". How do I maintain original mail format?Hey Siddhartha, If you're seeing the " > " symbol with quoted text, this means you're using Basic Yahoo Mail which only support plain text mode. If you're forwarding an html or rich-text formatted email this will cause formatting issue in plain text mode. To correct this, update to the full-featured version of Yahoo Mail: Switch between basic and full-featured Yahoo Mail http://help.yahoo.com/kb/in" /> Problems With Yahoo Email Format
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Problems With Yahoo Email Format

Reply/Forward Email using "Internet format" with "> ". How do I maintain original mail format?

Hey Siddhartha,

If you're seeing the " > " symbol with quoted text, this means you're using Basic Yahoo Mail which only support plain text mode. If you're forwarding an html or rich-text formatted email this will cause formatting issue in plain text mode. To correct this, update to the full-featured version of Yahoo Mail:

Switch between basic and full-featured Yahoo Mail

If you are still unable to view the full featured version of Yahoo Mail, there may be an issue with your web browser. Most web browser issues can be resolved using the troubleshooting steps in this help article:

"Fix browser and feature problems on Yahoo"

You may also consider switching to a different free Web browser that may provide a better Internet experience for you:

"Web browsers supported by Yahoo"


Help! Yahoo Mail problem? Font is weird!?

This for font

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1. If you are talking about the text in your email...

When you compose an email

above the text box where you type an email you find a tool bar. If it is not there then CLICK on RICH TEXT and PLAIN TEXT should appear with the tool bar.

1. Select the text for which you want to change the font
2. Now click the font button (F, second in the toolbar) and u get the list of available fonts, select the one you desire.
3. you can also change the text size using the same toolbar.

move you mouse over each button to know what it does.

well this is i how you change the font while composing an email. If you are asking about changing the fonts of entire yahoo email view try clicking on TOOLS at the top of your screen and then CONTENT. Depending what Yahoo you are in...IE:Firefox..you might have to click on Tools..Internet Options and then CONTENT...You can do many things with the FONT. You will have to experiment

And if you really want to fool around try this....Once in click on HELP and it explains many things on how to use it...

Click the "start" button on the lower lefthand corner of your screen. Click "run", enter "charmap", it will show all your installed fonts and the available characters and wingdings for each font. Try "arial", click on the character you want (it even contains musical notes and little hearts). You may click on a specific character to enlarge it slightly and by "copy & paste" you can insert it in any text you want to. On the bottom of the charmap window it will also let you know which keystroke to use for writing that character

THIS FOR LANGUAGE...go here to check what your setting is...

Click this link.

Enter password.
Then choose a different setting.
Click "finished".

I can't type on yahoo mail, keyboard doesn't work, no problems anywhere else, help help help?

this is because yahoo forced everyone on the new system regardless of software problems

many people are having this problem.

there seems to be a problem with the contacts entry method

and now we can't go back to Yahoo! Mail classic.

if yahoo doesn't let me revert to classic within 7 days I'm closing my account

my mail has become unusable

Why is my Yahoo email format messed up?


I'm not able to replicate this problem you're experiencing. Please attempt some troubleshooting steps to help fix this problem. I have provided an article below with details:


I hope this helps!

- Oscar
Yahoo Mail

Does Yahoo receive HTML formatted email?

Yes, Yahoo support HTML formatted email. Writing HTML emails are different from writing for web pages. Without viewing your source code, I can’t tell where are the issues.Here are some of general rules to write HTML email.Don’t use background image (eg, style=”background….”). You still can use tagTry to use table for formatting as much as possible. You can use nested tables .Try to avoid using

Don’t use float, position attributes. Adjust with align attributeNo external CSS. Only inline or embedded CSSPut View Online link on top which will open your email in browser.Additional: don’t try to use single image as your edm. It will lead your email to spam box. And most of the time, images are not loaded on default, your customers will more likely to close your email than downloading the image.Since you are targeting only Yahoo emails, it will be easier to adjust and debug. Test a lot of time until you satisfy with the result. :)

What is the format for Yahoo corporate email addresses?

Yes - mostly. There are also a number who use a "yahoo.com" address for business like members of the Yahoo mail team who were always "eating their own dogfood" and folks who got their special single name addresses back in the day and would only have them prised from their cold, dead fingers.  This latter category certainly used to include the founders...I have a suspicion that there may also be ones who cling to assorted pre-Yahoo addresses as well for sites that still exist as living domains such as flickr, tumblr, kelkoo, maktoob, etc. Email politics at Yahoo were a trip. A general pattern was that every so often some head of things would inform "everyone" that they must start to use a "proper" corporate email address and not "yahoo.com" or whatever, or, as in a very remarkable leaked memo, must move their corporate email address over to the Y Mail system, which was never designed to be used by an enterprise of that size and complexity. The best quote (of many) in this diatribe for me was this one - For others, you might now be running in your head to a well worn path of justified resistance, phoning up the ol’ gang, circling the hippocampian wagons of amygdalian resistance. Hold on a sec, pilgrim.But then the impetus would dissipate as the people didn't do it for whatever reason, and the situation would have been made just a little bit more complex than before. This is a kind of thing that could only take place in a SV company - that you have to get the people to individually "opt-in" to corporate policy on something this basic.

How can I transfer a complete Yahoo email folder of 60 emails to a flash drive?

Well, according to Yahoo’s article below it can’t be done directly.But you could install an email client, say for example Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or such, set up it to access your Yahoo account and use it to export emails as files to your flash drive.Backup email options in Yahoo Mail

Is there any way to extract all my emails from Gmail/Yahoo in a text format?

I needed it for myself  but couldn't find anything so I ended up creating it.You can find it here: Gmail extractor - Extract all email addresses from your inbox - Giacomo Balliit works with both @gmail.com accounts and yourdomain.com (as long as you use gmail).