Production Of Hercules Wow Cycles Has Been Stopped In Which Year

If every Marvel hero went up against every DC superhero, which side would end up winning and why?

Back in 1996, there was a joint publication between DC and Marvel to answer the exact same question.You can go through the pages for the detailed fights, but I will go through some of my favorites.Flash (DC) vs Quiksilver (Marvel)The Flash is shown considerably faster than Quiksilver, and hence it’s not really a competition!Aquaman (DC) vs Namor (Marvel)As you can see, Aquaman won this one (although not as fairly as you might think).Captain Marvel (DC) vs Thor (Marvel)In a first victory for Marvel, Thor wins this one. But in a plot twist, the hammer ends up with Wonder Woman, who obviously is “worthy” enough to lift it.Tim Drake’s version of Robin (DC) defeats Jubilee (Marvel) with some trickery. Batman did teach him well.Green Lantern (DC) vs Silver Surfer (Marvel)Theoretically, Green Lantern can only be defeated by his imagination (or rather, a lack of it), so when Silver Surfer and Green Lantern collide, the former just does not get up.Meanwhile, Catwoman (DC) isn’t really a match for Elektra (Marvel)Obviously, Wolverine (Marvel) would have conquered almost anyone. The unfortunate one who got the beating was Lobo (DC).Wonder Woman (DC) tries to be fair and refuses to use Thor’s hammer against Storm (Marvel). She’s not able to withstand the lightning. Bad choice about the hammer?Meanwhile Spiderman (Marvel) tricks Superboy (DC) (who even chose Superboy in the first place?) into using his powers against himself. A kid, indeed.Superman (DC), a bit controversially, beats Hulk (Marvel) after using his heat vision at full strength.Batman (DC) saves Captain America (Marvel) from drowning after a long fight (wonder why they were fighting in the sewers!), although you could argue that it was a draw even though Cap admits defeat.A few of these results are controversial.You would expect Hulk to defeat Superman, and Wonder Woman to defeat Storm.Also, what a choice Superboy was! (DC could have chosen Green Arrow, or better yet, Constantine?)Further, it’s questionable why superheroes like Jean Grey or the Martian Manhunter didn’t feature.But as it stands, it’s the only time these guys came together for a fight.Finally, it was Marvel who win 6–5.

How effective is the elliptical trainer for losing weight?

There are so many good answer here, but allow me to share my humble opinion in this subject. I believed this question deserve an answer but it would be 2 part.Lets look into:1. How effective is Elliptical machine for losing weight 2. Why am I not losing anymore weight1st one: How effective is Elliptical machine for losing weightHonestly it is quite effective. Before I started Muay Thai boxing, I used to use this machine as my choice of cardio. It really help me burns off some fat as i move almost more part of my body especially the legs when doing the exercise.A good read is How to Use the Elliptical for Fat Loss. I think most equipment in the gym has its own place and time. So I don’t think the problem here is with the equipment2nd: Why am I not losing anymore weightI know how you feel and I was once dishearten by the result I am getting as well. I would spend hours on the gym and hit it hard every time on both weight and cardio (and I was slightly injure too from pushing too hard), but I am just not losing more weight. What going on here?This is when I start to realized what I did wrong. I was working too hard, and I diet too long. I didn’t even get a break. And that’s what you need to do. What? A break? Yes that’s right, what you need is a break from all this. Just take a short break like a week of doing nothing. No going to gym and pushing too hard, and no diet that makes you miserable. Once you have your break, then only come back with a fresh mind and body, and start all over again. Or you can deload your workout for a week before pushing hard the next. See this: Deloading 101: What Is a Deload and How Do You Do It?Things you need to remember about losing weightDiet is 80% of your success. Instead of diet too hard and expect seeing fast result, maybe its time to see diet as a long term goal. This way you won’t be miserable. Make it as a lifestyle and you will have fun. Don’t go diet feeling miserable because honestly, that’s the worst and you won’t last long with it.See this: How do you quickly and effectively lose weight in a healthy way?Last advice is be patience and enjoy the process instead of forcing it through. No point doing pushing hard only to give up half way through.

Is it bad to read too many books?

Yes.Very, very bad.All the way till 8th grade, I used to keep a record of all the full-length books that I had read (got lazy eventually and stopped it). By then, I had read around 800 fictions and well over 300 non fictions. Now you might be thinking, “Wow! Impressive for an eight grader.” But, let me tell you what happened.I began to lose originality. Unwittingly most works I wrote seemed plagiarised.I became excessively paranoid about the world and started questioning everything.I started hating the world and its system because everyone is essentially a conniving schemer.My room started having less and less space as more and more of it got filled with books.I began to talk too much at parties and social events about philosophy and politics, that people began avoiding me all together.I had trouble playing soccer without calling out even the slightest of missplays or rule-breaks.I started to annoy my teachers, especially Biology and history teachers by asking too many questions, adding on to and correcting their statements and by talking too much in the class.Every single time I tried to flirt with a girl, it ended up becoming a metaphysical debate and eventually it became evident that I will never get laid.My parents and brother stopped talking during meals because, I had the uneasy knack to change any conversation into a history or science lesson.I began to hate, mourn or fall in love with fictional characters.I had to start a new Instagram page because my suddenly overflowing poetic urge forced me to give an entire space for my poems alone.I spent all my money on books and ended up being the most broke person in high-school.I developed depression because as Rob Gillham already said[1], “nobody understands you like Tolstoy.”I engaged in philosophical debates with my own mirror self!Finally, what’s worse! I began to write on Quora!And the funny fact is I never learnt my lesson. Despite the conspicuous side-effects, books still enchant me and no matter how much self confidence I develop, the moment they flash their covers, this is how my face isI’m a sucker for them. I know. Bye.Footnotes[1] Rob Gillham's answer to Is it bad to read too many books?