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Process Of Filling Out College Applications

College Application Process?

Go to the admissions /apply web page for the schools and it will either send you to theirs to fill out or sent you to the common application. That is how you know. anything above a 1000 on the SAT is good. Remember colleges are looking for well rounded individuals. Colleges don't require you to have good vocabulary but its a given that you should. Or everyone will seriously think you are dumb and don't belong there. The world is a harsh place, just warning you now. But don't be scared. Don't forget to look for the supplimental forms the different colleges want. For example with the Common app they ask for four forms to be printed and then filled out and mailed to the college.

What is the college application process?

I'm a junior now, and I guess you can say I'm in a hurry to become a senior and start applying to colleges. So I want to know how does it go? I know everything is electronic now, so I'll have to do everything online. What kinds of questions do they ask? What essay topics do they give? What is then common app and are there any other applications I have to fill out? How do they compare? What specific things are collehes/universities looking for in my application. How would I go about sending in things like recommendation letters and stuff to the schools I want to go to? How do I get my SAT scores to the school I'm applying to? And lastly how long does it usually take to hear back from colleges?

How did the college application process work before the internet?

High schools would have binders filled with information on colleges available in the counselor’s office or the library. Ours was organized by instate colleges having the most information complete with plastic page covers halfway falling out of well used binders. Basically address for you to write a letter requesting information. You would get a packet in the mail with a brochure and an application. That was basically it. People really underestimated the importance of a really good school advisor. My advisor just told me that women are teachers and nurses, so choose one…..

What is your best advice for filling out a college application?

It’s only as serious and stressful as you make it. I’ve had to go through the college app process twice, once as a HS senior and once as a transfer. My first time through I had a lot of fun with my common app essay, so my personality naturally came through, and the second time I better expressed myself in the personal essays. I know some of the essay questions it’s pretty difficult to do that, so on the ones you can definitely do. It makes the process much less strenuous. So much so that I ended up kind of enjoying it!If any of your colleges have Early action, apply EA. You show more interest, increasing chances of acceptance, and you get to hear back earlier.Focus on yourself. I’ve helped a few people in the college app process, and this is by far the biggest mistake. No one, it seems, is used to putting the spotlight on themselves. But, colleges don’t want to hear about how tough your mom is and how much you love her because she’s not the one applying. You are. If you want to talk about your mom, so be it, but spin it to you somehow.Talk about your accomplishments and how hard you’ve had to work if you can. College admissions know you’ve had to work hard to get where you are. Nearly everything you’ve accomplished is through hard work, not “natural talent”. don’t shy away from thatAnd of course, have other sets of eyes read your essay. Even if just a friend or sibling, even a teacher, let someone read your essays and give feedback. They’ll see things you completely looked over. You do not need to hire any college counselor for this. The work should be your own.Make sure you apply to a good amount of safeties and targets. ALL of which you would be happy going to. Don’t make the mistake of applying to 5 additional schools you wouldn’t want to go to. You’ll be wasting your time and money on that. And, if you don’t get into any school you want, my advice would be to take a gap year and apply again. Don’t go into your first year with the intention of transferring, pleaseGood luck!!

Is college application process that stressful ?

Try not to stress out so's not that bad. Start the application process early to lower your stress-level. Some colleges have an "early action" option that will allow you to get all of your documents in early and get a decision by Christmas-time. Others have a "rolling admissions" policy, which means that as soon as your documents are recieved, you will recieve an admissions decision (within a couple weeks) by mail. Normally as long as you meet their minimum GPA and test score requirements and get everything in on time, you will be accepted.

It's also important to apply early so that you can compare all of your financial aid options. Apply for any scholarship, no matter how little it is worth...any amount will help! Don't be afraid to ask for counselor for help with scholarships, that's what he's there for! It's his job to help you.

Fill out the FAFSA ( anytime after January 1st of your senior year so you can possibly get some free money and apply for loans if you need them.Take the SAT or ACT over again if you feel that your score could be improved.

Put aside a little time each day to work on your applications and essays so you don't end up waiting till the last minute and have to do everything in a hurry, thus inducing even MORE stress upon yourself.

Make the most of your senior year. It goes by fast. Keep your grades up, because they DO still matter, and a drop in your GPA may lose you a scholarship.

Good luck! Feel free to message me if you need any further advice. :)

Acheiveing your college and career goals questions?!?

1. ?
2. varsity sports
4. You must committ
5. Grade 6 Spelling Bee
6.ethnic background
7. arts supplement
8. a college will withdraw acceptance if you lie
9. determine wheter an applicant would fit in
10. advice from family members
11. local senior center
12. extrememly personal matters

When do the college application process go from being handled by the applicants (ie the kids) to the parents?

I don’t know, other than to say in the 1970s the application process , from choosing where to apply, what you had to do to satisfy the application process all the way thru filling out the application and driving to the school yourself was handled by me and my friends as juniors in HS. That included moving ourselves into the dorm w cardboard boxes filled w crap we had paid for with part time jobs. Sometime during the past 40 years that changed . 18 year olds are ADULTS, and 17 year olds used to be treated like one, WTF?

During the college application process I've become very unsure of myself in terms of where I'm applying. I'm feeling generally overwhelmed by this whole process. What should I do?

Try stepping away, taking a deep breath and consider whether you like education.  I applied to some of the best private schools and some state schools.  I was fortunate to be accepted into my first choice.  Scholarships, grants and loans were required to pay for school.  I actually thought I knew what I wanted to study, but my major changed a couple of times over the first couple of years, while taking general courses.  As it turned out I had a great time as an undergrad and received a free ride in graduate school.That was a few years back, when the expense was not what it is today.  If financing is going to leave you in a big hole, you might consider a public education or a two year degree program.Life is ahead of you, but most people only get one bite of the apple.  Try and enjoy the ride.

On CSUMentor, Is there a way to autofill other college applications?

yea you can. When you are in the process of filling out the application, on the left side there should be a check off list. Each time you see a check mark next to the section, that means it's saved and it transfers to the other applications (except majors). If you did it in one sitting and went through it without saving, it may have not transferred. But for me i have started 3 applications and didn't finish them completely, so that may be one of the reasons they have transferred. But nevertheless, it SHOULD save automatically. You can also do it manually by saving it on the left side console. For sure it'll save the grades, classes and SAT/ACT portion.