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Question About Community College

Question about community college?!?

GPA* I don't think you have to be accepted, they will look at your SAT scores if you took them. I never took mine and I go to a community college although my GPA was no where near a 1.8. They have what they call placement tests in math and english to see if you place to take a credit class. If you do poorly they have non-credit classes you must take before you become eligible to take a credit class, You still have to pay for them, your grade affects your GPA but you get no credit. They have different levels of non-credit too depending on your score. You might have to take 3 non credit classes before being eligible to take a credit class. I'd really suggest working on improving your GPA, college doesn't get easier

Question about community college?

Which degree do you recommend to to study in community college to help me to get a job engineering graphic certificate or pre engineering associate degree . They told me they will evaluate more for pre engineering but i have to take physics 1 and 2. i am also not sure if i go back to the university to finish the bachelor degree

Out-of-state community college question?

I suggest that you move to Florida and go to a community college in Florida for 2 years to get your AA and prerequisite classes for UF out of the way. I recommend Santa Fe Community College since around 40% of the transfer admissions come from there and it will give you the inside track in getting into UF since a lot of the professors also work at UF and a lot of the students there also have friends and contacts that go to UF already so you can get the inside scoop on things. That and you can easily make contacts with faculty and administration at UF while you are going to UF and it might help you in getting admitted.

For residency rules just go to UF's website for admissions. I suggest that as soon as you move to Florida, that you get a Florida driver's license, a Florida registration card and put utility bills in your name to give you documentation and a paper trail that will help you establish Florida residency to UF's admission's department. When applying, only use a Florida address, preferably the same place you are paying the utility bills at and use a family members address that lives in Florida. Also, it will help if you had a part time job for at least 12 months to establish residency, just be sure to keep all your pay stubs.

Transfers into UF has been cut from 3000 admitted a year ago to 2000 admitted this past semester. So you cannot slack off on your studies. I don't know of anyone that has been admitted this past semester with less then a 3.5 GPA. Keep up with your extracurriculars and volunteer time. Apply for every scholarship you can get your hands on because academics scholarships look good on the application to UF.

Pretty much anything that you did in high school will not have that much weight when it comes to transfer admissions, they put a lot of weight on what you have done in community college. So make those two years count and don't slack off.

Questions about community college transfer?

Okay, so I'm a junior in highschool now and I am confused about how cc transfers work in California.

-So let's say you take 2 years of cc then transfer, do you take four more years at university after the two years or do I just take the remaining two years for credits?
- what classes would I take at cc? Like my general courses such as math, english...?
-do you get a degree of some sort after you complete cc or do you just go to four year university to get bachelors after cc?
-how do I transfer from cc to four year university?
-how do I tell my mom that cc isn't as bad as she thinks it is. She expects me to get a schlorship and go to a four year university, but I frankly don't believe that would happen because its very hard to get a scholarship. So how can I approach this to her without her getting mad?
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What should one expect at community college?

(Assuming you’re coming out of high school)Community colleges are very lax. Secondary schooling post-K12 is generally like that, since they are not responsible for your success.This means you are responsible for managing your class schedule, finishing all your homework, and getting all your homework done on time.Everything is on your shoulders from the minute you enter your first course. People say that the freedom is why colleges and/or universities are easier than mandatory schooling, but they fail to remind you that nobody is going to automatically be there to catch you if you trip up (although this happens more often at universities).—-If you’re taking classes at a university already, chances are your experience at community college will allow you some breathing room. The students are more easygoing, professors are less demanding, etc. It’s generally a lighter atmosphere than the fast-paced, rigorous schedule at universities.Best of luck in your studies! :)

Should community college be free in the US?

Once people have achieved a high school education, which society believes is basic, then they should Pay what they can afford for higher education.Someone who is well off, should pay the $5,000 per year for community college tuition and fees (typical high end for an in-state resident).Someone who is abject poor, should be able to go for Free.   Which they can, now, since a Federal Pell grant is for upto $5,500 per year which covers community college for in-state residents.So, what is needed are Grants (not loans) for people who can afford to pay only a Portion of the cost of the Community College.    That way they have a "Stake" in their performance, rather than just showing up because it is "Free".


i plan on attending ROTC. Its not offered at my community college but its listed under a college that does offer it (fordham). My question is if im enrolled in Fordham's rotc and in nassau community college, after 2yrs can i change into another school that is linked with Fordham's Rotc? And how does the rotc classes work because there's an hour commute from nassau to Fordham.

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How do I choose the community college?

It depends on why you are going to community college. There are lots of reasons why students enroll. (I have a post somewhere on Quora that lists six or seven.)However there are two reasons that top the list.Thomas B Walsh's answer to Is community college a rip-off?If you are a Plan A guy, the key is finding that community college that has a marketable, technical associate’s degree or perhaps a marketable, technical certification(s) that suits your interests. Then you can shop around a bit for price, class schedules, instructor quality, connection to the job market, internships, lab facilities, accreditation, etc. (Some schools have grants. Sometimes classes might be free.)If you are a Plan B guy, the first priority is the school’s articulation agreements which explain what’s required to transfer credits. After that check price, instructor quality, class schedules, accreditation, etc.