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Project Help On South Korea

Help With a Project on Korea?

~~ Kimchi
~~ Rice
~~ Variety of Veggies
~~ Jjajangmyeon
~~ Bulgogi
~~ Galbi
~~ Bibimbap
~~ Gimbap
~~ Jamjajeon

~~ Respect especially for the elders is extremely important
~~ 90* bow is the most respectable bow (especially when greeting an elder)

~~ Valentine's Day (where the girls give chocolates to the one they like)
~~ White Day (March 14 - where the boys have to give candies to the girl(s) they received chocolate from)
~~ Black Day (April 14 - where the people who didn't receive anything during valentine's day or white day get together and eat jjajangmyeon (blackbean noodles))
~~ Pepero Day (November 11 - where most young people/couples exchange pepero sticks (or other candies) to each other. [Pepero's are chocolate cover cookie sticks]

Human Rights Project; North Korea??Help?

First, I think the boy in your class is most like South Korean, which is a separate country from North Korea. And believe me, if you keep up with the news, South Koreans are just as disgusted by the North Korean government as you and me.

Second, North Korea is a fine topic. However, you're going to have to go into the depths of Human Rights, because I think it's skewed to appeal to countries with the monetary ability to support it. I mean, you can say South Africa is violating human rights because they let their people starve, right? But I'm going to contend that that's not the governments fault. If you look at history, it's the Europeans fault back in the 1700s when they started the slave trade, creating a cultural brain drain from Africa. The past determines the future, so why aren't Europeans and Americans doing more to help them? The only real help is coming from the evangelists, who take away African culture when they offer help. I think I'm overthinking this, but whatever.

I think you should focus on North Korea's labor camps- it's dehumanization going on right there. Starvation isn't such a good topic in my opinion.

What should i do for my south korean brochure project?

Hmm... try putting a picture of a famous landmark or location (Gyeongbok Palace, the City Hall, Namsan Tower, etc.) on the front cover with the national flag and the words 'WELCOME TO SOUTH KOREA' or something like that.

Inside you should probably go over the language and print out a picture of the Korean alphabet (Han-geul) and how they sound like in English. Food section ought to be easy, pictures of Kimchi, bulgogi, neng-myun, bibimbap and explanations on how they're made, etc. In culture, include info about their traditional music (including traditional instruments like the gayageum and jangu), their traditional dress (Han-bok), holidays (Chuseok, Lunar New Year Holiday, Children's Day), art (celadon ceramics, porcelain), etc. Maybe you could include some tidbits on their modern culture, like popular bands/singers (DBSG, Wonder Girls) or the B-boy craze. For sports, focus on Taekwondo and maybe their craze over soccer during the World Cup seasons. Transportation: write about the public transportation system - the subway (jii-hachul), the public buses. Also write about the KTX train. Education: maybe put some pictures of some Korean students slaving in the hag-wons (private academies) and describe the craze to get into university (similar to students in the U.S. trying to get into college).

Whew, tried my best, hope that helps you!

For pictures of brochures, I couldn't find any about countries but I hope it still helps:

What would be a good CAS project that relates to South Korea somehow?

Okay, so I did my research based on this website: CAS ProjectCreativity: A scrapbook about the history of KPOPActivity: KPOP dance battleService: Korean cooking class with people who could do with some learning about other culturesCreativity and Activity: either learn a KPOP choreo or perform a scene from Boys Over Flowers or any other very famous dramaService and Activity: you organise a Korean Cultural Day with the help of local Korean immigrants and or Korean AmericansService and Creativity: you transform kids into KPOP stars (hair and make-up)CAS: You perform a famous drama scene for elderly Korean immigrantsWhy I chose pop culture instead of history, geography or politics? Because that’s what would interest people who know nothing about South Korea.

What is the difference between North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea is a dictatorship while South Korea is democratic. The North is very secretive and quite aggressive. The south has good industry and economy, e.g. LG is South Korean brand, Hyundai cars are South Korean etc. The North doesn't have good economy.
Many differences.
This might help
South Korea
North Korea

Good luck with your project!

Why doesn't America just launch Project Pluto on North Korea?

Project Pluto was real enough. It was a very bad idea, a waste of $2 billion dollars when that was a hundred times more than it sounds like today. It also was never completed - the nuclear ramjet engine DID kind of work briefly - but was too impractical to continue with. The weapon concept was dreadful - a supersonic low flying missile that destroyed just from its shockwave - dropping atom bombs as it flew - and then finally crashing to become a nuclear contaminated area when it finally ran out of steam (after months or years). US officials considered it “too provocative“ - there was no defense if the Russians built their own version. There is no way it would be politically feasible to restart the program - it would lead to the fall of the administration. There is no need for using nuclear weapons on DPRK at all - both South Korea and the US Chairman, JCS formally said so in 2017. We can defang the place WITHOUT serious risk to Seoul or any other city. So the answer is - it is not affordable, it is not legal or moral, it is not politically feasible - and there is no military need to actually field and use this project.

Typical Meal Pattern of people in South Korea?

Okay so i'm doing a project in foods and nutrition class and i need to know the typical meal pattern (time of day/ typical food etc.) in South Korea.
I've tried looking on google but this really isn't something most people search for so i'm having a hard time.

Thanks for your help in advance
~ Sionna♥