to get someone to believe I was Youtube/Instagram celeb Acacia Clark but she said she emailed the cops and told them I could get arrested for fraud. Idk if she was bluffing but I'm really scared now that I could get in trouble. Please help! Should I delete the account or what? I'm 15 btw.

Why do people pretend to mourn for somebody (i.e., a celebrity) they were never interested in before?

I did not know Prince but I was very sad when he died. This is primarily because of the memories I have related to his music. Purple Rain came out when I was 13 years old and it was the first time in my young life that I was interested in music in a way that rebelled against my parents’ music. I played that album over and over until I literally broke it. One of my favorite memories in my life was riding in a car with my older brother with the windows down on a beautiful sunny day and we were singing along to Little Red Corvette with the radio blasting. It was one of the first times I bonded with by brother when we were teenagers. I’ll never forget the VMA’s in 1991 when Prince’s new band played Get Off. It was in the dorms my freshman year in college and I hardly knew anyone and that night I struck up a conversation with a woman who ended up becoming one of my best friends. All of those memories are precious to me and Prince’s music is part of each memory. I didn’t need to have a conversation with Prince to feel sad that I will never hear any new music of his again.I did not feel deep sadness when David Bowie died. I don’t have any significant memories that I associate with his music or movies. Many people may not feel sad when a particular celebrity dies and many people do and there is nothing wrong with either experience. I do however think it is very unkind to assume someone is disingenuous for expressing sadness when you don’t happen feel the same way. I believe that says far more about your character than it does of anyone who expresses sadness at the death of another person.