Pure=o Getting In The Way Of My Life Just Tell Me What Is Going On

Question about Pure-O OCD?

So about 4 or 5 months ago I started getting the obsessions but I never have compulsions. Well, the things I have obsessed about are; fears of jumping out of a window, fear of becoming a psychopath, fear of dying, and most recently a fear of schizophrenia. I'm 16 by the way. So far the fear of schizophrenia has to be the worst because I'm on the edge every hour on the hour afraid that in any moment I'll snap. Is this apart of the Pure O or am I really going insane? It's not that I have any hallucinations or anything it's that I'm afraid like I said before that I'll just snap.

What can I do to get rid of the Pure-O and move on with my life?
Is Pure O easier to treat due to the fact that I don't have a coping mechanism (compulsion) to run to?

My pure OCD/intrusive thoughts are killing me. I don't know what to do. What's the cure?

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through this.Intrusive thoughts are quite common. For some people, they can generally manage them. For others, the intrusive thoughts may lead to a disruption in the person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, in general, has both obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. The behaviors are carried out in an effort to alleviate or reduce the obsessive thoughts for a period of time, but the behaviors ultimately do not resolve the issue and the thought/behavior cycle will continue.Treatment for intrusive thoughts and/or OCD is typically two-fold: a combination of both psychotropic medication (e.g., anti-anxiety medication) and mental health counseling.Psychotropic medications can be used short-term (which is subjective) or longer-term. They are helpful for altering the way your brain receives neurotransmitters. This means the medication can alleviate some of the overwhelming anxiety and allow you to better examine your thought and behavior patterns and alter them. Medications can take a few weeks to build up in your system and for you to experience positive effects of the medication. Of course, some side effects are possible and are usually noticeable pretty quickly. Not all medications are the same, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t experience a positive change after a few weeks; sometimes prescribing this medication is a bit of trial-and-error since each person’s body and brain are unique and will react differently.Medication alone is unlikely to fully suit your needs. An effective evidence-based mental health counseling treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors/outcomes. Challenging and changing the unhelpful thoughts into neutral or helpful thoughts will allow you to start to change your cycle.I would suggest you search for a local psychiatrist and a local mental health clinician (e.g., psychologist, professional mental health counselor, social worker) who specialize in anxiety disorders.Best wishes!

What kind of meditation could help with pure OCD/intrusive thoughts and depression?

There have been studies sind to show that your cannot suffer any emotional blockage in a relaxed body,Our species survived through remembering the bad stuff, our bodies don't remember the good stuffYou know all your bad thoughts and can go there in split second, I know I can.It is a if our heads are full of only bad thoughtsWe need to attempt to replace all of these bad thoughts with good thoughts and the only way we can achieve the is by rethinking such thoughts over and over againIts suggested to achieve this we need to repeat such thoughts 200 times a day for at least 66 days for them to become habitualThis would mean that on day 67+, something happens and when you go to your default setting you have positive responses to use rather than the old reactive ones which worked in the past but no longer work todayPlease understand, you do not suffer from conditions as a child you create coping skills which worked for you, just over time they no longer work and now intrude upon your lifeI suggest prayer and meditationFind /create prayers where youask for your mountain to be removedBelieve your have been heard and right now there is a choir of angels descending to take away your mountainBehave with faith that this is happening by getting excited about every area of your life, from the petty & mundane to the more challenging(be detailed about your ‘mountain ‘, my mountain is /was social anxiety) (this is an ongoing pratice, I learned to ask for a 24reprieve only, I know if I asked for it to be removed for ever I would continue to act out with my old behaviors /by asking only for a 24 hour reprieve I knew /know I have to continually do my part)This works for meI did not have to join a religion to have good in my lifeI do not have to attend church/a synagogue/temple or mosqueToday I choose to do so, I like to be a part of not a part fromI like singing in the shower and so love singing hymns aloud,Every mornjng and throughout my day I ask my God to take away whatever Mountain is affecting me todayI then sit still for as little as three minutes and feel his angels go to workWhen I meditate, I find it much easier to meditate 10 times for three minutes at a time, using 10 different prayers (or the same Prayer 10 times) than sitting still for 30 minutes straight…. I'd go crazyI do hope this helps you as much s it did /does meMay God bless your and keep you safeRichard T

Pure O OCD out of control!?!?!?! HELP!?!?!?

Yes I have it too. That and regular OCD. When I was in third grade it started. Basically your brain makes you think about horrible stuff. As long as you don't follow though, you're not crazy.

I just tell myself, you would never do that, your just having a weird thought. It feels like your own brain is fighting you lol.

I first noticed in third grade. I had deck of cards in my bag. A couple of mean people stole them, and messed them up.
I took them back and was straightening them back out so they would go back in the box. The teacher suspended me for 5 days in school IN THIRD GRADE for "playing cards" when in fact I was fixing what a couple of bullies did. :P
She was really mean to me actually. I hope she is fired now. I threw up one day at school, and she would not let me go to the office and call home. I had to be there all day with a fever and nausea.
I told my mom, and she called. The teacher told her I was a obsessive compulsive liar. I have OCD. I am not a liar. I actually was sick for a week after the insident with the flu.

One day. A thought popped in my head of me stabbing her! and I was like OMG NO NO NO NEVER!!!! I would NEVER do that. She is the meanest teacher on this planet, and STILL NEVER!

I have these thoughts to this day, and I just brush them off. I know I would never do them. Its more just like a what if thought. Never would follow through.

Just as long as you are not following though, you are fine. People with this form of ocd just have exploring minds. Your brain just is like "hey whats this like?" And you think of something horrible. And then are like NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! NEVER.

Whats the best way to deal with Pure O OCD?

Get help from a specialist. I was misdaignosed and treated for General Anxiety Disorder and eventually diagnosed with Pure O.

The best way to "deal" is first obtain a medical diagnosis and then learn about your diagnosis from your doctor. You can look into different pharmacotherapies with your doctor but not every treatment works for every person. It is very much a trial and error process.

And do not make the mistake of relying on a self-diagnosis. Even if you feel like you have Pure-O there are many things that you cannot see and a doctor will be able to diagnose you correctly. You may end up having something else.. I strongly recommend that you don't rely on the internet for your soul diagnosis. It will not help you deal but just make things worse.

Has God forsaken me? Is it Harm ocd (pure o) or actually me?

By the way i dont hear voices in my head its just my mind thats all. I just want to go back to my happy life that never had to spend every waking moment trying to discern if im evil or not. Which im am now complety sure im evil now. And sorry for the wall of text with poor grammer but i am not in the best mood or compsoure to type properly now. I feel like im in hell. Im 19 if that helps

Pure O/OCD need help please.?

i'm sick and tired of living with this. Seriously the only reason I have this is because I worked with some guy dude and now I have homosexual thoughts all the time about family members and just other people in general. In case you are wondering I am a guy but I'm not going to disclose my age because it really doesn't matter but I've had this problem for about a year so far. Don't even answer if you are just going to say common sense stuff.

Common sense help would include advice such as...(I already know this stuff I am about to list)(No need to tell me this)(I need expert information from someone who has actually overcame this addiction of the mind)
-Just let the thoughts be there, don't engage in them.
-The more you try to defeat the thoughts the stronger they will get.
-No I am not gay. I have never been gay. I'll never be gay. I just have gay thoughts.
-Don't tell me it is a fear because I know it is a fear.
-Don't give me advice about psychology please... I have seen psychologists and psychiatrists and they cannot help me. Cognitive behavioral therapy doesn't help neither does ERP. I am very active and determined already so I don't need a psychiatrist giving me homework. I am already exposing myself to situations.
-The dreaded pink elephant advice. I know, don't even bother... I know "What happens when you don't try to think of a pink elephant." You think of a pink elephant....