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Question About American Horror Story Freak Show

I have a question about American Horror Story Freak Show?

Does anyone know of any websites that I can watch Freak Show for free WITHOUT having to download anything? Every website I go to keeps asking for me to download stupid flash players (when all mine are up to date). Sooooo does anyone know where I can possibly watch freak show without having this issue?
Thank you sooo much!

Questions about American Horror Story?

The thing about American Horror Story, is that the writers never give you all the answers. As someone who experiences a great deal of anxiety about not knowing what is going on, this took me a long time to come to terms with. That being said, there are a few answers that viewers of the show have put together, based on the clues we are given.

1. The men in the Murder House are drawn towards fire by the charred ghost of Lorraine, Larry (the Burnt Man)'s wife. She draws the men out of bed, and tries to set them alight as penance for Larry leaving her for Constance. We see her holding Miguel (the new owner of the house)'s hand over the stove in the last episode.

2. The title sequence for every season of American Horror Story is largely unrelated to the actual plot of the story. It serves to set the mood by being incredibly creepy. The children are a reference to the theme of desiring a child that so many of the characters feel.

3. Moira -although one of my favorites- was a very bitter character. She blames Constance's husband for getting her killed, and takes that out on the other men in the house due to her belief that all men want is sex. When she respects the stand Ben has taken to prove his love for Vivian, she shows him her true, aged form.

4. We never really find out why the ghosts are stuck in the house. There are a lot of theories raging from curse to Indian burial ground.

5. Larry didn't kill his family. He told Ben that story to convince Ben that the house was evil. It didn't work. The reality is that Lorraine set herself on fire to punish Larry, and to prevent herself and her daughters from having to leave the house.

6. Some people believe that Tate was driven insane by the length on time he spent in the house. Others believe he was just evil. Ben Harmon called Tate a psychopath.

7. Moira was drugging his coffee and placing him in the yard so that he would eventually dig up that place and find her corpse. Most people believe that Moira would have been able to leave the house and 'move on' if her body was removed from the property. Unfortunately, the hole he dug was eventually used to bury Hayden, and then paved over to build the gazebo.

8. Constance tried to poison Violet in retaliation for Vivian grabbing Adelaide's face. She decided to punish Vivian by hurting her daughter.

A question about American Horror Story: Freak Show?

Uh, which part is that, has it got up to the part with Neil Patrick Harris?

I think there are two or three episodes with the ventriloquist ... I think it's more disturbing than it is scary, I don't remember exactly how to explain it without ruining it for you. I think episode 11 is the episode you first see the puppet, but it does get worse in the next episode... it shows the back story of the ventriloquist.

How can I watch American Horror Story FreakShow? I have Netflix.?

Its not on Netflix yet. Look for it online or you'll have to wait till it comes back on tv again.

American horror story?? (TV SHOW)?

k i just started watching american horror story. im watching the second episode now. I like it, except there is quite a bit of sex i have noticed. I know that its rated MA, but i had heard fabulous things about the show. I dont know.

does the sex scenes get worse throughout the season? im only 16 & it kinda bothers me when there is SO much. like on dexter. haha. is there a lot?

also does it get really scary? i didn't really think the first one was all that scary. haha thankss

American Horror Story.. ?

Episode 1: There is are two masturbation scenes. If your kids are young, they wouldn't know what was going on because they don't show anything. Just a woman moaning and such. But you do see a mans butt about 3 times in that episode.

Episode 2: Graphic violence in this one! We see a woman get cut in half and a woman get stabbed with an axe! And there is a scene in which Tate says something about "Virgins getting wet easily". Again, this would fly over young kids heads.

Episode Three: A woman gets shot in the eye. Same woman seems to always be stripping her clothes off in every other part of the house. And, we see the rubber man having sex with Vivian. Nothing too graphic, but you see bits and pieces.

Episode Four: You see a bunch of dead kids. A girl gets hit by a car. A lot of gore. The teens say they are going to have sex, but they don't, just a heavy make out session. Not a bad episode, all together.

Episode Five: School shooting, pretty graphic. Pretty sad, too. We see a boy get shot in the chest, a lot of blood. Attempted suicide and drug references. Vivian masturbates and has sexual fantasies.

Episode Six: The maid talks REALLY dirty. Sex, sex, sex. Sex swings, oral sex, it is pretty nasty. She also preforms oral sex on a man, and bites his you-know-what off. Not in good taste if you ask me, but no one is.

Episode Seven: More sex! Sex with the mom, sex with the daughter, ghost sex, ghost on ghost sex, raping gay men, sex suits, affair sex. As these episodes go on, they are less about plot, more about sex.

Not a kid friendly show. I watch it, although I am only 16, and I enjoy it. But there is a lot of swearing in every episode (A LOT!) and a few racial slurs. Might be offensive to some people. My suggestion, watch it on hulu with headphones on. It is an awesome show, but not for kids :)