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Put These Names In Order Of Favourite To Least

Put these 'Belle/Bel' names in order of favourite to least favourite?

1. Isobel
2. Arabelle
3. Annabel
4. Christabel
5. Rosabel
6. Clarabelle
7. Mirabel
8. Lulubelle

Isobel is one of my favourite names, and I'd consider it for a daughter! I like all the spellings, but I think this one looks softest.

Arabelle and Annabel are lovely names too, although I probably wouldn't use them myself.

I like Christabel because it reminds me of Christabel Pankhurst, the Suffragette.

Rosabel, Clarabelle and Mirabel are sweet and they have nice nicknames, although I find them too frilly to consider for a child.

Lulubelle seems very over the top frilly and I don't think it would age well at all.


Unusual Girls name poll, put in order of you favorite from the list?


Adelaide is timeless. Elegant. Strong. Beautiful.
Naomi is biblical, beautiful, and ages well.
Violet is adorable that grows into beautiful that will stay the same kind of beautiful and stand out as she ages.
Melody is soft and sweet, strong, and is known universally and loved in music and gives a strong standing for a name.
Elodie is very pretty. I have a thing for names that start with an E. For example I love, Estelynn, Evelyn, Everleigh, Elias, Evannah, Everett, Elijah. Etc.
Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe was an icon and though she made her mistakes I adore her and it is a beautiful name. Stand alone through time there are still people naming their children this, this is for a reason.
Charlotte. I think this is a very driven name. It reminds me of someone with work ethic and stand alone.
Clover. Clover is gentle and fairy like. I think it has a mysterious air about it. :)
Morgan. Morgan isn't one of my favorites. But I liked it better than the ones I listed below. Mostly because I consider this name to be masculine. Everyone that I've met with that name have hated their name. I prefer Morgana to Morgan. And only Morgana because of the movie Cut Throat Island.
Valkyrie. I've only seen this a few times. It is better than Paige or Dillon.
Paige. It is okay, it is plain, boring, and unisex. Which, I love a lot of unisex names, however this isn't feminine.
Dillon. Dillon I've always associated with a male. Except for Charlie's Angels where Drew Barrymore played Dylan and I liked it in that movie and I think that it was okay for a movie but girls don't tend to appreciate it because it isn't feminine.

What is your least favorite book and why?

Gone With The Wind.. I only like to read for information or entertainment purposes only like what people write on here. I also don’t care to read anything too lengthy even though I’m a good reader. I have no idea when or why this started with me. So, in 9th grade I think I was put into this advanced English class and we had to read many books throughout the semester. I failed the class because I refused to do the work. Book number one was Gone With The Wind. Do you know how many freaking pages that book is?! Over 1000! I did try to read some of it, but you couldn’t convince me why I needed to read that and when in my life I would ever use that book in a conversation. So, fast forward 40 plus years and this is the first time that book has come up in my life. Now! Ha! I actually did enjoy the movie though!

Please, put these in order from LEAST-->GREATEST.?

I'd change all of them to decimals. You'd then have:

0.022, (9/40) 0.225, (22%) 0.22, 0.228, (28/125) 0.224.

IN ORDER - - > 0.022, 28/125, 9/40, 0.228, 22%

And for the last one I'd change them all into fractions:

4/7, (0.058) 58/1000, 58, (58%) 58/100, (0.58%) 58/10000

IN ORDER - - > 4/7, 0.58%, 0.058, 58%, 58

What is your favourite sport and why?

My favorite sport is Table Tennis. And is one of the most interesting and fascinating game for me .As it is one the best hand eye coordinated game and requires not only your physical presence but also your mental presence all the time . It is fast and you need to be quick to response every moment in the game . Also you need to be fully concentrated during every stroke as the ball needs to be beneath the table in your every time.Over the time as you becomes more and more grown up in this sport, this sport becomes more challenging as now one need to play his/her shots on the basis of hand movements of opponent (though you still can see the ball :-D) . In this whole process on needs to be mentally active all the time.Image Credential : Google images.The above picture is of German player Timo boll during one of his matches. He is one of the best T.T. player .Thanks For Reading. Hope You like the answer.

Can someone help me put theses in order from least to greatest...acute, obtuse, right angles?

acute - an angle that is less than 90°
right - an angle that is 90° exactly
obtuse - an angle that is greater than 90° but less than 180°