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Product Cost Is Less Than 20 Rupees From China To India Will There Be Any Fees To Be Paid For

Impact on software proffesionals due to the rupee rise in India.?

it is not merely in Haiti and China. meals fees right here interior the U. S. have skyrocketed interior the final countless weeks. that is by way of 3 diverse factors. a million. gas fees: each and every thing comes into your interior of sight grocery by a truck. commercial diesel fees are bigger even than gas, even tho diesel demands much less refining than gas. no longer purely are the oil businesses gouging automobile drivers, they are *somewhat* gouging the truckers. 2. Farm subsidies: Farmers are paid *no longer* to strengthen flora. the government. demands them to permit a definite volume of acreage to lie fallow, to ward off "glutting the marketplace with product" and "to maintain fees of yankee grain aggressive with the worldwide marketplace". 3. climate situations: there has been flooding particularly areas of the country, which maximum in all likelihood destroyed many flora. i became in my small interior of sight grocery the day previous. I asked the keep proprietor if he envisioned fees coming back off any in any respect. each and every thing has extra beneficial in value interior the previous few weeks. In my keep, many products went up one total dollar in step with merchandise interior of a week. A pound of coffee went from $4.ninety 9 to 5.ninety 9 in a single day. A can of vegetable shortening went from 3.ninety 9 to 4.ninety 9. A bag of flour which could be had a month in the past for $0.ninety 9 is now almost $3.00. My grocer reported he would not assume *something* happening in value. i'm making waiting to start my own small farm. i'm gonna purchase 2 calves, some chickens, plant a vegetable backyard, and attempt to be certain how self reliant i will become. i will't arise with the money for those grocery fees *and* the value of gas.

How to set ebay product and its shipping price?

I have a Cosmopolitan journal. In my country it cost 1.89 USD to buy it. I want to sell it on ebay.

1) What mark-up would be normal? There's suggested 'average price', but is it 'auctions' sold average price or 'buy it now' average price?

2) What price should I set for shipping? I mean there's very big difference of air post suggested shipping prices if shipping is to European Union or non European Union country. How should I decide if I don't know who will buy it world wide?

Will a 1000 dollars last you 3 months in china?

I'm assuming you are referring to US dollars.

1,000.00 USD = 6,800.61 CNY (June 25, 2010 6:45 A.M. China time)

Do you need to pay for lodging? If you are staying in a bare minimum budget hostel with a shared bath, it still might cost you 50 RMB (CNY) per night. That adds up quickly to 4500 RMB for 90 days. Then you have to throw in the cost of food (minimum 20 yuan a day) which would be 1800 RMB for the same 90 days . . . and that's if you pretty much eat simply . . . no western foods, very few beers, etc. You're at 6300 RMB right there. You would have 500 left over for daily necessities (toothpaste, shampoo, tissue, etc.), touring, souvenirs, etc.

While we live quite simply in the northwest, there are some days that I spend more than 20 yuan on food. Breakfast can be bought for 2 yuan, but lunch has gone up to a min of 6 yuan (unless I live on bowls of noodles). A very simple dinner is minimum 8 yuan for one dish, but if you are wanting to have a bit of variety in your life, it goes up. Then you have to add in your costs of drinks . . . Shanghai is quite hot and you'll want lots of water. I don't know if you can get bottled water for only 1 yuan there, but I know out here in the northwest, I drink 3 - 4 bottles a day. I can refill my bottle from my large tank at home, but most travelers simply buy another bottle when needed. Soft drinks range from 2.50 - 5.00 yuan depending upon what you buy. Ice cream (great on hot days) ranges from 1 - 5 yuan.

Are you going to want to use the internet? If you live in an apartment, you'll need to get internet service. You may have to sign a minimum contract agreement and pay a monthly fee. Prices range depending upon location. In the northwest, our fees are only 20 yuan per month, but in Beijing, we paid 100 yuan per month.

If you don't have internet service where you are staying (and hostels are not likely to have free internet), you will have to go to an internet bar/cafe to access it. You'll pay an hourly fee, which once again, ranges based on location. Our fees out here start at 2 yuan per hour, but this is much higher in the mega-cities. I'm sorry I don't know the exact cost.

Hope this helps!


Now that I know which type of Indian, I can tell you. The Indian money system works very similarly to any other system. Basically, if you've taken economics you'd know but basically it starts like this:
Money is made (printed)
Then it is distributed to banks.
People get money from the bank and it and the money goes into day to day spending passing hands occasionally.
Then older bills are taken back and destroyed. The whole thing starts over.

Compared to the American Dollar, one Indian Rupee is only = 0.0226117473 U.S. dollars (1) and so, 44.22 rupees equal one dollar. A bit lower than other people's estimates. However, on the bright side, the rupee's inflation rate has gone down from 5.1% in 2004-2005 to only 4% in 2005-2006 which is extremely significant (2).