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Q1 Write To Print Hello Bca 1 Year In C And C

What is the procedure to print the series 1, 2, 4, 7, …, n in Java?

Hello!!Well we need to print series 1,2,4,7…nLogic-(0+1 =1),( 1+ 1=2),( 2+ 2=4),(4+ 3=7),(7+4=11)…..Procedure-Assume a variable add with its initial value 1.From logic its clear that we need to add previous number with 1,2,3,…So logic will be add=add+i where I varies from 0 to 13.For loop is used for executing code(add=add+i) number of times.Code-class number
Static public void main(String[]args)
{ int add=1;
for (int i=0;i<=13;i++)
{ add=add+i;
Output-Hope dis may help u.Thanxx for A2A.JD.

What is inline function with syntax and example?

Hello there,The inline functions are a C++ enhancement feature to increase the execution time of a program. Functions can be instructed to compiler to make them inline so that compiler can replace those function definition wherever those are being called. Compiler replaces the definition of inline functions at compile time instead of referring function definition at runtime.This is just a suggestion to compiler to make the function inline, if function is big (in term of executable instruction etc) then, compiler can ignore the “inline” request and treat the function as normal function.Syntax Of Inline Functioninline return_type function_name(arguments...)
Example Program#include

class line {
inline float mul(float x, float y) {
return (x * y);
inline float cube(float x) {
return (x * x * x);

void main() {
line obj;
float val1, val2;
cout << "Enter two values:";
cin >> val1>>val2;
cout << "\nMultiplication value is:" << obj.mul(val1, val2);
cout << "\n\nCube value is :" << obj.cube(val1) << "\t" << obj.cube(val2);
Sample OutputEnter two values: 5 7
Multiplication Value is: 35
Cube Value is: 25 and 343

Email: What is the difference between Cc, Bcc and To in emails?

Differences between the TO, CC, and BCC field in email.When you send an email you have three address sections.The different sections are as followsTo: - Is the main recipients of the email.CC: - Stands for Carbon Copy. Email addresses listed here will receive a copy of the email that you sent to the people listed in the To: field. Everyone listed under the CC field will see everyone’s email addresses that are under the To and CC field.BCC: - Stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Email addresses listed here will receive a copy of the email that you sent to the people listed in the To: field. Everyone listed under the CC field will see everyone’s email address that are listed under the To and CC field but will not see the addresses listed in the BCC field. Each person listed on the BCC field will not see the email addresses of other recipients.Reasons you would use CC and BCCCC - You may want to use the CC field when you request time off from your manager but you need to let Human Resources know the request was made. The action has to be handled by the manager but the task needs to be recorded in HR. Putting HR in CC tells them they don’t need to take action but it is for their records only.BCC - Is used when you need to send an email to numerous email addresses but you don’t want to share the list of email addresses to everyone that the email is being sent to. BCC allows you to send the email to everyone and no one will see the other email addresses listed in the BCC field.Note: I don’t know if the email programs have a limit to how many people you can have listed in the To, CC, and BCC fields but many ISP providers do have a limit. To find out the limit, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The purpose of the limit is to prevent spamming.—Email Marketing | SwipeMail - Send unlimited marketing and promotional emails at just $20[1]Footnotes[1] Email Marketing Cost | Email Marketing Packages | Bulk Mail Prices

What are the main purposes of a constructor?

As you asked the need of a constructor so I am assuming, you already know what is a constructor and the method that constructor has like super() etc.Constructor is a non-static method and so it is related to object of the class. Now to get information about any other non-static method of any other class we need to create object of that class.When we create object of some class, we take a reference of some method of the class. Now JVM can’t understand the object if we create the object that has reference of any method in the class because may be all methods of class are different in name. So we need a unique method of a class that can be used to instantiate the reference variable.And to make unique method for a class, the best way is to give the method name as class name. So if we create object of any class then JVM will look for a method which has name same as the class to create the reference variable.For example,class A{void methodA(){System.out.println(“This method has random name which JVM can’t use to instantiate the object”);}A(){System.out.println(“This method has unique name which JVM can use to instantiate the object and it is called constructor.”);}}class B{public static void main(String args[]){// A obj = new methodA(); //this is wrong as JVM needs a unique method to create the reference variable “obj” rather taking any random method like methodA().A obj = new A(); //this is right way to create reference variable as any class has its unique name and so if a method name is same as class then the method name becomes unique too. Here “A” is the unique name of class and so the method A() also has unique name.}}OUTPUT:This method has unique name which JVM can use to instantiate the object and it is called constructor.

What are the best reasons to study at FET, Agra College, Agra?

College Campus is not student friendly.Faculty is not sufficient and qualified(unspporting).Expect some very few good teachers are there.Highly Politicized atmosphere.Outdated Lab equipment.Unhygienic Washrooms(taps don’t work may be cz SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE).While it is a technical college. Students are not allowed to bring on their mobile(even in switched off mode).Laptops are only allowed when permitted by any teacher .Computers have outdated hardware.No internet because the administration think Internet is for PORN. Once they caught me with my mobile, they checked if there is porn in it ,they didn’t found content. After some time they gave it back to me. Why to check students phone for adult content, i think there are many sources for that.So Called digital library might be cursed.You are not allowed to enter grass field. Reason : grass is very expensive.When you come college in morning. So called some highly qualified persons stand there to welcome you while they also check your shoes are black or not and you are in proper dress or not. Remember Highly qualified ones do that for our good.You are not allowed to sit in library if there is class going on. Because quality education will be missed.No GD classes ,no interview classes for soft skills. Students are just becoming Book worm here.And they deducted GP marks of those students who doesn’t submitted their Annual Function donation(DONATION).Drinking water is above its pH value.Very Nice placement became extinct since its beginning.Also there are some images below revealing our college.Faculty of Engg, Agra College,Agra • Know Your College • AKTU link to {know your college} on university’s site.